Nollywood Hustlers

Nollywood Hustlers

Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review

Nollywood Hustler ~ 2010
Story – Emem Isong, Bola Aduwo
Screenplay – Bola Aduwo
Director – Moses Inwang
Producers – Emem Isong, Uche Jombo

Actors/ Actresses Starring:
Uche Jombo – Schola
Charles Inojie – Elvis
Monalisa Chinda – Herself
Ramsey Noah – Himself
Susan Peters – Paulina
Ejike Asiegbu – Prince
Ime Bishop Umoh – Lucky
Ini Ikpe – Mama Calabar
Uchenna Nnanna – Lisa’s PA
Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen – Director
Razor Gabriels – Cameraman
Sharon Ojong – Shola
Mimi Ozakpolor – Landlady
Anne Kene – Schola’s PA
Chimezie Echendu – Kingsley
China Eze Opene – Interviewer
Davies Bassey – Photographer
Kelechi Duru – Cameraman

Movie Making

My Rating – 50%

Elvis played by Charles Inojie and Lucky played by Bishop Imoh are two out of work hustlers who want make a movie. With the help of Prince (Ejike Asiegbu) who provides sponsorship they set about trying to make this happen. Prince, however is adamant that his favourite stars Mona Lisa Chinda and Ramsey Noah must feature for him to be involved. It becomes quickly apparent to the two that with the budget they are working with that it is going to be virtually impossible. Schola played by Uche Jombo works in a local pepper soup joint and dreams of becoming the next big thing. Elvis and Lucky decide that if they cannot afford Mona Lisa and Ramsey they will make them appear by force and use Schola to shoot the movie vigilante style.


The way the movie started was disappointing. It didn’t feel like it was the beginning of a movie. You could have easily just been cutting into the middle of a movie, there was no difference. We see Schola and Elvis having a discussion. If I hadn’t read the back I wouldn’t have known what was going on. The sound was also too low and the the voices slightly muffled. That is not a good way to start a movie because it is these kind of things that can just make you switch off, nevertheless I had high hopes because it was an Emem Isong and Uche Jombo production and a much anticipated and hyped release.


Funny Scenes

-An older woman comes to audition and is told,

By the way who even told you that we are auditioning for ancestors?

-Lucky throws himself in front of Mona Lisa’s car causing her to come to an abrupt halt. Instead of him apologising her tells her,

If you are not blind, why did you collie into me

She then calls him “A morown” to which he then tells her,

You too, you moroooooooown.

After she leaves he then comments,

This girl I always see in film eh and now she’s telling me moroooown

This was especially hilarious because Mona Lisa is known for speaking a bit like that when she is attempting to do an American accent.

-Schola with her sights on becoming a superstar decides to dump her boyfriend. Telling him that she has passed his levels. He takes offence and tells her,

Everything I done give you since dey class 1-3… Plus recharge card wey I give u now now now give it back to me.

To which she comes back with the killer line,

ordinary recharge card u dey make noise… U eh, go and gather my virginity give me back


Uche Jombo was brilliant in this movie. Her razness was stupendous and she really embodied the character and had the comedy down pat. In the first scenes I was really hearing the voice of Jenifa.

-Elvis and Lucky are discussing auditioning girls and Lucky wants to be part of the process, telling Elvis,

Do you have strength in your waist to audition all of them, because I like some of them.


I recommend this movie hesitantly, with all the hype surrounding it it is the kind of movie that people will watch regardless of what is said about it. I think that many people may find that the humour in the movie overrides the dull parts. I was surprised that I was unable to pay attention through a lot of this movie. Even when I have watched Emem Isong films in the past that I have not rated highly I can never say that I have ever been bored but in this instance there were a lot of those moments. The movie was funny in parts but mostly it just didn’t do it for me. The picture was mediocre and the sound was here and there, towards the end I kept hearing squeaking that was making me fell like I had a mouse infestation.

I was even more so disappointed in this movie because there was a huge cast, major star appearances (wasted in my opinion), big name producers and an ordinarily great director and an original storyline and it just flopped. When I read about the movie before even watching it I was so excited. It seemed like excellent idea to make a satire on the movie making process in Nollywood and not something I’ve seen before so you can imagine how gutting it feels to have to write this. I can only conclude that although the general concept behind the story was good, the actual script and execution were just not tight enough. I just hope Emem BRINGS IT the next time.

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  1. i can't believe dat dis hyped movie got a 50%…so much 4 publicity…i'm yet 2 watch it tho, but nw i kinda feel discouraged…lol

    • I'd love to hear what you think about the movie if you watch it… I was tempted to watch it again myself to make sure I didn't just imagine watching the whole thing.

  2. @aegol, i agree wth u. am kinda discoraged bt nevr d less will stl watch it.

    thnks nolly fr d review!

  3. So true, I have to agree

    • How come your name is linked to a no more debt collecting site?

