Painful Sin

Painful Sin

Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review
Painful Sin ~2010
Story/ Screenplay & Director – Afam Okereke
Revised Screenplay – Ugezu J Ugezu
Producer – Alex Okeke, Ugo Emmanuel

Actors & Actresses Starring:
Mercy Johnson – Adaorah
Olu Jacobs – Chief Dom
Jim Iyke – Tony
Eve Esin – Gina
Browny Igboegwu – Larry
Rukky Sanda – Helen Robinson
Doris Ogada – Glory
Ed Nnasor – HAO
Chigozie Okolie – SSS

Gender Roles
Societal Judgement

My Rating – 36%

Chief Dom is a widower that lives with his two daughters and son. Since his wife died he fills up his time sleeping with young girls who are pleased to pander to his every whim for the money that he is showering them with. 2 of Chief’s children are wayward. The son is and armed robber and the daughter is promiscuous and directionless. His other daughter Gina is the one that tries to hold the family together. She constantly tries to talk to her family members to get them to clean up their lives but her pleas fall on deaf ears.


The Title

Now what kind of stupid title is this? Next we will have a movie called Wet Water or Hot Fire.

Gender Roles

Max shows respect to Gina because she behaves in the way that he expects a woman to behave. She attends church, cooks and cleans. He disrespects Adaorah because she does not fit that mould. She regularly misses church, smokes, drinks and sleeps around. It’s funny because Max behaves more like Adarorah than Gina, but does not see the irony.

Chief too places pressure on his son to make his own money (hence his armed robbery career) but does not place the same pressure on the girls. Perhaps this is due to the way society labels men breadwinners.

Societal Judgement

Chief Dom’s church daughter Gina is horrified at the fornication that is occurring in her father’s matrimonial home and insists that she will not be fine with a woman in his bed until he marries them. Gina claims that she wants her father to get married in order to respect her mother’s memory but in fact she seems more concerned about how society may be judging her father. She tells him,

“Dad I know for a fact that the neighbours are watching.”


Chief Dom chastises his daughter Adaorah for missing church asking her, “What will you teach your children when you get married?” Can you imagine a man that has just been frolicking in his bedroom with a prostitute instead of going to church daring to give preach to anyone?

We also see Max, the armed robber chastise his sister Adaorah. He comes in after spending the night robbing and chasing women and says to Adaorah, “Why are you sitting there and the house is dirty?” Can you imagine an armed robber coming to complain about a dirty house like he doesn’t have arms to clean?

Ewwww the striptease at the beginning of the movie was nasty. Some dirty looking chick with exposed stretch marks, wearing an ill fitting bra with her breasts (which were no more than a C cup) were spilling out of to the extent that you would get flashes of her areola. She was wearing a headscarf, singing badly and rubbing her crotch. Eiwooo this is what they call seduction eh?

Max was so foolish for telling Helen about killing Alhaji Omari. I was shaking my head at the screen. The guy is dead and gone. If she wants to say thanks let her say thank you in silence. It is not necessary for her to meet any gang leader AND she is talking about her being the “ultimate beneficiary” That sounds to me like she wants a piece of the money pie. For someone that is meant to be so hard why does he get so soft and stupid so quickly?

I would not recommend this movie. It was very typical cliché Nollywood. The characters were one dimensional, the story mediocre and it dragged quite a bit. By the end of part 2 it felt like the movie had only just got started, as the storyline with Helen and Max was only just developing. No doubt there is a continuation to this movie. I will not be watching.

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  1. *the *chatterbox* says:

    hi nolly could you please review TRINITY starring majid, nadia and korfi among others..have been hearing good things about it and wold like to know what you think of it

  2. This movie was really painful to watch. OMG……what was up with the girl's singing and dancing???? I couldn't watch it after the hotel scene with Van Vicker……it was 2222222222 painful……LMAO!!!

    • HA I'm glad someone else got to see the PAINFUL SIN!! Because that surely is what that atrocity that she was doing was. In fact I have had an epiphany! Now I know exactly what painful sin is… When I think of that scene it is just so obvious now!

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