Pains of Love

Pains of Love

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Pains of Love

Story – Ikenna Ezeugwu
Screenplay/ Director – Tchidi Chikere

Fabian Adibe – Aaron
Franca Brown – Jemima
Chiege Alisigwe – Chinwedu
Emeka Ike – Fred
Ifeoma Anyiam – Amara
Chinwe Owoh – Grace
Cynthia Okereke – Adaego
Jude Oteka – Oliver

Themes Explored:
Step Families

My Rating: 65%

After their mother dies Chinwedu and Oliver are left at the mercy of their father’s second wife who takes great joy in mistreating them. Chinwedu’s only solace is her boyfriend Fred who she regularly confides in.

On one occasion Chinwedu’s stepmother overhears her husband agreeing with Fred to marry Chinwedu. She is outraged that Chinwedu should be married before her daughter, less anyone think that he daughter inferior and so sets out to ruin Love’s young dream. She does this by sending her daughter to go and seduce Fred and so the drama begins.

I would recommend this, particularly if you are into village movies. Nothing out of the ordinary, nevertheless a nicely told village movie from Tchidi. The lesson that can be taken from this one is that Love conquers all!

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