Passionate Crime

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Passionate Crime (2006)
Story – Osigwe Ahmed Momoh
Screenplay – Osigwe Ahmed Momoh & Shan George
Director – Stanley Williams Inyang

Shan George – Uduak Asuguo
Emeka Enyiocha – Paderi Martins
Justus Esiri – Father Martins
Ann Njemanze – Aisha
Ifeoma Dim – Onome
Osigwe Ahmed Momoh – Dela
Moses Armstrong – MD
Emmanuel France – Father Henry

Themes Explored:
Greed in Nollywood

My Rating: 75%

Father Martins sends his son Paderi on a mission to seduce a woman called Uduak, make her fall in love with him and then ruin her before his ultimate goal which is to kill her. He also entices one of her friends Aisha, with money to help his evil plan come to fruition.

Paderi’s first attempt to make Uduak notice him is to plant himself on her doorstep crying. This fool is bawling loudly and there are no tears coming out. It was fake to the point that I didn’t know that he was even crying for a hot minute!

He then wires her house with cameras and begins spying on her through his laptop to get a gist of her movements and what is going on in her life.

His next step is to call the radio station and offer a bribe for them to let him air his story. They accept the bribe and he is put on air,

“I ran into an angel, she really brightened up my day… Yes I do believe it is a miracle. I hope to wait at that same spot again. I believe I can set my eyes on her again.”

Of course Uduak happens to be listening to the radio broadcast and despite being engaged, her curiosity is piqued. They end up meeting again platonically and it is only when she finds her best friend in bed with her fiancée (set up by Father Martins of course) that they become romantically involved.

This makes me ask the question. Was her best friend ever truly her friend or was it just the fact that money was more important to her than any friendship? Why is it in Nollywood movies women can never have true friends? Even when friends have been there through thick and thin, all it will take is a smooth talking man flashing some cash and the woman will lose her mind. It seems like whenever there is a man or money female friendships go out the window. I want to see a Nollywood film with true friendship… Friendship that cannot be swayed by a man or money.


Padera is the perfect gentleman and Uduak falls for him because even though he is poor he never asks her for anything and goes out of his way to do things for her. It is because of this that she has no reason to believe he has any ulterior motive in pursuing her.

Soon Padera has engineered it so that Udak has no business or house. They end up moving into a shack, but this time the bond between the two is strong and genuine and so Padera struggles to carry out his father’s order to kill her. He attempts to put an end to the plan by confronting his father. He asks him what Uduak has done to warrant such a dastardly end. His father is non compromising to the point that he will disown him if he does not continue the mission.

In the end Uduak finds notes on how Padero planned to kill her. She confronts him with a gun and he ends up telling her his whole story. It is when they go to confront the father together that we see and intense standoff and the whole story behind the animosity is revealed.

I would recommend this movie as it was gripping and even intense at times. The story had a good twist and the cast did a good job.

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