My Last Ambition

My Last Ambition

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My Last Ambition ~ 2009
(Continuation to Tomorrow Must Wait)
Story – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde & Ibe Victor
Screenplay – Bassey Ubong Nya
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Amanda
Nonso Diobi – Dan
Rukky Sanda – Vanessa
Nadia Buari – Nelly
Michelle Ikegulu – Foxy
Helen Alo – Rubby
Jim Lawson Madueke – Otunba
Kenneth Chukwu – Jide
Livinus Nnochiri – Chief Bernard
Rose Ofuzim – Adaora
Ken Godfrey Achionye – Amokri
Ibe Victor – Doctor
Gladys Okwueshi – Grandma
Ubong Bassey Nya – Segun


My Rating 13%

This movie is the continuation to Tomorrow Must Wait.

In case you didn’t watch TMW Parts 1, 2 and 3 let me give you a quick synopsis:

Dan and Amanda have been a couple since their university days. Amanda sacrificed her own education so that Dan could graduate. Her mother even blames the stresses that she put on her father as the cause of his untimely death. Not only is her father dead but she is estranged from her mother, so Dan is practically her life. Her support seems worth it when on graduation Dan land a plum job in an oil company. He vows to support her as she did him, however things take a turn for the worse when the chairman of the company that he works for makes him a proposal that he just cannot resist.

He proposes that Dan marries his daughter Nelly and in turn inherits the company on his death. From being, a kind and caring young man Dan is transformed into a ruthless, money grabbing nasty piece of work. However Nelly tells her father that Dan is a gold digger and refuses to marry him. Her father comes round to her way of thinking and bans Dan from marrying her, leaving Jide his company in his death.

Tommorrow Must Wait ends badly. Jide (the guy Dan was always battling in the office) inherits the company, only to have it snatched away from him by creditors, and there we have it THE END. We do not know what becomes of Amada and Dan’s relationship or what happens to Nelly.

All in all despite the rubbish ending I liked the movie and would give it 75%. So from something that was a good watch (TMW) turns into something catastrophic and disastrous (MLA). There were a bunch of people involved in the continuation of this movie and not one of them thought to REWORK this trash? Or even bin it all together? I guess you were all out for a quick buck at the expense of US the viewer. SHAME ON YOU! Omotola, how could you even put your name to this? We shall soon be renaming you Ambassador for 419! Nonsense!

I started watching My Last Ambition hoping to see what became of all the characters, and after watching 3 parts for hours on end, what did I have to lose? The answer is A LOT!!!

This is unbelievable. I put in the part one and it is stuff I have watched already! WTH? The part 1 on My Last Ambition covers most of part 2 of TMW and even goes on to part 3. I then went to put the next disc in, to discover that the new footage starts off 11 minutes and 30 seconds into the part 2. WHAT? This is SHOCKING! More than half of this new movie is REPETITION and it gets worse!

So let me cool down and tell the story. We find out Dan has been banned from marrying Nelly and in the first NEW scene we see him calling Vanessa trying to get in touch with Nelly but to no avail, as Vanessa blows him off.

The focus in the continuation seems to be Vanessa and her new friend Ada, also Vanessa’s relationship with her round headed mugu Magnus (His name wasn’t in the credits so I don’t know the name of the actor that played him.) I don’t know why people don’t like Rukky. I think she is quite good and she nailed it in her scenes with her mugu. She played the spoilt gold digger to perfection., demanding money every minutes for any ailment and situation she could imagine up and adding only to every sentence when it looked like Mangus may say no,

“Ah it’s only 2 hundred thousand now! What is it? A mere 2 hundred thousand.”

There is a very funny scene where Jide comes to join his friend Magnus at the restaurant with Vanessa. She has lied and told Magnus her name is Rita, but of course Jide recongnises her as they used to work together before she got fired after it was discovered she had forged her degree certificate. Jide calls her Vanessa and she insists her name is Rita to which Jide replies,

“Vanessa have you suddenly become born again and you’ve changed your name to Rita?”

Vanessa holds her own and sticks to the story until the end cussing both men out while sticking to the Rita story, before grabbing her drinks and storming out of the restaurant.

All this stuff with Vanessa and her mugu is very entertaining but still I am wondering to myself. What happened to Nelly, Dan and Amanda?

Toward the end of the movie Vanessa’s friend Ada is heartbroken by her “fiancé” who she finds out was seeing her cousin. Vanessa tells her the story of Amanda and Daniel, how close they were and how it fell apart. We see her tell the story in a series of flashbacks. As you can imagine by now I am P-I-S-S-E-D! A whole 20 minutes playing footage from part 1. (Not forgetting all the other repetition previously mentioned). These people cannot be serious! After all the flashbacks the camera pans to Rukky’s face and she says the words,

“And so Did Amanda love Daniel.”



