Naked Weapon

Naked Weapon

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Naked Weapon ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay and Direction – Ilochi Olisaemeka

Mercy Johnson – Maureen
Jim Iyke – Mitch
Ngozi Ezeoni – Uchebuoku
Browny Igboegwu – Mr Leo
Emeka Amakeze – Boom
Juliet Ibrahim – Nneka
Zainab Egwuonwu – Adaora
Uche Jombo – Sandra
Biola Ige – Joke
Ikechukwu Siryume – Odenuan
Uchegbu Chukwuma – Mr Ugboh
Chinedu Odinachi – Barnabas
Prince Nwafor – Yul
Stella Francis – Juliet

Counterfeit Drugs

My Rating – 15%

Let me just say first of all I cannot give a proper synopsis as watching this movie I was lost most of the time. From what I could make out Maureen and her girls are carrying out a mission. What exactly their mission was in aid of I wasn’t 100 percent sure. I just know that they are being paid to carry out hits on people.


In one scene we see the girls go and pick up a guy from the poolside and take him back to their apartment. As they walk into the apartment with the guy Maureen in hiding behind the door, lunges out stabs and kills the man. I couldn’t even begin to tell you why.

The first few scenes are all over the place. I can’t make sense of the movie. We see:

– Girl with painted black spots on her face leaving the house.
– A guy giving money to some beggars
– A couple arguing in a restaurant
– A woman being threatened on the phone over the issue of counterfeit drugs
– A group of men having a discussion on an office

These were the first few scenes bullet pointed. They were not fluid and they did not seem related. The movie was disjointed and did not make sense to me Even after getting halfway through the movie I could only vaguely figure out what was going on.

It the opening scene we see a child walking out of a house with black spots painted onto her face. It looks like it is face paint. Perhaps she is going to a fancy dress party… Oops no. she is not wearing any costume. Amateur Amateur Amateur. Chimoooo! Oh my life the child is supposed to be diseased! 2009 and we have amateurish painted black spots on someone’s face to signify ill health.

In another scene a hired assassin calls his bosses and tells them he is returning the money he was given for hit as he no longer wants to carry it out. As he walks down the road the sexy chicas lead by Maureen come up beside him and stab him. What that was about I do not know.

There is no clear order of events and the numerous non dialogue scenes only add to the sense of disorientation you feel as a viewer. Added to that there is loud distracting music played haphazardly at random. The annoying weird extra terrestrial sound effects were simply dreadful.

Why did Mr Leo give the beggars money?

Juliet Ibrahim sure is very hippy/assy considering small upper frame. Why on earth was she wearing a swimming costume over cycling shorts? It looked ridiculous. If she didn’t wasn’t to expose all her body have her not in the pool or don’t do full body shots! Why one is swimming shorts AND cyling shorts looking like somebody’s great grandma, and these are supposed to be hot chicks… NONSENSE!

Mercy looks like the original area girl. She struts the strut perfectly. We see her with her legs akimbo, her lip snarled smoking a cigarette in just the way you would imagine an area girl would. All her friends were absolutely useless as actresses.

There is a yellow chick who does not even know how to hold the cigarette and looks like she is about to choke when she inhales. I was astonished at how bad these actresses were. We see Biola Ige – Useless. Juliet Ibrahim was pretty useless (but not as much as the others) too. In one scene they have her weeping for a good 5 minutes while reading a newspaper with a voiceover telling a story about counterfeit drugs and the tragedies they can cause. It was tedious.

I would not recommend the movie at all. The storylines did not tie in together and there was too much bad acting going on courtesy of the “glamour squad” that must have been hired to draw in male viewers. Uche and Jim were barely in the movie and I had to switch off halfway into part 2. I would applaud the attempt at trying to tackle the very important issue of counterfeit drugs, as this is something that is a major problem in Nigeria, however this movie failed to entertain, educate or make sense on a very grand scale.

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  1. Hello nolly i think you should try rewatch the movie cos i was there when the movie was shot…And the director tried his best possible to make this movie perfect haba easy now..Not even a credit to d man

    • Nonso let us be serious now… I am very sure you have not watched the finished product. The concept is good… credit where it is due, however the finished product is a mess. I'm being honest.

      Whatever you saw on set was not how it came out trust me… It did not make sense to me at all. I would love if others who have watched this movie can come and comment. You never know perhaps everybody else thinks this movie is a collectors item. Somehow I doubt it though.

      Oh and Biola Ige and Juliet Ibrahim in one movie = NOT GOOD AT ALL! True talk

  2. i totally agree. this movie was totally useless. it didn't make any sense from the beginning to the end. it seems everybody in Nigeria want to make movies now.

  3. But nolly this (biola ige) does it mean that she's not a good actress at all cos almost five of ur uploaded preview you got her messed up why?

    • Nonso please watch her and tell me if she is any good… from my point of view she is a complete disaster. Zero acting ability and zero charisma… a recipe for a BAD movie!


      who told that girl she can act?

      that girl is a total disaster jeeeeeez.

      who gives her roles?and why does she always act like shes athmatic,eeeeeeewwwwwww,grosssssssss.

      shes not GOOD at alllllllllll.i bet u have not watched MY FANTASY

      • I have watched My Fanstasy and I saw the abysmal acting again! I guess the makers of these films that use her just don't care because to date they are still torturing us!

  4. Hope he did very well in naked weapon? Emeka amakeze(boom)cos he is a good actor

    • From where I watched up to Emeka was not in it much so that is why I did not comment on him. He usually is good so I really hope he is not thrown in too many more movies with this Biola and Juliet cos it aint a good look.

  5. whats up nolly happy new year hope u are good?

  6. Anywhere u see this movie just close ur eyes. biola ige shld clean up her act. what is it?

  7. I have watched movie tice now still its not making sense, it was a waste of time. Juliet with the swimming costume, jeeez wat on earth she can wear that in public even agreed for a movie shoot????? i was irritated by this character of Jim Iyke as (Mitch), its my second time to see him on a movie acting as mitch and they even mention at the beginning of the movie that part his part was not originally from the story they just tucked in. on the movie called Beautiful King this Mitch character was there just tucked in and he was Uche Jumbo's lover too on that movie like on this one. What Uche Jumbo was doing in this movie?? boring

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