Palace Maid

Palace Maid

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Nigerian Movie Review
Palace Maid ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay & Direction – Ikenna Emma Aniekwe

Van Vicker – Nnanna
Tonto Dikeh – Adaku
Ini Edo – Nwadi
Patience Ozokwor – Queen
Vitalis Ndubuisi – King Omenauko
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Udechi
Abraham Madubuko – Udembah
Rachel Okonkwo – Ntasi
Ify Afuba – Agbomma
Emma Ayalogu – Osita
Dike Ngwube – Adaku’s dad
Hayez Achu – Okpalu
Eve Esiri – Felicia
Chiebonam Oragwa – Udoka
Chinedu Odinachi – Uba
Ed Nnasor – Doctor
Gabriel Okorie – Eloka
Lucky Ovuakporaye – Onuwu
Chioma Iwueze – Obidiya

Royalty Nigerian
Rape in Africa
Dehumanisation of house help Nigeria

My Rating – 41%

Prince Nnanna comes back from London to find that his parents have betrothed him to a princess. On getting to know her he finds her to be surly and rude and has no intention of marrying her. After living abroad for some time he is shocked to return to the palace and see the way that house help are treated in a less that human manner by his mother. She insults and demeans them at every opportunity. Despite her treatment of them the Prince is always gracious to them, taking particular interest in Nwadi, seemingly preferring her to the loud and arrogant Princess Adaku. Nigerian Movie Review


One night Nnana Nnanna goes out to a bar with the Princess and his PA. He gets drunk and on returning home finds Nwadi crying and takes her to his room with him. She tries to put him to bed but he forces himself on her. We see her struggling, screaming and crying before the screen fades out.

The next day the Nnanna and Nwadi are behaving as if nothing major happened the night before. He asks her what happened and then tells her his side of the story before she can even respond. He tells her that he was drunk, as if this excuses his despicable behaviour, obviously it does because she seems fine with this explanation. After this they continue sleeping together (we don’t see it but it is hinted towards) and the whole scenario gives the impression that rape is OK. It is something that women ask for and enjoy. It gives the impression that no does not really mean no, that a woman needs to be raped to feel virtuous, that rape is a normal part of male/ female relationships. This is all bullshit and something that needs to be seriously redressed in Nollywood.

Nwadi soon falls pregnant and she herself tells the story of how she got pregnant in a way that puts the blame of the situation in her hands. It is made out as if she were prostituting herself for money to treat her mother’s illness, although in what we see it certainly does not come across that way. It is in this instance that we can deduce that they have had sex on more than one occasion. There is a discrepancy in what we see and then what we are told through the dialogue. It would have made sense for them to have had consensual sex in the first instance. The whole “rape” thing adds no value except to suggest that women like being raped.

Patience plays the ruling matriarch of the family. She treats the househelp as if they are subhuman and shows them little compassion. When Ini leaves her duties to go and attend to her sick mother she scolds her mercilessly. This kind of behaviour mirrors real life where often house help are treated like animals and not afforded the respect that one generally affords to a human being.

I thought that Van Vicker was doing a good job at playing a drunk on the night out with Princess until he got back to the palace and his act slips. He sees the maid crying and just before he exclaims, “OMG I’m peeing my pants!” he comes totally out of character and comes across over the top and unconvincing.

I would not recommend this film. It was the run of the mill Prince comes back from abroad, meant to get hooked up with a princess and falls for a pauper movie, so nothing new at all there. No stand out performances, in fact it was all pretty much very dry. The script was below mediocre, a lot of the dialogue was contrived, awkward and unnatural. After two parts the story did not ended which means that there is more. *Yawn*

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  1. nolly dis movie was too far fetched 4 my likin..i watched d whole 1st part n was stil lost…not until i got 2 d 2nd part n saw someone's comment abt it being d continuation of another movie…datz waz d end of it 4 me.i really wud like to address d fact where producers change d names of sequels 2 movies, n not even bother to leave a "footnote" …well if u call it dat 4 sm of us…just not fair.for example, i had watched blessed among women b4 a friend told me dat d 1st n 2nd parts was most wanted bachelor…i was so mad bc even when i tried 2 watch d most wanted bachelor, i never got 2 enjoy it since i had already watched d end of d movie…so sad

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Aegoli this didn't seem like the continuation to anyhting though… I think there will be a continuation… but it certainly didn't start as such!

