Obscure Motives

Obscure Motives

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Nigerian Movie Review
Obscure Motives ~ 2009

Story – Rukky Sanda
Screenplay – Rukky Sanda, Darlene Benson Cobham
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Bimbo Akintola – Narrator
Jackie Appiah – Debbie
Ramsey Noah – Robert
Rukky Sanda – Remi
Susan Peters – Mary
Cassandra Odita – Albert’s Sister
Yemi Blaq – Albert
Peaciman Akpata – John
Chris Abamba – James
Jemila Amaegbe – Lawyer
Bisi Ajayi – Doctor
Temitayo Ojekunle – Nurse

Jealousy African
Revenge African

My Rating: 76%

Robert and Debbie have been together for 4 years and it is only during their anniversary lunch that Debbie summons the courage to speak to Ramsey about ending their relationship. She has come to the realisation that even though she cares a lot for Rob, she is no longer in love with him. It turns out that he feels the same way and so they agree to separate in terms of their romantic relationship, but to still live together as friends and flatmates. They also both begin dating again. Nigerian Movie

Early on Ramsey meets Remi and falls in love with her. Jackie on the other hand is a dating disaster. We see her on a date with a man who even answers the phone during their date and answers the phone, “hey honey.” It turns out he is married and never even thought to mention the fact. Her luck changes when she meets Albert who turns out to be Robert’s good friend from university. He comes to the house but their initial interaction appears tense like there has been bad blood between them. Nigerian Movie

Very soon the two couples are inseparable. They are all the best of friends and any hint towards the tension that was initially apparent dissolves.


Bimbo Akintola is very good as the narrator, but I personally did not see the benefit or the point in having a narrator. It did not necessarily hinder the story but it did not enhance it either.


I loved the concept of the movie. It started out as a beautiful portrayal of support, friendships and relationships. Although it descended into madness and chaos and a complete breakdown of the relationships, the original message still stood strong for me. It showed that the end of a romantic relationship has not always got to be heartbreaking or represent the end of an era, but on the contrary it can represent a good learning experience and the beginning of a new era. It also shows that (to an extent) males and females can have a platonic relationship when the boundaries are drawn.

The twists in the movie were unpredictable. It was this unpredictability that kept you glued to the screen, guessing as to what would happen next and getting it wrong. In the end we discover the true reason for the initial animosity between the two through a series of flashbacks. It is amazing that Rob pretended to be best friends with Albert for so many years, only for the purpose of wreaking revenge against him for an offence Albert committed against him during their school days. Debbie was only a means to an end and his love for Remi not strong enough to battle his hate for Albert.


The chemistry between Yemi Blaq and Jackie Appiah was flat. She looked like she didn’t even like him much, so it was a shock to me in the movie when I thought she was going to break up with him when in face she was mustering courage to tell him that she was pregnant. The lack of chemistry may well have been intentional to show how she was not really over Rob, even though it had been a mutual decision to break up.

I liked the way that the character of Robert was developed. All too often we see a character like Robert in Nollywood that is one dimensional. He will either be a fully bad guy and we won’t see any good side to his character. This never makes sense as how will he be able to have these women adore him and he has no good side? Then we get the character that is all good that turns all bad just like that, with no transition. There is no reasoning behind their actions and we cannot empathise with them because there is nothing about their manner, behaviour or actions come across realistic. With Robert even though he did a bad thing we can empathise with him because we see how Albert’s betrayal affected him. We also see that he was essentially a good guy that just never got over a bad thing that happened to him and most of us can relate to that because we have been there. We may have not hired hit men, but we may have had crazy thoughts that we never brought to fruition.


I would definitely recommend this movie. I thought this was a good solid effort from Rukky Sanda. I didn’t know what to expect with the slating of Lethal woman, and the accusations of full plagiarism of Martin Lawrence’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. However, I must say that I was impressed. Even the title matched the film perfectly. Until the very end of the movie when Rob is confronted by armed robbers his motives are completely obscure to us, the viewer. The one thing that worked against the movie were the long dialogue scenes that were interspersed throughout. They were entirely too long. There is absolutely no need for a whole 4 minutes of watching people sitting round a table mouthing words against the backdrop of loud background music. It is boring, and doesn’t tell us anything more than you could have interpreted in 30 seconds or less. Other than that… was lovin it!

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  1. I have seen this movie too, and I must commend Rukky for a job well done. I did not really like the chemistry between Yemi and Jackie at all in the movie, like you rightly said it may have been intentional, if so then okay! but if not it was really poor.
    The other thing I observed was at the end when the hired killers were standing around asking for their money when they know they will end up in jail. I thought they would have run away or something, instead they stood their foolishly knowing fully well that the police have been called to the scene of the incident.

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Jumoke you are right, although at that point I took it that they knew that they were not going to escape and at the point that they knew they may not get their money they just wanted him dead to feel as if they acomplished something… "Your money or your life!"

  3. Thanx for the angle you saw it from Nolly, that really made sense to me. You know what your thoughts are very deep! Am happy I found this website. God bless.

