Naked Faces

Naked Faces

Ghanaian Movie Review
Naked Faces ~ 2010

Repackaged as OPEN SCANDAL
Story – Larry Traveller
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Pascal Amanfo
Producer – Moses Avwunugbe

Majid Michel – Frank Boateng Ghanaian Actor
Ecow Smith Asante – Leslie Cole Ghanaian Actor
Prince David Osei – Max Boadu
Kalsum Sinare – Madam Catherine Cole Ghanaian Actress
Vivian Achor – Judge
Martha Ankomah – Mabel
Pascal Amanfo – Narrator
Nash Alexis Smith – Kidnapper

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My Rating – 83%

Frank, Leslie and Max are best friends. Leslie played by Ecow Smith Asante and given the title “Mummy’s Boy” is at loggerheads with his mother over taking over his father’s business. Max played by Prince David Osei and given the title “Mr Smooth” is constantly fighting with his girlfriend Mabel, played by Martha Ankomah who is titled “The Nag” because she wants to get married but he is not “ready for that level of commitment.” Frank, played by Majid Michel and given the title “desperado” is back in Ghana having been recently from Sweden after dabbling in the drugs trade. A central character in the movie is Leslie’s mother Catherine Cole, and she is given the title “She Who Must Be Obeyed,” and so called for reasons we found out later in the plot.


I like the way that the characters were introduced at the beginning of the movie. The presentation was very sleek and stylish and it lets the viewer know who is who from the outset, so you don’t have the problem of getting half way through the film and realising that you don’t even know the main character’s name.

The Narrator
The movie is narrated by a mad scientist type, played by Pascal Amanfo. His scenes are presented in black and white which sets it apart from the actual story line. The “Mad Scientist” is writing a script and so interjects between scenes to perhaps show the viewer how a script comes about and what goes on in a writer’s mind. At first I didn’t quite get the point of the narrator but then I grew to like the concept of watching the movie as it was being written, and the narrator being able to delete and rewrite a scene similar to how it might happen in real life. It didn’t take away anything from the film except when he was using crass language. He kept asking using the words “fuck” and “fucking.” I thought that that was highly unnecessary.

The Affair
The intensity when Frank meets Catherine is very apparent and from that moment you can sort of guess that they are going to get entangled into some sort of illicit affair. The scene that had me cracking up when I don’t think I should have been is where Catherine attempts to seduce Frank properly for the first time. She comes out of her room in a cream top that looks like a big ol’ crocheted table cloth and utters to Frank in a highly seductive whisper, “D’you like ma top?” I couldn’t even breathe between the laughter. The top was so hideous and added a lot of weight to her I could only imagine Frank turning and saying to her, “OH Hell Na!” Of course he didn’t though.

Leslie takes Franks to his mother’s house, gets him a job and a new wardrobe after he returns to Ghana with nothing. I think that Leslie was hurt even more by the betrayal because this was someone who he took into his home and trusted implicitly like a brother, so the secrecy and betrayal hit him hard. I wonder if he would have taken it so bad if his mother or Frank had come to him and told him that they were having a relationship? No doubt the fact that his mother was funding Frank would have made him feel like Frank was taking advantage of his mother. Why should Frank take money from his mother when they are already providing for all his needs?

At one point Catherine and Frank are in her room frolicking on the bed when Leslie comes in. Frank manages to hide in time and we see Catherine pretending to have a headache to hide her shock and anxiety. Leslie is standing in front of his mama wearing a T Shirt that says, I (HEART) PORN I MASTURBATE. At this point I began to understand how the parent/son lines had been blurred. If your son has the nerve to wear a top like that in front of you then you are clearly operating more on a friendship level. It is no wonder that Catherine fell into a sexual relationship with Frank, as Frank was like a friend too, like her son.

Sugar Mama
It was my initial thought that Catherine was actually falling for Frank, and so would of course want him to be attracted to her too, hence her starting to dress herself up more. So you can imagine my surprise when quite early on in the relationship she says to him, “If you play your cards right you can end up with a car like this,” and points to a brand spanking new car. That confused me because that was like she was almost bribing him to like her. Once you offer someone a car for paying attention to you that is like acknowledging that they are not attracted to you. So from foxy cougar she turns into a sugar mama, but I guess the two terms are not mutually excusive, so perhaps she was a bit of both.