Absolutely ludicrous!!! THAT WAS IT? 5 whole parts I sat through!

I would definitely NOT recommend this movie. Watch Tomorrow Must Wait and leave it there. I wasn’t sure whether to give it no rating, but in the end decided on 13% for the entertainment factor in Rukky’s performance. Ooh and let me mention this loud music playing when people are speaking needs to stop! Some of us have neighbours and cannot be blasting the TV at top volume and pressing our ears up to speakers every time you decide to do this. NON-SENSE.

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  1. aiibeekay says:

    Nolly i feel you.
    As in Omot, i love her but then she has been acting useless movies lately…reason y i prefer Genny. GEnny wudnt act in unreasonlable movies.

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Not only did she act in it, she was partically responsible for the story…

  3. May the best remain standing.

    Now you are all eventually telling the difference between, great talent and rubbish. All these while you have been deceived, and you are now finding out.

    I havent watched the movie and I wont because i dont watch movies with Nonso Diobi and Rukky Sanda on the box. Double bombshell. Spare me goofiness and talentless- ness :lol – predictable as always. Omotola must really need money to buy her designer shoes and bags and thus will say yes to anything these days. Her stock value came down for me a year ago after Beyonce and Rihanna and the embarassing singing and dancing she did on there. Maybe its the recession who knows, cos she is not a nollywood A lister in my books anymore. she is border line B/C.

    Some of you really need to learn the tricks of the trade in purchasing nigerian movies and wasting your money.

    I can tell a movies rating and how bad it is by simply watching a preview or looking on the box. And "almost always " i am right if its going to be a rubbish and waste of dollars.

    After wasting money for years, it Took me a while to learn the tricks of the trade and it hurts me so much that many are still not getting it and wasting so much dollars buying movies as such.

  4. lolllllllllllllllllllllllll @ the above persons comment ( i'm too lazy to type the name) r u kidding thanks i'm not gonna watch neways i started but i just thought it was pointless and really That beyonce and rihanna movie Lordy lordddd r u kidding that was like the worst movie of the miillenium actually think pple should watch it just for entertainment it was hilarious in a nonsensical way i'm hurt that Uche Jumbo nd jim iyke starred it reallly i love them to bits but really ……. As for Omotola ahhhhhh she needs to be selective with her projects just like wat u gyz sed really Seh shouldn't be associated with such rubbish( lollllll sorry just like her singing in the Movie where the heart lies great movie but Omotola's singing at the beginning wowwww ROTFLMAO) sorry for deviating i couldn't help my self

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    Yup Omotola has fallen off big time… Look at her in "I belong" and look at her now… I just hope she gets back to her former glory…

  6. This movie was called Diehard lovers in ghana the first part was nice but the other part was rubbish the storyline changed and omotola and nonso sisnt come appear again rather rukky sanda it is bad omdzz the movie was a blast……………….

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    It was pure fraud. I could not even believe my eyes…

  8. Jemimah Isesele says:

    I give Omotola 5% for My Last Ambition. I have very high regards for her but the film is a trash, particularly the part two and three. I had watched the Tomorrow Must Wait and thought MLA would really flow and perhaps at the end Amanda would be shown to have become very successful while Daniel would become the opposite and begging for forgiveness. I really regretted wasting my precious time watching the senseless film yesterday on Africa Magic. I could not tell the value that Vanessa and her "mumu" husband brought, or the replay of Tomorrow Must Wait. It was a waste of my precious time. Please advise Omotola to protect her reputation by withdrawing that film from circulation.

  9. I say its a nice movie. I learned alot from the movie. Its shows how money changes people. It made me stop and think. It made me look at myself in the mirror and ask: Who am I? What is the meaning of life? You can have all money in the world but ja, money can buy love or can it?

  10. I really wasted my tym hoping 4 a good/ bad ending.This movie’s ending sucks.I dnt knw nothing bwt movie productions but i thnk i cud hv done better.I just dnt lyk that ending pliz nd i regret watchin it cz i expected a grand finale

  11. i learnt alot 4rm d movie 4 tomorrow must wait down 2 my last ambition, bt beta still i wish dt it shud ve a continuation so as 2 c wt happen 2 dan n amanda says:

    i hate dan 4 wt he has done amanda in d movie, i wish 2 advice parents nt 2 choose any course 4 deir children in skul, dey shud allow deir children 2 choose 4 demselves, if u watch d movie very well u ll c hw wer Ortuba choose a course 4 his daughter Nelly n she change on d way wic as a result made him 2 ve a heart problem

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