  4. I love Bimbo for life, but honestly i think she undersells herself in this industry. She should be the most famous and the most richest and the most sort after in Nollywood but for some reason, i dont know whether to blame her, her management or she is just not into this acting thing 100% or maybe some ppl EMG industry are discriminating a yoruba in their movies like "i heard" they did Funke Akindele who got frustruated and moved on to do her own thing with YMG and OmoT has testified it was a struggle for her when she begun too with with haters saying she of a different tribe coming to take others jobs.

    I mean Bimbo is so good, if you ask me to name three top NOllywood actress with greatest potential for Hollywood or getting an oscar, i most likely will name Bimbo in that top three list.

    I wish her luck though, and i hope she chooses good scripts and be agressive in getting to play lead roles to some of the best movies in nollywood.

    Example of some of Bimbos Best
    1- All My Life
    2- Keeping Faith


  5. Have you watched the hollywood movie motives? I doubt you have. As a movie critic dont stick only to our local movies, try watching foreign movies too so you can criticize properly.

  6. nollywoodforever says:

    Rita I have watched a broad spectrum of movies… from La Haine to City of God to Spielberg to Winterbottom and all of Almodovar's work. There are many hollywood review sites out there if you are interested. As for me… THIS IS NOLLYWOOD BABY!

  7. to me 50% cause I had major problems in this movie. The sound effects was terrible and the fact that this movie was not edited properly. First the boyz were cracking sum joke of Debbie having aids or HIV don't remember which one correctly. Then out of nowhere they tell this joke and Yemi/Albert said " I'm gonna hit that tonight". WTH? For a moment I questionned if they were giving their jokes while the camera was rolling before saying action!
    2nd -When Debbie was looking out the window when the thugs showed up to claim their money, you can hear a mellow song. I mean are you serious? wasn't that supposed to be the suspense and tense moment where she finds out what her boyfriend did and you put this mellow song, seriously 😮

  8. nollywoodforever says:

    To be honest I didnt notice anything with the sound… nothing major anyway. I would have to rewatch to catch the HIV bit didn't gat that at all!

  9. You've really not watched the movie cause if you have, you'll know obscure motives is a dubbed version of 'motives'. Vivica A Fox.

  10. nollywoodforever says:

    I have not watched motives… I haven't claimed to watch every "hollywood" film if you really call that Hollywood!

  11. Ramsey Noauh is great actor in africa i like him very much he is handsome and cool guy….i like watching his movie

  12. Here is another intense movie I really want you to see at the moment "Shakira" Wow Majid M. and Mercy J. knocked it out of the park, it was brilliant… I really wanna see your rating on this one Nolly post it quick

  13. Rita, you clearly have not watched Motives with Shemar Moore n Vivica Fox. Well I happen to have watched d part 1&2 over 20times n d stories have absolutely nothing in common, not even a scene. D only thing wud b "Motives" in d title. I mean come on: u have a married man cheating on his faithful wife he refused to hav children wit, being set up by his envious bestfriend dat works for him, whom he snacthed his wife from in high school, his so called bestfriend killed d girlfriend he set him up wit n pins d murder on him, marries his wife, takes over his business n his brother he's nt been tlkn to whose had an affair wit his wife in d past springs out of nowhere to avenge his bro's dirt, things gets messy, ple get killed, he losses his fiancee whom he's also cheatin on, Vivica trys to pay Elena(girlfrnd) off… I could go on n on… I mean come on- they all different motives of ppls intentions- duh! Get ur facts right, I think d lady did a beautiful job wit her motives in "Obscure Motives"

  14. nollywoodforever says:

    Thank you for clearing that up vivian… I myself could not comment having not watched Vivica's movie.

    Linda I have now seen Shakira and I was not loving it at all… It was just about watchable to me.

  15. Rukky u go girl congrats,i love the movie,but i was shocked at Ramsey's decision.Love it though

  16. nollywoodforever says:

    I liked the fact that it wasn't predictable!

  17. AS I QUOTE:

    "I must say that I was impressed. Even the title matched the film perfectly".

    I was very skeptical when I saw it was Rukky Sanda's movie because I was very dissappointed with "Leathal Woman".
    This movie was worth watching……….you are right…..the twists in the movie were unpredictable.
    Jackie and Yemi………….no chemistry at allllllll, I didn't like them together at all.
    Big ups to Miss Rukky Sanda………well done!
    I am waiting for your movie…"In Her Shoes"
    ( I just hope it has nothing to do with Hollywood's movie In Her Shoes)

    • My dear I understand your skepticism because I too felt that same feeling! It was a good solid movie though and I enjoyed it. I didn't know she had another one on its way… Thanks for the heads up! LOL

  18. lovetoshop says:

    umm so i liked the movie

    however some of the scenes were just too long for no apparent reason…i personally found it a bit tedious

    the fact that the girls had the same hairstyles from the start to the end of the movie MADE NO SENSE

    the kids never grew up

    rob's kid was older than debbie's?? huh??

    hit men hanging around listening to a confession? pssshhh….

    the movie WAS unpredictable BUT everything was dragged

    • Yes I know what you mean about the tedium… The beach scenes particularly…
      I didn't notice the hairstyle issue. I find it more strange when someone's hair changes 5 times in one day!

  19. Ey…Watched The Movie….Liked It Very Much….But Wondering Though…Are There Any Details Of The Soundtracks

  20. obsecure motive who sang the soundtrack and the name of a song i just like it much cant help can someone tell me

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