Nudity On African Movie Covers

The Trend Towards Nudity

Have you noticed the increasing amount of nudity on the covers of African Movies? I must confess that this title is slightly misleading as in most of the cases I will present to you the trend is more towards scantily clad young women, some making crude gestures; as opposed to full on nakedness, however I have noticed many Africans use nude and naked to mean half dressed, hence the title of this post.

What I am wondering here on is what is up with these covers in Nollywood? They were hardly masterpieces to begin with but now things have disintegrated to the point where I go and buy my stash and if someone that was not a very close friend wanted to see what I had bought I may well just refuse. Why would I refuse you may ask? Well let me tell you point blank; I am embarrassed. Movie covers nowadays are looking like soft porn.

As far as I can see the nudity of primarily young women featured on the front of African movies is not necessary to convey the essence of the movie contained within, neither is it artistic or beautifully shot. So why is it there? Well that is the question that I too am asking. When these covers are being designed what do they have in mind? Is it to shock? To titillate? Or is it as simple as the fact that SEX supposedly SELLS?

From my limited observations it would appear to me that Nollywood’s primary consumers are FEMALE. I’m sure male addicts exist but all the Nollywood addicts that I know are females. All the people I know that buy movies en masse are females too. In fact all the males I know that watch Nollywood movies watch other people’s copies or catch them on TV. Guys that do buy movies (I see them at the stall where I buy them) buy one or two and not a whole load like a lot of women do, so how does it make sense to target half naked images to women? We don’t want to see that shit.

With that in mind I must ask again. What is the purpose of throwing all these naked and scantily clad young women and sometimes men (My Soul Mate and Strange Act) on the covers of African Movies? These images are not going to make women feel an impulse toward buying the movie so what is the marketing strategy behind this trend of late?

I can’t answer the question. The most I can come up with is that certain marketers saw the controversy the sex in Ghanaian movies was causing and wanted to emulate that controversy? Outside that I am baffled. Maybe one of you can come up with another answer for me. Now let me show you some of the covers that I am referring to:

African Movies - Cover Analysis

Hot Tears

Hot Tears is a Ghanaian movie. On the cover you can see Francesca Grey, smiling showing off her beautiful body in a pink bikini. This movie did in fact feature a lot of nudity but isn’t it strange how on the cover the chick is wearing a pink two piece when in the actual movie she went to the beach in bra and panties. I even commented in my review how strange it was that they couldn’t even go get her a bikini to wear. So what gives? The girl does not even smile in the movie. She is repeatedly brutally raped but they have her on the cover wearing sunglasses and pink bikini like she is taking a trip down to the Florida Keys. How does it relate?

Strange Act

Strange Act is a movie about spirits and a haunted house. You wouldn’t think that from the cover would you? I feel sorry for Yemi and the actress that is posing for this cover with him because I’m sure they would not want their images used in this way. What is the point of this cover? It has nothing at all to do with the story. This image comes from a part at the beginning of the movie where Yemi is caught in bed with another woman by his wife. This is by no means a focal point of the story.


On the cover of Cruz we see Uche Ogbodo looking like a wanton woman, mouth ajar and grabbing her crotch. My first thought on seeing this was, WTF? Granted she was a wanton woman in the movie but what do we need to see her grabbing her crotch for?

Fulton Mansion 2

Mansion Models repackaged as Fulton Mansion is the worst cover for me. Now wtf is going on here? We see Eve Esin legs akimbo, grabbing her breast and rubbing her crotch. Would you believe that this movie is about some girls training to compete in Miss Nigeria? Miss Nigeria? Can you imagine? Look at the state of them? More like Nigeria’s Next Top Ashewo. The movie is in fact almost as smutty as the cover. There was lots of half naked perambulating with some lesbian clinching thrown into the mix. The movie is a hot mess. I was so surprised that Stephanie Okereke even agreed to be a part of this.

