Perfect Angel

Perfect Angel

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Perfect Angel ~ 2009

Story, Screenplay, Director – Willie Ajenge
Producer – Andy Nnawuihe
(Stone Gold Productions)

Nadia Buari – Jane
John Dumelo – Brown
Emeka Ike – Ken
Jake Aernan – Frank
Alero George – Mrs Ben
Queen Okocha – Rose
Psalm Ajefefio – Chief Ben
Emmanuel Amah – Jane’s Father
Emmanuel Emoabino – Aide 1
Dan Smith – Aide 2
Fauziya Hussein – Betty
Selma Mumin – Janet
Edmund Quarshie – Chemist

Themes Explored:

My Rating – 59%

Ken lives a life of crime and during a botched robbery attempts ends up wounded and bleeding to death in some remote fields. Jane comes across him and takes it upon herself to take him for treatment effectively saving his life. Jane lives with her extremely strict father and once he hears tales of his daughter with a mystery man he flips out and a fight between Jane and her father ensues. In the fracas Jane ends up shooting her father and ends up going on the run with Ken who convinces her that her life will not be worth living when other family members find out. Jane steals some money that her father had kept in the house and flees to the city with Ken. At first it appears that this charming stranger is her saviour, but in fact he turns out to be anything but everything changes when the money runs out and soon he is Jane finds herself living a nightmare instead of a dream.


There were quite a few instances where things happened and I would just shake my head at the TV like WTF? These were things that veered away from realism in the movie. Let me list them here:

1) Jane is being flogged by her father and we hear these loud harsh sound effects. For whippings so brutal you would expect her face and body to move more than they did, as well as for her to make some noises louder than the small whimpers that she makes. After the beatings which were also meted out to her face, her skin looks flawless, no redness at all.

2) The fight scene at the end which should be quite serious is made quite comical and unrealistic by loud over the top sound effects.

3) Jane is sent by Ken to go and collect her belongings as well as all the money in the house. She walks to the doorway and there is a small suitcase right there which she grabs. How fake is that? How is the suitcase gonna be ready packed AND in the doorway and there is no reference as to why that is so?

4) When Jane and Ken arrive at the hotel in the city Ken says to Jane, “Goodness your eyes are almost swollen shut,” in a reference to the crying that she had supposedly been doing. Please tell me why the camera pans to Nadia and she is sitting there with her eyes looking how they always looked, no swelling plus mascara and eyeliner perfectly applied?

5) The scene when the Jane and Ken set up the camera in the cupboard so they can blackmail Chief Ben is a bust. The camera is way too high up and it wasn’t even at an angle to capture anything but a wall.

6) Brown is seeing mother and daughter. Why didn’t the daughter Betty know he is with her mother after the scene where her mother brings him home in a drunken stupor? Brown told the mother that the daughters had seen him and knew that he was sleeping with her and was cool with it. That whole situation did not make sense to me at all.

7) The story Brown spun to Mrs Ben was not convincing at all. What fool would believe that story? He tells the mother that he had been coming around to the house every day because he liked her and was gaining her mothers approval. What a load of bull!

CHIEF CHIEF! See Chief Ben with the wickedest lyrics. In his bid to try and woo Jane and make her become second wife he tells her,

“I can buy you happiness. Don’t believe what they tell you, yes money can buy happiness!” Can you imagine? A guy actually trying to persuade a woman that she should marry him for money. He has no confidence at all in the attractiveness of his physical or mental being. What a shame. Kind of reminds me of the 50 Cent song, “Have a baby by me… baby be a millionaire…” SAD.

In the end Chief dies of shock. I was a little disappointed with that because in the Nollywood scenario this is a very common occurrence and very unoriginal. Funny in real life I have never known of someone to die of shock. Seriously how common is it for someone who is reasonably healthy to die of shock? We were not told that Chief Ben has a pre-existing heart condition or anything else similar so what gives?

A scene that will surely make you laugh is Emeka Ike in drag. Many of Nollywood’s finest have donned a frock and a face full of makeup so why not Emeka aye?

I was happy when Jane met Frank. It seemed that at last Ken was out of the picture and she had a chance of happiness with a decent man who seemed to truly love her ALAS! it was not meant to be as Ken was like a rash that had not been properly dealt with… He just kept on coming back! With regards to Jane’s new man Frank I thought it was absolute rudeness that his employee referred to Jane as a “piece of ass.” How rude is that. I am surprised Frank did not deal with her severely,

Drug Portrayal

Bravo for whoever did the research to get the crackpipe right. It was a good portrayal of a man hittin on a pipe… Don’t ask me how I know!


