Open and Close

Open and Close

Open And Close – 2011
Story – Chinweike Nwegwu, Eriobu Chibuzor Sunday
Screenplay – Obinna Ukaeze, Okey Zubelu Okoh
Director – Charles Inojie
Producers – Chinweike Nwegu, Eriobu Chibuzor Sunday

John Okafor – Okwuti
Patience Ozokwor – Deaconess Charity
Nuella Njubigbo – Sandra
Rachel Okonkwo – Anukika
Charles Inojie – Agwu
Sam Loco Efe – Agu
Jim Lawson – Jimmy
Anita Joseph – Nelly

Saving Face

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 77%


Deaconess Charity played by Patience Ozokwor is a devout Christian who is bringing up her daughter Sandra played by Nuella Njubigo and niece Anukika played by Rachel Okonkwo in the same vein. She is very strict to the point of being overbearing and stifling, allowing the girls no freedom. After a fellow deaconess’s daughter dies after having an abortion she becomes obsessed in making sure that her daughters do not fall prey to any temptations. This means quoting bible verses at them constantly and accusing them of falling into sin without cause. Will she drive the girls away from her with her overbearing attitude?

Christian Brainwashing

Charity threatens her daughter and niece all the time that they will go to hell if they commit any sin. Her favourite line of questioning is, “Do you want to go to hell?”

Saving Face

Charity should have had faith in the way that she was raising the children instead of being so overbearing all the time. They were good girls and not up to any good. Even when they take food to the repair man, she is sure that they are running after men. She is concerned with saving face and how people might look upon her family,

“You want to bring shame so people can be saying that I am a bad mother.”

She does not look into the fact that it could be her stifling ways that will lead them into bad behaviours rather than them seeking to do bad. In one scene Sandra tells her mother,

“Mama I don’t want to disobey you but you’re pushing me out into the world”

To which Charity replies,

“You think that I don’t already know that you are in the world dining with the devil.”

The Acting

I thought that this movie was brilliantly cast. The characters were well developed and everyone was on their J.O.B. Rachel Okonkwo and Nuella Njubigbo were great as sisters. They chemistry was very believable. Nuella especially was very convincing in her character as the wholesome church girl with a big heart as was Patience Ozokwor as the overbearing and overprotective mother. Onto the guys, both the leads Charles Inojie and John Okafor were hilarious and it was an effortless funny. They weren’t pushing too hard. And when the two bumbling fools were paired the laughs came even quicker.

Memorable Scene

The first time that Anukika and Sandra bring food for Okwuti played by John Okafor it made me smile. He was so joyous. It was a very small gesture but it meant the world to him. It was this attention to small detail that made the movie so enjoyable. Okwuti made me laugh in the way that he was chomping on the food like it was the first time that he had ever eaten, while screaming with glee at the same time.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

It was a bit strange that Anukika suggested sleeping at “uncles” house and Sandra was the one that was so adamant against it but then when they bump into him on the street it is Anukika that doesn’t want to go to his house when Sandra now wants to. SAY WHAT? That didn’t fit to me.

Why in Nollywood do horny people always start itching like they are turning into a werewolf? SAY WHAT? I have never seen this happen in real life. It appears to be a phenomenon existing only in Nollywood. I am please asking whoever is making these actors itch like this to please stop the nonsense.


I would recommend this movie. It had the ability to transport you into that village setting. The movie was simple but well told and well developed. We see from beginning to end how bonds grow between people, for example the friendship between Okwuti and Sandra. However the movie went off on a bit of a tangent in the part 2 with the whole Anita Joseph subplot. By the end of Part 2 the movie was unfinished so no doubt a continuation will bring it all together. Thumbs up!

UPDATE: Just wanted to add some pictures from the set, taken from Charles Inojie’s facebook page Enjoy!

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  1. I knew you will come back!!!lol!! Long time no see no dey good for fans oooo….lol i'm trying naija pigdin…

  2. Charles is always effortlessly funny. Even when he acts serious, he is still funny. On your first SAY WHAT? I think the writter got the names mixed up.

  3. no but i watch one that had to do with finding a husband for patience ozokwu (is that the correct spelling?) and it was mad funny. though it started getting a bit senseless towards the ending

  4. This movie is also called Diamond Wahala.

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