New Joy


New Joy – 2010
Story, Screenplay & Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Azuka Odunukwe

Tonto Dikeh – Kelly
Artus Frank – Bimbo
Bacteria Ajirika – Benjamin
Obi Czer – Cajetan Cj
Ese Lami George – Betty
Shirleyann Ulasi – Karen
Tchidi Chikere – Rico
Stephanie Oforka – Iris
Francis Oniah – Father Roy
Jeffrey Onuigbo – Telema
Gospel Orji – Gateman

Fulfilling Dreams

NollywoodForever Rating – 73%

3 friends are expelled from the seminary after sneaking out to see their Idol music sensation Nico, played by Tchidi Chikere. Deemed bad influences and wayward they are advised by the seminary to go back home and enrol in secular universities. The boys do not want to return back home for the shame that they would bring upon their parents. They make the decision to go to Abuja to find Rico to beg him to teach them to be like him. As CJ’s father is rich and they figure that he can fund them so make their way to Abuja to fulfil their dreams.

Bimbo is angry at being thrown out of the seminary and is determined to experience all things worldly. He vows that as. 24 year old virgin the first thing he will do in Abuja is to lose his virginity. CJ’s intention is to get out there and “taste alcohol” and Benjamin’s main aim is to become just like Rico, but keep his moral integrity intact the same way he did as a seminarian.

The three boys are prostrating like big boys but the first chance that Benjamin is given to talk to a girl he runs leaving Bimbo to talk to her. He is struck by her beauty and starts quoting the bible. The three of them played bumbling fools to its varying degrees very well. Benjamin’s character had me cracking up a lot of the time. This is the first time I’ve seen Bacteria Ajirika in a movie and I must say he did a very good job. It helps that he is easy on the eye too. We can forgive the atrocious name.

Funny Scenes
One of the girls attempts to seduce Benjamin and tries sexy dancing for him. He thinks that he is meant to copy and starts doing some whining girly dancing. Every time she tries to back it up onto him he turns around and tries to do the same to her. It is absolutely hilarious and gets even funnier when she tries to straddle him after which he flips out on her and starts preaching. She is not having it and tells him,

“Hey hey hey! This is not a church. This is my room o”

She runs to go get his friend to remove him from the house only to find him chatting up her friend and proposing marriage. She exclaims,

“Is this where you lost your life for the kingdom of God?”

*2* Bimbo runs to Betty’s house after harshly dissing her because he has nowhere to go. She agrees to take him in but only if he washes everybody in the house’s dirty clothes. As he sits reluctantly scrubbing her knickers he picks up one and smells the crotch and recoils in disgust. She is watching and throws a mat at him. This scene is too funny

Nollywood Forever Says What?
There was a discrepancy with the timeline. Bimbo has an appointment with Rico in the morning and goes back to the hotel that CJ has paid for 2extra nights but then we see him on Kellys doorstep begging to stay there for 2 nights because his time at the hotel is up and he has an appointment in 2 days. Huh? Just before that he says, “We’ve got an appointment with Rico FIRST THING tomorrow morning. Ah this cock up was a shame as it was going so smoothly until this blatant hiccup.

I liked this movie and would recommend it. It was funny and well worth watching. It is not one of Tchidi’s best movies but it is good enough. My main criticism was that the story didn’t feel complete. It felt like there was something missing, like perhaps the whole Rico thing need to be better tied up. The three friends played by Bacteria Ajirika, Artus Frank and Obi Czer worked really well together and were believable as friends. The same goes for the girls. There are several morals to this story. The first is: Treat people well because you don’t know when you may need them. Secondly: the grass is not always greener on the other side. The life that you dreamed off may not be better than the life that you are living.

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  1. Betty Boop says:

    Her name is Bacteria?

  2. I have not watched this movie and would like to grab a copy but was Stephanie Oforka any good? It is a big step jumping from being Miss Nigeria Universe to being an actress o.

  3. sounds good,,,,,,,,,

  4. collette orji says:

    oh yeah nolly,everyone should simply enjoy and watch to laughter this movie…i marvelled with excitement at the script then.

  5. Bacteria? I guess his girlfriend's name is penicillin

  6. lol


    Perfect theatricals with all the thespians' characteristics scintilating without doubt.

  8. What has happened to our morals?

  9. Nigerian actresses are all cosmetic and they are not good for any real man!Men dislike the false and dirty life the so-called movie industry potrays in Nigeria.With all due respect,we dont find decent lady in that field..You end up chasing shadow in the name of a woman.The men has all advantages in the industry and the woman pays all the stupid sacrifices which leads them to ground ZERO at the end of the story!!

  10. @Mr. Koli I don't understand where this rant is coming from. Were you dating an actress?

  11. Did that thing Bett and Benjamin had is a real thing?

  12. how can I get the song sang in this movie by rico? please i need it says:

    I love the movie so much and I really need to download the song tchidi chikere played inside. thanks.

  13. Excellent blog post. I absolutely appreciate this site.
    Keep it up!

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