Sexy Game

Mind Game repackaged as Sexy Game tried to get in on the whole sex thing by renaming the movie Sexy Game. What for now? Were there any sexy games in the movie? Which kind nonsense be this? Your husband is cheating on you with a man. Oooooh how sexy! Look at Omotola on the cover of the movie. There is not one part of the movie where she wore daisy dukes or exposed her midriff like so. So why put it on the cover like that? That plus calling the movie Sexy Game is blatantly fraudulent. Look closely and you will even see that Omotola’s head has even been photoshopped onto another body. Shocking!

My Soul Mate

My Soul Mate was the last movie I watched in my latest stash. I left it until last because I was so put off by the movie cover that I kept avoiding watching it. I finally watched it and was surprised that I actually enjoyed the movie. It was alright. They chose images of Mercy, Van and Angela at the times in the movie when they have the least clothes on. You wouldn’t think that the movie was about a mother who gave up her daughter for adoption who then years later sets out to find her would you? They have taken a picture of Mercy and Angela from separate unrelated swimming scenes in the movie and thrown them on the cover to give the illusion of a lot of nudity in the movie.

So there is my selection. What do you think about this influx of nudity on African movie covers? If you know of any more instances of gratuitous nudity on the covers of African Movies let me know and I’ll add them here

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  1. sad they have to use nake women and sex to sell the movies what happen when that fails,

  2. Menbi says:

    I work in a nursing home. One of my residents asked me to bring her African movies. I came home and went over each one them. Not any was with out those gross out sex scenes ( I know this is because I am a new comer to the Nollywood and only own the latest movies which don't lack one or two or even more sex scenes). I told her I am sorry but the movies are not appropriate. She said she understood and said she was sad to hear that African movies are just like Hollywood i.e full of unnecessary sex scenes. So like you said it does affect the receipt of the movies. Me, I won't buy any movie with a cover that gross unless you reviewed it and said "don't judge it by the cover"

    • Nollywood says:

      How many movies did you have? Has it come to that? Chimooo! If she is an adult I'm sure a bit of kissy kissy won't make her have a heart attack! LOL

      I have to say that I do think Hollywood sex scenes are more appropriate than the Nollywood ones. For me they at least fit into the story line. In Nollywood it seems they do not even all the time think about the sex scene in the context of the movie, it is just thrown in there for the sake of it.

  3. aegoli says:

    I'm glad you brought this up Nolly. What gradually started with ghanawood is taking over nollywood. i had watch a movie titled soul desire i think starring tonto with sm ghanaians, n i hv to confess that i was nt impressed with tonto. it was like she took every opportunity to show her half nude body, n the sex scenes where so grossed. What happened to d old dimming of lights n fade out when couples r supposed to make love? we already get d picture of watz going to happen. like u said, we don't buy these movies 4 d porn part, datz y we hv porn films. we just want to appreciate our african heritage, n would like these producers to have it at d back of their minds when they edit these movies plz…!

    • Nollywood says:

      Tonto has been showing off her body since Before the Rain, and even that wasn't too bad because it fit in with the story. If you are going to get stripped it makes sense that some flesh is going to be seen.

      I do know what you mean though, alot of the times it is quite gross and cringeworthy. I don't even mind them showing making love I don't see anything wrong with it if done tastefully. Look at Ghanaian Movie Chelsea there was a sex scene in that but I thought it was very tastefully done.

      • GigiChiny says:

        Nolly did you ever get to see Across Enemy Lines starring Tonto, Ini and Nonso?

        The movie basically had the same cast as Dangerous Angels and they all had the same names except it was a different movie (I guess it was shot at the same time so the wrtier and producers decided to go withe same name. These stupid Asaba producers are the ones destroying Nollywood)

        Anyway, before I digress, In Across The Enemy's Lines, Tonto's character was a prostitute, who slept with Nonso's character after his Bachelor's party.

        Come and see Nonso's character and Tonto's character in a sex scene…to use your words…"chimoo". That was the first Nollywood movie I saw where the director showed the whole sex romp, somewhat explicitly. It reminded me of a scene straight of Hollywood.

        Before that movie I was just used to Nollywood movies showing subtle and dim lighted sex scenes.