Keeping Up With The Joneses
Mabel dumps Max after meeting an old friend Solange who boasts about having just got married and moving with her husband to the US. After speaking with Solange she feels envious and embarrassed that her friend has got married, but yet she has no promise of marriage despite being with Max for 6 years. We then later see Mabel bump into an acquaintance of hers, a poor carpenter called Max, who has a speech impediment. He is pleading with her to borrow money to help fund his upcoming wedding. His “bride” walks down the stairs behind him and *SHOCK HORROR* it is Solange, the same girl who was bragging about moving to the US.

Mabel realises that she has been lied to and in that one moment regret comes to her for dumping Max, all because of a girl that is going out with a guy that is basically a poor beggar. We see in this scene how one should always have their own convictions and not follow others. What is right for one person may not be right for another. One should never compare their own relationship to another relationship because you never know what is going on in another person’s relationship. Even if Solange did move to America with her husband. Does that mean she is happy? Does that mean she is being treated well? All this cannot be known from a mere story about travelling to America. The only thing that you can do is concentrate on your own relationship and happiness. In trying to keep up with the Joneses Mabel has lost a man that she now realises is a pretty good man compared to what is out there.


I would definitely recommend this movie. From the outset I was excited about watching it because the standard in the presentation of the credits alone was a lot higher than some of this trash I have been watching lately.I loved the twist and although an affair with Frank was almost inevitable from the moment their eyes met I was in no way prepared for the twist that later came about. In the end the narrator tells us, “Sometimes the story doesn’t end the way we expect.” TRUE THAT I thought the ending was perfect and it is left open as to shot her as it could have been by the hand of many different people. Kudos to the entire cast and crew. On the whole a great job! THUMBS UP!

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  1. Loved it

  2. this is d 1st movie this year that u reviewed that i'm excited 2 watch…off 2 watch it nolly n will b bk…

    • I think you will like it Aegoli! BE sure to report back!

      • Betty Boop says:

        Ditto aegoli. I've seen it around but haven't bothered. Off to watch it. Be back.

        • ok guyz i watched it, but kinda lost interest bc of d narrator…dat stuff was pretty confusing too…i did finish it but really got bored 2wards d end…Nolly u shudn't b givin high ratings 2 movies that r inconclusive, an example being chelsea bc when things get that far, the producers usually butcher the end…still watchin checkmate, but i'm so glued to my seat.

          • I felt that the movie ended and ended well. That is it for me. I have no intention of watching anything further. Chelsea was different because it was CLEARLY unfinished. There was no way parts 1 and 2 could be considered a complete movie, quite unline Naked faces.

  3. I agree with you Nolly. I was really skeptical about watching this movie seeing only Ghanaian faces on the cover but I was wrong. It really turned out a great movie and I enjoyed it. When I saw Catherine (Kalsum) in that hideous outfit………..I couldn't contain myself with laughter, OMG…..absolutely ugly and she has gain tooo much weight after giving birth. Mabel (Martha) played very well nagging every second and everyone did well. This movie really proved me wrong……I was impressed! Thanks for posting NF!

    • I actually feel the opposite when I get my hands on a Ghanaian movie… LOL The suspense was good, and just waiting fro Frank to get caught out, but who could have known the other one would get caught out too!

  4. Am happy at least nolly is excited for the year for given out such a rate.nolly you're there am beside you.

  5. bebe xx says:

    absolutely loved it. I've never really liked the dude who played 'mummy's boy' but he did alright in this film. That Catherine lady definately kept me watching and i really liked her smile and carriage. The girl who played mabel reminds me of mercy johnson in a way although their acting abilities can not be compared. Majid majid majid – you never dissapoint.

    Thumbs up for a good job to all of them!

    • Yeah they all did a good job! As for Kalsum yeah she is good. Martha Ankomah is subtly sexy. It comes natural, kinda like Mercy, maybe thats why she reminds you. Sometimes actresses get told to play sexy and overdo it so much so that it becomes comical and unatural.