  3. this movie started off alright. i thought that after the "rape" scene that it would escalate and have more drama and depth.they didnt handle the whole rape scenario well but this isnt the first film to make it look like women want to be raped. that is my problem with some of the movies they have a good concept they get rushed, bored, or don't do enough research to execute their ideas out fully. the west african film industry in general has to put in more work. if they do they can be great.

    my other complaint is the prop they had the princess holding. that is a feather duster. i have the exact same kind in my house.

  4. A next movie I will not get back the hours of my life.

    When will these film directors/story writers/ actors

    come and give us something that will knock our socks

    off. Production time should not be 1-2 weeks. Actors

    also should know how to pronounce their words and

    know facial expressions and when to use it. If I

    see a next subpar movie from Nollywood – I will


  5. nollywoodforever says:

    So you too have watched the trash… Nearly everything with Van in it these days is trash…

  6. Yes you can say that again. You know me now- of course I have watched it.

  7. http://myafricanmovi says:

    One Word.



    Nollywoodforever this is akos (since you asked) – lets not forget to put the producers and directors on blast from here on, on both our blogs. We cant put all the blame on the actors.

  8. I have a next question, can someone please tell me why I continue to watch Nollywood movies and see a " Furniture feather duster" there is something not right about that. Can't you substitue something else? This is so distracting….

    A next pet peeve why give someone fake flowers and they are smelling them as if they are real. I am sure the budget can afford real flowers. In my opinion, these are the two things that need to be changed in order for the movies to be more believable.

  9. nollywoodforever says:

    SG has spoken… LOL I have not actually noticed these issues, when u see it again you will need to give me specifics, so I can check it out myself.

  10. nollywoodforever says:

    Tilili you are right everybody involved needs to be on blast…

  11. http://myafricanmovi says:

    Nolly Wuzzup now, my atlien sista,you slacking lately more than me. I am reviewing Emerald tonight. I wanted to disect it but i will keep it short, and leave that to you since you do it so well. Ikechuwku Onyeka 3X – hmmmm, ok ohhhhh.

  12. nollywoodforever says:

    ATL Shawtay! LMAO… I know I have been slacking big time… Keep starting stuff and not finishing cos its just too boring… plus the weather has been good lately but I'll soon be back on track…

  13. am still waiting for the ending it was ok but hmm lets wait for the coclusion cos it didnt end well i suppose theres part3…………

  14. nollywoodforever says:

    Nelly you go and watch it and feed back! As for me I cannot even torture myself! LOL

  15. I enjoyed the movie Van was doing well bringing the message that it was not ok to treat the maids as insignificant humans,he was about change so why should he dehumanise the same maid he was trying to protect,then deny her in the end .I am looking for a part three(please use the same name so I will not be confused) and I hope it will show the viewers that it is not ok in nigeria for royalty to abuse the help and not made to pay.

  16. me 20/10 because of Ini and Patience …Patience was a total bitch as a mother, great actress. Yeah why do these nollywoods movies make it OK to be raped, have they no respect for woman at all. Her dialogue with the father made it seem as if she did it voluntarily for the money, I didn't understand that part at all. 🙁
    Everytime I'm hoping that this boy, Van V. pulled through in his character or even when he's around strong actors, he always fell FLAT. He always has this smirk or good-boy figure that cannot be turn off when he's in character. Through the whole movie here's his catchphrase " oh my word!" WTH? it gets on my nerves everytime he says that, wanted to smack him so he could remember that hes in character.
    Well better finish what I started if I need to understand the purpose of this movie, I need to watch the last part.

  17. nollywoodforever says:

    They didn't tie in the dialogue with what actually happened which makes it senseless. for me even Ini and Patience couldn't save this one… what is 20/10? or do u mean 20%?

    Carry on watching they even have part 3 and 4!!!

  18. if u watch palace maid 2 first then watch on then if u watch prince of peace you will understand the story more the dvd are mixed up

  19. nollywoodforever says:

    I have no problem with the order. It made chronological sense. It was just rubbish.

  20. Any movie with Van Vicker is simply a waste of my time!!!

    • He can be ok sometimes. I am watching a Tchidi movie called Total Love and he is quite alright in it… I used to watch any movie that he was in, but that was only because I just loooved his looks. Once I got over that I was no longer as enthusiastic about him!

      • Total Love was okay, I mean Olu Jacobs will always be great but I don't know about Jackie and Van…..It's simple..They BOTH can't act!
        Total Love is a beautiful story that should've been acted by other cast other than Jackie and Van. Jackie's custome was a bit too much.

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