        • Nollywood says:

          No I didn't see it. I have seen sex scenes in Hollywood but they tend to be more tasteful than the ones I see in Nollywood.

          Speaking of different movies with casts with different names. Yesterday I started watching Dirty Secrets (also called Secret Shadows) and it appeared to be a continuation of Men In Love. Tonto is called Whitney, John Dumelo is called Charles and they used to be married, just like Men in Love but then Muna is in the equation as John's friend BUT HE IS NOT CALLED ALEX. He is called Carl and they don't appear to be gay. Very odd, unless Muna used charms for John again to make him lose his memory. which kind of nonsense are these people doing?

          • Adwoa says:

            LOL………nolly you'll kill me oooooooooooo…….I can't stop laughing!!!

          • Nollywood says:

            Abi ooo? These charms Muna is using for John are something else. No doubt he used charms to release himself from the prison. All the prison guards fell for his flirting no doubt? Nonsense LOL

          • tammy says:


            these nollywood people are beginning to think we are stupid oh! im getting tired of all the crap movies i have seen lately. how can they keep doing this?

            back to the nudity and vular sex scenes,i was crazy about nollywood movies and i loved that they used to be clean movies you could watch with your parents, grandparents who ever. but now,i cringe when i look at these posters. sex scees if required can be done tastefully. its so revolting, i am slowly beginning to detest nollywood movies. the lack of imagination, repackaging, soft porn scenes- its starting to do my head in. these girls allowing them selves to be pawed and displayed as hoes, have they no shame? i tire for these people. if they are trying to copy "ghana-wood", thats just sad because all my nigerian friends and family who watch nollywood movies are complaining about the porn factor, so i wonder what target audience they are trying to reach.

            from the synopsis above, hot tears is a movie i will def not ever see. I also think the casting directors are exploiting these hugry actresses,shame. i watched a movie that chinetalu agu was having sex with a girl and he pulled down her skimpy top, exposin one og her boobs, and he was just squeezing at it, i felt so sorry for the poor desperate girl.

    • VictorToks says:

      I think the level of unemployment and undeveloperment of the Nigerian economic is making people in the film Industry, to go to any lent to make money.Our Government is too blame for the immorality in the film Industry (Nollywood and Ghanawolly or whatever)The is no reasonable Censor body and organisations, timeout control the music industry and films industry, what is immoral, adult films,children film.90 %of rape cases and sexual abuse of young children and women.The government needs to invest in Nollywood, Nollywood needs to be redefined, transform and made attached to Forigen Investors Film writing courses, scripts writing and state of the art films school to nourish, develop and bring out the best creative talents that African has got.We need platforms African movies should be based on good things about our culture, history, heritage which with 21 century technology.Compare American, British and Chinese films to our films they are making head waves around the world.Some of the films are Game of Thrones,Sultan,Cell,Harry Potter ,Ben Hurst etc .Why can’t we think about doing something reasonable, only penetrate me,Sex in the kitchen Emotional Passion.

  4. jamila says:

    Lmao @ 'nigeria's next top asewo'. Nolly I totally agree wth u. Dnt knw wat gves nollywood prducers abi is it mrketrs d impression dt puttng naked men n women on covers sell? Its rly sad!!!

  5. jello says:

    i personally don't think people will stop buying movies just becauses it has no sexy picture on the cover , thats just bull.

    i have been watching the movies for a while and i usually tend to pic up a movie best on certain actors, directors and the storyline, but now i'm completely lost cause sometimes the scripts are just full of garbage and the actors who act in it, well lets just say i get a bit disappointed. Nollywood has ran out of storyline same has Hollywood so these movies are all being recycled.

    I even see american movies being recycled in nollywood as well take for instance Wrong identity, it some what looks like changeling with angelina jolie, what of my idol sure looks like Tristan and Isolde, also the break up i'm sure that 1 looks like three can play the game , anyways point is they definitely need to figure out what they r selling if its sex or a good script.

    • Nollywood says:

      Maybe its just to stir controversy because if you think about it when the movies with the sex scenes first started coming out everyone was posting and emailing the trailers and talking about them for days.