  6. dalea 3 says:

    Loved this movie there is a part three to follow i cannot wait to get this

    • Are you sure there is a part 3? I don't think there is a need for one. The way it ended was fine.

  7. Aba! Part 3 and I was looking forward to watching this movie. Unfortunately I've sworn of multiple part (part 3 & 4) movies this yr

    • Abby you don't need to see a part 3. The way it ended was just right. I think anything extra would just ruin it.

  8. Never heard of it before (or nollywood), but your review sounds nice, will give it a try 🙂

  9. Beyonceh says:

    OOps just missed this one on my last order. Will def include it on my next .

    So how are u guys and how have u all been

  10. TheChuckylee says:

    Dis movie was ok nothing special. At least it was a break away 4rm dose soft porn movies 4rm Ghana.I didn't enjoy it though.I wonder why u rated dis higher dan checkmate.Well different strokes 4 different people.

    • You are right about different strokes… I thought that the execution on this movie was better than that of Checkmate.

  11. JohnnyBoy says:

    This movie was great. This is one of the great African movies I have watched. I like the twists and turns. And I like how they added the narration. @aegoli what are you talking about? I guess you need to be a real movie buff to appreciate the narration. Nolly your rating of this movie was great although I could have given it a higher mark. It is not like all the usual straight forward movies. This movie has twists and turns which I love.

    • Hi Johnny thanks for coming by.

      I really did like this movie, and I can believe that if you have a gun and you get pissed off to that level you are liable to use it. Friend or no friend!

  12. I liked this movie. I felt it was way more exicting than Checkmate. Well I'm in love with Majid so…..

  13. i obsolutely adore this movie…tht martha girl is growin on me…she just need to stop screaming and work on her pronouciation and she will be good. What a great ending…i dnt think the narration took away from the movie at well…thnks….i no you dont want to hear it again but please give "kiss me if you can" a try lol

  14. My dear, I started paying attention to your reviews because you seemed to hate the movies I hated. I in particular hate movies with unnecessary, overthetop sexual scenes, which you also seem to abhor. So when I read saw that you gave this move an 83% rating, I knew I was going to like it. And proceeded straight to youtube to watch it. And yes it was definately worth the rating. I have to add though the movie would still be great without the narration. On my part, I don't like the over dramatic style of the narrator.

  15. hey nolly would u watch 4play and rate it…i am off to watch it now but i just want to no how u rate it. will be back lol

    • When I watch it I will review it here.

      • hello again…so was browsing thru all ur reviews n came to realize u havent review The perfect picture, scorn n life n living it. Gurl, i just found out about this upcoming movie called Ije, the journey…this movie looks like an epitope of all african movies

        • Hey I have watched The Perfect Picture but never got around to posting it. As for Scorned I have a copy but have not got around to watching it. I too am looking forward to watching IJE… Omotola and Genny playing sisters again. I can feel that it is going to be great!

  16. LindaN. says:

    I was at the edge of my seat NF… I love the script, the casting, the dialogue most of it unbeleivable. GREAT JOB!!!

    • Agreed. I loved it too… better than Checkmate LOL

      • LindaN. says:

        I agree better than checkmate….

        I slept off on checkmate such as, pausing it constantly to do some chores or going on FB which I never do if im watching something good. I still love Shirley though, she takes risks and gives more edge.

        • Linda Linda you know now! LOL I know how that goes. If something is that good you will be gripped from beginning to end, only breaks you will be having is to visit the lavatory.

  17. I liked the movie but I honestly do not think that the girl who acted as Mabel is a good actress.

  18. twittycrock says:

    Ah what a delightful, dramatic, on the edge of your seat movie. I loved it , loved it. Najid bravo, bravo! I believed everthing that came out of his mouth. Oh and kalsum wonderfuly done. I was so excited by the flirting, the tantalizing between a young man and an older woman. Then to find out the older lady is a player, had me laughing from ear to ear. Enough talk run and go see this movie!

  19. Joanne Benjamin-Oder says:

    Nolly, do u know the name of the artist who is singing the song " Naked Faces "? Thanks

  20. nolly, can you tell me the name of the artist in "touch my heart"

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