One More Kiss

One More Kiss

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One More Kiss (2008)
Story – Onwunzo Obinna
Screenplay – Tai Emeka Obasi
Director – Kalu Anya

Ini Edo – Jane
Van Vicker – Collins
Emeka Okoro – John
Chika Ike – Angela
Emma Ayalogu – Manager
Browny Igboegwu – Joe
Pat Otokoji – Suzy
Benita Ahanne – Vicky
Lois Unachukwu – Nkiru
Jennifer Christopher – Amaka
Jonathan Gana – Dr Ken
Geraldine Ekeocha – Eunice

Themes Explored:
First Love
Family Pressure
Peer pressure
Arranged Marriage

My Rating: 60%

Jane appears to be a happily married woman. Her husband cares for and is devoted to her. Who would have thought a business proposal for a 10 million Naira sponsorship could throw her into so much turmoil? Collins approaches John’s (Jane’s husband) company for 10 million naira funding to set up his own business. Without knowing who was asking for the money Jane advised her husband to not release the funds, claiming that it would be a bad business move.

It is only when Collins returns to the bank to plead his case for funding and meets Jane in the office that we learn that they know each other. It turns out that Jane and Collins were first loves at university, and from the looks on both their faces we can see that there is unresolved business. Now that Jane knows who the ten million Naira funding was for she persuades her husband to reverse his decision and with total disregard for her marital status begins to relentlessly pursue Collins.

The story is fluid with the first part in the present and the second part told through the past in flashbacks in an intervention/meeting with the company manager.


Did anyone notice that at the beginning of the film the house girl/ Jane’s sister seemed to always be flaunting herself wearing mini skirts and low cut vests in front of John, Jane’s husband? They had her in the kitchen bending over with the focus on her azz. What was that about? I was sure she was going to have an affair with John but it didn’t happen!

Family Pressure/ Tradition
Jane is pressured into marrying her husband despite being, as she put it “in love with another.” Her brother approaches her with the proposal from his friend John just after their father’s death. I thought that it was wholly inappropriate for John to approach Joe, Jane’s brother with such a thing at that time, and even more inappropriate that he tell his sister about the proposal at a time when she had very raw grief for her father’s death, and even worse still that he bang on and on about it despite Jane being clearly NOT interested!

Her mother implies that she would be selfish not to marry John as her younger sister had a suitor ready to marry her, and could not proceed due to Jane’s marital status. They are bound by a tradition that says a younger sister cannot marry before an elder. They also use guilt as a persuasive technique telling her (just after her father has died) that it would have been his wish, and playing to her family loyalties.

Peer Pressure
Not only are her family on her case to marry John, but her friends are involved in the pressure too. It appears that material wealth is the number one factor in marriage suitability . They don’t take into account the love that Jane and Collins have for each other, telling her.

“If you ever leave that guy you a go suffa o!”

“This guy is the smoothest, cleanest and of course richest guy around at the moment.”

“Wetin de worry you? You see one sweet bobo you just want let go?”

In the end she agrees to an introduction to buy more time, however the relationship between herself and Collins comes to an end when Collins sees pictures of the introduction revealed by her friend. Now why oh why did the friend have to reveal the photos like that? She claimed to be upset that she didn’t know that there was going to be a marriage, but to me it seemed like a hater move. She was a close friend and she knew the general gist of what was going on. So why would she as a supposed friend not confront Jane in private. Which kin friendship be dis?

In one scene at the end of the film Collins friend approaches him to go and visit Jane in the hospital. He says to him,

“That Dr was emphatic, If you don’t see her right way she is going to pass on.”

I thought that this was ridiculous for a doctor to even say such rubbish… and all these “stress induced” and “shock” comas I am seeing in Nollywood just have to stop!!!

Some of the wardrobe choices in this film were abominable. We see Van in a vertical stripy black and white short suit. Looked WACK, and made him look so short. This was the first time that I realised the man was short. He was shorter than every female in the film. We also see Chika Ike in a vinyl looking square and check patterned badly fit suit that was swinging round her ankles… Horrendous… It even made her look kinda fat and you know she is anything but fat! Must however giver kudos for the Sunglasses that Ini was sporting at the end of part 2 just before she had the accident… They were some HOT stunna shades!

Van Vicker is as wet as a soaking mop in this… we see his tears over a chick as usual. Geez will someone please give this man some balls in a movie for once? We all know he is pretty but does he have to be so damn wet all the time? I wasn’t loving Van so much in this one. It felt like he was just reading lines… no feeling in it… even when he was crying it was pitifully unfeeling. As gorgeous as he is if he stepped it up a gear he would be a formidable force. Ini Edo however did a much better job, amidst her lip biting and constant batting of the eyelashes (will you stop that??? You do it at the most inappropriate times… Channel that!) she at least showed passion and her feelings and tears felt real.

The film was OK. In terms of picture/sound etc I couldn’t fault it. The soundtrack was beautiful and most appropriate. I thought the best part of the film was towards the end, in particular the build up of tension with Collins and the whole will he? won’t he? situation. However it is one of those films that in a few weeks you just won’t remember. For me there was something missing. There wasn’t one bit that I would tell someone, “Oh you just have to watch this particular bit.“ It just wasn’t gripping enough for me to care to recommend.