      Practically all movies are recycled, after all what story is new? But there must be an element of freshness and creativity for it to be innovative.

  6. NFATA says:

    nolly did u see the trailer of "dirty secret"? like ms tilli said…tonto is diggin her grave at a really fast pace….that girl…i just see a majek fashek happening to her in the future. instead of her to focus her time on getting acting lessons…her movies prove that she spends half her time watching porn so she can perfect her movements all be it very vile and disgusting. annd muna has just lost a fan..after all that shit he did in that movie…some ppl r really stupid…don't know how to keep ur careeer from falling…how could he agree to do this movie?

    • Nollywood says:

      LMAO @ watching porn! I wouldn't go that far. I want to see if this Dirty Secret is really as bad as it looks… How can you refuse to support Muna when you haven't even seen the movie yet? Please tamper justice with mercy LOOOOL.

  7. Ine1 says:

    N/Gollywood just going through an sexual revolution! It just that it not being done with class or taste. Unfortunately I judge every movie I buy by it cover and title, that messed up some because some of these movies with questionable covers actually turned out to be alright.

  8. Adwoa says:

    Heart of Men and Hot F*ck (Fork)

    • Nollywood says:

      The Heart of Men Cover I saw wasn't bad. It showed Yvonne wearing a bellytop or something surrounded by flowers, now the content of the movie is a different story of coursem, btu even I didn't watch far enough to watch all the bits that peopel found so offensive.

  9. Adwoa says:

    OMG……..I just saw Dirty Secrets trailer from Miss TiLLi's site and I must say am confused and disgusted. How can Muna do this to us??????? The thong is one thing but kissing that old man from My Fantasy is another disgusting thing for me. Muna has killed meooooooooooo Eiii….na wowoooo……what's is going Nolly???????

    Muna must reunite with Genevieve or Rita Domimic or Mercy Johnson and bring us something remarkable to wipe out this unpleasant truama………..LOL!

    • Nollywood says:

      LOL I thought the movie I watched Secret Shadows was Dirty Secrets but apparently it is not because I never saw any of the stuff that was going on in the trailer. That same guy from My Fantasy was in Hideous Affairs as well. Its funny because as much as everyone is up in arms abotu this movie we are all waiting to watch it and I guess that is all they care about right now!

    • tammy says:

      i cant believe what i just saw. i am traumatised. muna obiekwe is starting to like this gay thing too much. wearing the thongs was funny, but kissing that shameless old man?

      i am worried for muna.this is too much

      • Nollywood says:

        You guys are cracking me up with this your unstoppable love for Muna obiekweand calling the old man shameless LMAO. Well look at it this way… Its just acting…

  10. JONNIE says:

    To GigiCiny or whatever you call yourself, it is very obvious that you lack basic knowledge and must have some hatred towards the Producers at Asaba. the two movies you mentioned in your trashy piece above were not even shot at Asaba. It will be wise for you to do a little research before you start writing. The movies being shot at Asaba these days have really upgraded the quality of Nollywood

    movies esthetically, in my opinion.The Fine Homes used for these movies at Asaba are generously given to them for use free of charge by the hospitable people of Asaba. I am pretty sure that your people – wherever you come from, will never do that, if such Homes will ever be found in your place. Asaba today is a very Cinema friendly City and now the movie capital of Nigeria so live with it.

    • Nollywood says:

      When Asaba was referred to I believe it is talking about a certain way of managing movie making and marketing and not to insult all the people of Asaba. You take it too personally.

  11. GigiChiny says:


    It was not my intention to insult the city Asaba (which, by the way, is a lovely city) and I have no hatred whatsoever for Asaba. if you felt insulted in any way by my post, I apologize.

    My post was just the opinion of an ordinary viewer, who has was contributing her 2 cents to topic under discussion.

    Once again I apologize and in the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along". :)

    And to Nolly, thanks!! :)

  12. Beyonceh says:

    Well, I v seen the trailer 4 dirty secrets, and I can't actually wait to see the whole movie, it looks quiet appetising ,,,lol but I hate the gay scene.

