Obama Babes

Obama Babes

Obama Babes – 2011
Story Screenplay, Director – Prince Iyke Olisa
Producer – Prince Iyke Olisa

Mona Lisa Chinda – Barbara
Uche Jombo – Kelsee
Chike Ike – Winnie
Prince Iyke Olisa – Murphy
Tuvi James – Michael
Ify Ejikeme – Clara
Livinus Nnochiri – Anthony
Dora Oziegbe – Regina
Gloria Sarfo – sydney


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 13%


Kelsee, Winnie and Clara played by Uche Jombo, Chika Ike and Ify Ejikeme work in an office run by their iron lady of a boss Barbara played by Mona Lisa Chinda. Chika is at risk of losing her job for not securing enough clients. Meanwhile Kelsee is the star of the team securing big clients using her feminine wiles. Her cousin Murphy suspects that she succeeds professionally because she is a cultist and so Winnie makes it her mission to find out what the tattoo on her neck is. Her nosiness means that she has now seen the “mark of the winning team” which is the cult tatto and must now be part of them.


Badly Executed

The movie was shoddy and badly executed. When I saw “A Prince Iyke Olisa Production” in the opening credits my heart sank, especially as I watched the horror that was City Girls by Prince Iyke Olisa only recently. I must say though Uche Jombo is way too good these kind of shoddy movies.

The email and number flashing across the top of the screen all the time was just not the business. Then in the movie there are on and off subtitles. Some sentences had subtitles and some did not and there wasn’t a difference when there was or wasn’t. The music was also a mess and inappropriately chosen for the scenes.


The relationship between Michael and Winnie was soulless. You could just see them reciting from the script when they interacted. There was nothing real about it. Even if you were drunk you couldn’t mistake it for being real. Tuvi was looking into Chika Ike’s eyes and there was no connection there. Nothing. I’m not surprised anyway. When was the last time we saw Chika Ike have connection with anything or anybody? Can I get a witness please?



I would not at all recommend this hot ass trasy mess. It was a stupid title and a stupid movie. What did Obama have to do with anything? Pure nonsense. I got half way through part 2 before deciding that enough was enough. I couldn’t even fully tell you what the movie was supposed to be about. It was boring and very poorly executed despite having Uche Jombo in a main role. Do not bother watching this crap. Uche Jombo why why why? You are way above this. Thumbs down.

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  1. I saw the name of this movie in my subscriptions and I just had to click it. I was just like this is a joke right. I read your review and my only question is

    "wetin this one get to do with Obama"?

  2. This was the worst movie ever!! 15 minutes and i was so frigging done. Nolly, so sorry u had to watch it in its entirety. Yuck!

  3. collette orji says:

    i did watch the whole movie Nolly,though as we all know, part 3 and 4 will come out with some other tittle like the winning team ater the last scenes motor crash…..the only comment i have concerning the movie is….i watched it.looool

  4. The movie was very nice then i can’t wait to the final parts named ”Demons in Town”. Why r u guys hating this movie? What do u viewers have to do wit th Obama name? The movie made me very very happy like never before. U guys are just jealous that’s why. Stay with ur jealous and ‘ll be losing weight. Congratulations Prince Iike, dnt mind these jealous people, keep it up!

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