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  1. Hmm… NF I can't keep up with you anymore…. You go through these movies like water. A girl just like me. ( smile) Van Vicker Gorgeous? Really? That's putting it mildly. ( smile)

    This movie seems really good at least from your description. I can never understand the family pressure put by these parents. Some will even claim death or being disowned if you do not follow their choice. I see it as you have had your chance it is now mine. If I am making a mistake it is still mine to make- not yours.. So back off!

    In reference to Ini Edo I think they type cast a lot of these actors/actresses into certain roles. For Ini, they like her to play these sex kittens/vixens roles and she obliges. So it is hard to see her in any other role. The same goes for Van , Ramsey, Jim, etc.

    As for as the friends( girls) are considered hmmm… a lot of chicks these days behave very shady/ scandalous these days. They will seem as though you have your best interest at heart meanwhile they are holding a lot of resentment/ or hateration… Is that even a word? I have to check my ebonics dictionary. (smile)

    Until I hear from you.

  2. It is so much about money for Mr. Van Vicker right now that I have refused to buy any film he is in. I really thought he had potential having watched 2 films he was in but now I think he is such a FRAUD and I am ashamed that people would continously give him a pass mark "just cos he is cute". The same facial expressions every single minute. This is the next generation of Nollywood? What a bore?

    Your blog is nice. Keep it up!

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    @ SG I hope you have not come here to try and laim my man! LOL Alot of the old review I post are ones I've watcched ages ago but didn't bother putting up… When I forst started watching I rmemeber one weekedn staying in and watching ten movies! The movie was OK but nothing special… however alot of people seem to really like it, so you may too. the whole faily pressure thig is too uch. Once one becomes an adult there are certain things where a parent can hep guide, but essentially they are not the ones that are living your life! Since Mary J Blige said it Hateration can officially be considred a word!!!

    @Chet I never noticed Van being so wooden before this… I liked him in American Boy especiially, for me that was his best role that I've seen… perhaps because he had some balls! I hear he is getting into film production… that may be where he is more able. As for Ini Edo even when she is playing a shy cillage girl she will be batting her eyelashes, biting her lip and whining her waist like some nympho and this is a recent thing because in the earlier movies she wasn't doing all that…

  4. NF- your man now abi? ( smile) Ten movies? I thought I was bad maximum for me proabbly was 6. Sometimes I would watch one, fall asleep during, have to rewind. As for Van Vicker please take him. Too much wahala for me.

    I prefer Nonso.

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    I see your plan! You have offered him to me just to try and come at a later date and snatch!!! LOL That was in the early days… No such luck now.. and especially if it is boring I will fall asleep too!

  6. i liked the movie, but i hate the ending i was so mad after all what happend to jane, then she ended up with the man her heart didn't desire, simply because of a misunderstanding of her true love. (collins) it's not fair.

  7. To be honest i like the show because my sister have the same problem too, she spended all her money on this one dude named eyhab and now that she have no more money the idiot don't even care about her just acting like collins on jane, man, sometimes i feel like beating the dude but on the other side there is a lot of better boys who are dying to have her but her big head can never think possitive at once only ey, ey, it peaces me off but i think it is not good to break a girl's heart especially as beautiful and good hearted like my sister.
    peace to all.

  8. wow! good one at last but i think i should tell you this why are boys&men wicked after all this love she show the guy, he still pretend like he don't care. my God, it's everywhere now i'm scared of being in a relationship, why because it happend to my big sister and i really feel sorry for her. never sleep always worried about what will happend to eyhab when he don't even care about her, but i pray that eyhab might change because my sis is not married and she really loves eyhab aldmour and i wish her the very best.
    God bless our planet.

  9. tomorrow must wait! God how did you know about my sister this movie, is a true story of my sister's life, the only diffrent is the lover boy and the lover are still in high school and she is already pregnant and our father got heart heart disease almost dead, she got no money, she got no education, but the other diffrent she still love eyhab, i don't get girls anymore I love my sister so much but just don't understand her no more,i'm not against her but i only pray for God's work to be done, cause if this two end up together i will consider it true love.(come rain,come shine) girls be smart and boys let's try to be nice to our friend's sisters.
    peace out 2 all.

  10. KWAME NKRUMAH says:

    I am sorry to open such a conversation but I believe most of you Ghana/Nigeria Movie watchers think exactly like the authors who pen most of these movies. A true genuine movie is a movie that tell COMPELLING stories which keep the audience TUNED in until the end without given any indication what would happen at the end. This movie is one of Ini's BEST ACTING….

    If you are a movie lover who watches movie for the fun of it, you will grade this movie average

    But if you are a person who watches movies BASED on ACTING then you will grade this movie -A

    For STORY TELLING purposes this movie will be A+…….



  12. Ezinne Asinugo says:

    this is the first movie of yours i haved watched…and i believe you were my fav character, you brought vicky to life…as in it was emotional…..well done and totally add me to fan base

  13. Ini Edo wasn't doing it for me at all. Why was her shirts all too small for her?? The buttons kept popping out. Her ENGLISH PRONOUNCIATION is very bad…..why does she always lick her lips like it's sexy?
    The scene where Chika tells Van for getting slapped was blah…..did you catch Van's facial expression?? (too fake) Van Vicker always remind you that he's acting…why? why? why??????????

  14. Tomorow must wait. Continuation

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