    And now , why would someone says Muna looks gay for God sake? that was some BOMBOS.

    And pls some of u guys are too harsh on the gal, give Tontolet a brake gals,,,,would you?

    Well done Nolly again

  13. SG says:


    when i first mentioned this constant overexposure in Ghana films and the impact it would have on Nollywood films you dismissed it. Now this is a case of chickens coming home to roost.

    I disiked watching Ghana films for two reasons,their idea of selling movies with sex scenes and skimpily clad women and their barrage of Shakespearean language. I prefer Naija films with its sincerity and village scenarios.

    I would like too say I don't think that is Omotola's body it is her head. Look closely.

    I agree with your interpretation. It will be a shame for the producers not to use their judgement. Even if they are trying to pattern themselves off of Western media, that does not even exist that much anymore. Except in pornos.

    African images should remain wholesome that it should be enjoyable for the family. Period….

    • Nollywood says:

      Yes I know but now it is getting ridiculous and distasteful. People keep referring to the copying of Hollywood, btu I have never seen any Hollywood movie with scenes as distasteful as the ones that were in say CRUZ.

      Yes I mentioned that Omotolas head was stuck onto another body. This shows the lengths that they will go to.

      As for African films being suitable for the whole family. I don't agree. I am totally for having different types of movies. To say that all African movies must be family orientated is very limiting. Films should reflect life and its not everything in life you will want your kids to see.

  14. LOU says:


    Please have you seen this:

    I consider this soft porn, would you please consider doing a short feature on how distasteful Nollywood movies have become. I thought they were called Home Videos.

    I am ashamed because we were the same people criticizing Ghanaians.

    Bollywood is No. 2 – I don't see them doing any of this rubbish. Genevieve rose to the top, even to the point of getting featured on Oprah and CNN and I cannot for the life of me, recall seeing her doing any of this junk. I still don't foresee such.

    • Nollywood says:

      Yes I have seen it. I am not against scenes of a sexual nature per se. I just feel many times it is thrown in simply to be used to sell the movie not because the movie calls for it. As for this one dirty I cannot tell until I watch it if it is over the top or uncalled for.

  15. leegle says:

    na wa o,wonders will never end,when i hear you talk about all these naija movies selling nudity as their front cover,the first thing that came to my mind was,YOU MEAN YOU SPEND THAT MUCH MONEY ON NIGERIAN MOVIES.C'mon guys REALLY,i mean naija movies,REALLY.Anyway you're probably all women (hopefully)and are already married to really rich husbands.And by the way,pls tell me someone didnt insult Deltans,PLEASE.Dont even get me started on that

  16. leegle says:

    WOW,so much about,"everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion and the be nice and keep it clean written on your blog.You obvious didnt get what i meant.but did you really have to resort to name calling.

    • Nollywood says:

      There was no name calling. I said that you sound really ignorant. I stand by that. You are entitled to your opinions and you are free to disagree just as I am.

  17. collette says:

    Nolly, i don read tire…infact you plenty much


  18. 9ja Babe says:

    I hear you on the issue about nudity in African movies. It's getting too much now. I remember my first "nude" movie was Perfect Picture. I thot that was ok, since Jackie Appiah and Chris Attoh had some issues with their marriage.

    Then came Heart of Men and the rest of them. Today, I watched Sustain my love or Mirror of Life(re marketed), and they had one guy actually BUTT naked. I'm so so taken back. It featured Queen Nwokoye having sex with this guy thru the "back door", if u get what I mean. Seriously, 9ja movies cant be watched with the family anymore, it's more like those "bad" movies we used to watch at night so our parents don't know about them. CHAI!!!!!

    • Nollywood says:

      I watched Perfect Picture and I dont remember any nude scenes but that movie was so classily shot that I'm sure it would have been done in a tasteful manner. Heart Of Men I coudlnt even bear to finish watching that trash. Utter rubbish. OML I recently bought Mirror of Life… didnt know that it was repackaged. That sucks!

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