      • nolly..wat up boo..LOL. i knew u'd rate it like this…i also wrote about the poor production…and yes the boring parts were BOOORING…and the funny parts were funny…i really loved some of the quotes though…but i think many ppl might not like it esp after all the hype…the worst for me was just the fact that thru the whole movie i thought my copy was pirated…i think i probably loved the movie cuz i was tired of the whole john okafor and co type of comedy…but after i watched it agin with some friends..i realized it wasn't that good…plus emem needs to find a director/D.O.P that can use that HD camera better…her movies are always dark and gloomy.

        • Yes it was like a pirate movie because the picture was not good at all. I really expected way better especially when you think about the picture quality in Guilty Pleasure and Reloaded…

      • r u serious? i knw nothg abt it tho…

  4. TheChuckylee says:

    Although I haven't watched dis movie yet but if wat u're saying is anything to go buy then I have already lost interest.Probably it could be the director she

    used since Emem hardly disappoints me.Moses Inwang was the same guy who directed Chelsea which didn't impress me anyway.A good script can turn out 2 be a bad one if the execution is bad.I still wonder why up to date Emem has never done anything with Tchidi Chikere.I remember Tchidi did a brilliant movie "Forest of Promises" with Mike&Mercy 4 Reemy Jes,Emem's former production hse but unfortunately she wasn't part of it.As at dat time Emem had a hand in

    almost all the movies from dat production house so I wonder why she wasn't included in dat

    particular one.Anyway the concept of dis movie was good and different in nollywood so I think

    she should have used a better and an experienced director like Tchidi,Lancelot,Izu Ojukwu,Teco

    Benson or even Ikechukwu Onyeka.But I'll still luk out 4 it.

    • I would like everyone to watch it so that I can know if I was imagining things or not… Emem and Tchidi would be good. Her movies with lancelot were always good too, Izu would be the best collaboration though. I'm sure that would be 100% rated movie… lol well maybe 99%

  5. I can tell you what was wrong with this movie…bad directing! It was a funny script with plenty of great actors but the director was either too intimidated or too involved in other things to know what to do with them. actors can not direct themselves…. if the sound, picture and etc was not up to scratch then it was poor directing…. i wish Lancelot had directed it! He would have made a better job of it in my own estimation.

  6. The director was too inexperienced to handle a cast of that magnitude! He goofed and spoiled a potentially brilliant film. The producers provide all you need… na the director to know how to bring out the best in those actors… unfortunately he failed to do it… shame!

    • You are most probably correct. All I know is despite everything that marked this out to be great it just didn't work. I just dont get how this was released as the final product, sureley along the way there were signs that it wasn't working out at envisioned?

  7. You would assume with the all-star cast this film would be get a higher rating. I'll definitely go and see it just to see how they mix in filming here and aboard. And WOW at Monalisa's American Accent…this is a must-see. Did you notice that the Africa Channel's playing Nollywood films lately (re: once in a while)?

  8. I liked some parts of Nollywood Nustlers and disliked some. I think the artists were not funny enough. I also think Nigeria may not be ready for that kind of comedy yet. For now, slap stick may still be the way to go.

  9. read this review and for me i love d dreaming start of the movie{ which copy did you watch that started with uche and charles convo? are there more than one copy edit for the movie? i guess, i love this movie for the simple fact that through all the laughs and uche jombo and emem isong making all the BIG nolly names in the movie larger, it has a very simple message {come into nollywood if you must but know what nollywood is about} plus uche jombo and desmond elliot are not the only GLO ambassadors yet they seem the only ones giving back to the industry that has made them brand ambassadors{others take note, come on guys its been 2yrs, do nolly anything} .i really like this movie, get real people this is a comedy movie, the review makes it sound so serious or maybe to some folks it has to be aki and paw paw as kids, nkem as a visitor in london for the first time, ibu as ???? well as always stupid ibu to be comedy. can not believe you gave my best comedy nollywood movie this yr 50%, not cool with it

    • Thats what I remember for the beginning of the movie, unless I am losing my mind. Mine was on VCD from Naija.

      I get what the movie was about totally. I think that the concept was a good one, I just don't think that it was executed very well and for me it was pretty boring for a comedy. No doubt it definitely had its moments, but far too few moments in my opinion.

      LOL You don't have to be cool with it… I can deal with that 😉

  10. Disappionted is d word! I was looking forward to something else. Didn't get wat I expected.

  11. I was extremely disappointed in this movie. This is not the quality of production we are used to getting from Emem Isong. It was simply a waste of time. I had looked forward to watching it, seeing all the big names in the preview. I hope Emem never gets involved in this quality of work.

  12. Pls where can i download the film please !

  13. Pls where can i download the film please


  1. […] I’m looking to forward to seeing this movie and seeing what Ini Edo has to offer. It is involving Emem Isong’s Royal Arts Academy so here is to hoping that it is better than NOLLYWOOD HUSTLERS! […]

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