We learn something in this movie about the importance of never compromising on your moral stance. Compromising a little can turn into compromising a lot and eventually you can become a person that you don’t even like or recognise. Jane agrees to sleep with men for money as per Ken’s request. It is not that she even wants or cares about the money but she does it for his benefit because she believes that he loves her and she feels indebted to him. Sacrificing her body for him only leads to a lack of respect to the extent that we see Ken messing with other chicks in the hotel room that he shares with Jane.


This movie will make you ask the question, what is love? In the end Ken declares his love for Nadia and claims that he too cannot live without her, yet at the same time every time he would come back to take her away from Frank’s house he was always preoccupied with collecting money. To the viewer it would seem that he loved money more than anything else. Was he mistaking a sick obsession for love? I believe true pure love won in the end and we see Jane take a bullet for the right man, even though Ken had tried to taint her name by digging up her past misdeeds Ken was willing to accept her whole as she was and for that acceptance she was willing to risk her life for him.

The Title

I thought that the title was wholly appropriate. Jane was the perfect angel on paper when she met Ken. She was upright and moral and saved his life. She acted as his angel. Chief Ben had the perception of Jane being the perfect Angel, despite the fact that her life was already littered with immoral acts, what with her stories of virtuosity and being a Pastor’s daughter. Frank too saw Jane as his perfect Angel and although at this time she had taken drugs, sold her body, killed her father, he saw past her imperfections and in her imperfection she was still his perfect angel.

I would recommend this movie because it does get more interesting as the story progresses. After the first ten minutes I was ready to turn off. It seemed like a lot of action that wasn’t particularly well done what with the first scenes involving Ken and his gang with the botched robbery attempt. I am glad, however that I stuck with it. There is a good lesson to be learnt in that someone can be perfect for you despite their imperfections. Actions do not define a person’s whole being. Sometimes there is a strong back-story as to why a person undertakes certain behaviours. It was a nice ending in that Jane, through Ken’s death was given her life back, was re-united with her father and he was able to forgive her.

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  1. Wendie Moise says:

    This movie sounds like the movie Love, Lies,Murder check this movie out and you will see what I mean.

  2. Is that a Nollywood movie?

  3. Nadia needs more acting lesson the girl's acting is bad ,MAY BE stephanie can help her

  4. yes this is love , lies and murder the name has been changed 2 perfect angel and john dumelo is nt in d movie . nigerian movies and there wahala dat was how they changed the movie perfect picture name to 3 virgins and sisters love to clash of twins i think that is there 2010 resolutions lol!!!!!1

  5. I haven't even watch this movie n my rating is lower than that… I can already see scenery flash in my mind of Emeka licking his mouth, Nadia non-stop tone when she's screaming or mad whatever she's doing, beautiful gyal but still missing the artistry in her… Its a maybe for me, I'll watch it when I don't have any other good movies that occupy my time Haha!

  6. Hmm, I really want to see this movie my self.
    And @ Sharry Island girl, I think you got it all wrong because Nadia is one of the best actresses in Ghana. She did a great job in most movies…..

    I think its about time Ghana award her with a medal…………..
    Am out.
    Nolly, wheres bursting out, the game, letter to a stranger, the beloved and material gal's reviews? Come'on Nolly you can do better than this……

    • Beyonce you are complaing that you don't want reviews for old movies and now you are demanding the review for Letters to a Stanger…. Eiwoooo! Make up your mind. I have watched LTAS but before I started reviewing movies so no can do. As for the others I have not watched them. When you send them to me I will review them 😉 LMAO

      • Pls I need help. A zimbabwan lady told me the story of a naija movie she watched and she forgot the name, I need the name of this movie: Of a lady whose family dies and she makes a vow that if by the time she was 23yrs and still suffering, dat death shld take her life. then d yr she became 23, she won a lottery and became wealthy, then an angel of death came in the form of a blind date, and impregnated her…

        Pls if anyone has watched anything relating 2d story,pls i need the name of d movie.


  7. abbiba princewill says:

    pls nolly upload figurine and nollywood hustlers dey've bng out 4 quite sometime ooh

  8. Ebere i think the name of the movie you are looking for is missing angel.

  9. You’re so interesting! I do not believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before.
    So good to discover another person with some genuine thoughts on this topic.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is one thing that is required on
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