Pleasure And Crime

Pleasure and Crime – 2011
Sequel – Last Pleasure and Crime
Story – Nonso Emekaekwue, Amaechi Ossai
Screenplay – Amaechi Ossai
Director – Nonso Emekaekwue

Tonto Dikeh – Gloria
Ini Edo – Calista
Yul Edochie – Johnson
Annie Macaulay – Stephanie
Jonathan Gana Gana – Magnus
Tobechukwu Daniel – Patrick
Rose Ofuzim – Alice
Chigozie Okolie – Detective


Pleasure & Crime

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 40%


Gloria played by Tonto Dikeh is lonely because her husband works all the time. She ends up seducing an electrician called Johnson, played by Yul Edochie that she meets when he is carrying out electrical maintenance work at Calista’s (Ini Edo) house. Stephanie played by Annie Macaulay is getting pressured to get married and when she meets Johnson she believes that he is the one, little does she know about the sordid things that he is involved in when he is not with her.

This film is in 4 parts and you can just tell that it should not be. It is very draggy and in 30 minutes not very much at all has happened and to make matters worse the music is dated and annoying.



The killings are done in such a ridiculous fashion. I was looking at my screen like REALLY THOUGH? It didn’t even make sense in him killing Stephanie as she wasn’t spending much money on him so him being found out as a cheater and being dumped would have been no big loss to him. Why kill the aunt simply because she was going to tell? I didn’t think that there was enough motive for murder. I guess that’s where the part about him being a psycho comes in, however I just didn’t believe it.


Some of the dialogue is so bogus. We have a detective come to question a mother about her missing child and the line of questioning was not believeable in any way shape or form. I got that the writer was trying to show that the detective was judging Gloria but the way in which it was done was laughable and over the top. I would call that very unintelligent writing. Show it don’t tell it.

These are some bogus lines that the detective was coming out with –

“Are you very religious? (Doesn’t give her time to answer) I mean do you attend every religious activity in the church?”

Er what? Seriously who would say that? Did she ever say that she was a Christian and secondly who attends every activity in the church even if they are regular atendees?

“Are you having an affair to the extent that you don’t give a damn about your daughter?”

How very presumptuous. What detective would come out with this? Very stupid.

Funny Scene

Johnson walked into Calista’s room and went straight psycho on her. He walked into the house without knocking or being invited and went straight up to her room to attack her. The bit that made me laugh was where he shed his boiler suit like he was built like an Adonis all the while with a psychotic grin on his face.

Tonto Dikeh

I have always liked Tonto Dikeh but her acting seems to be getting worse, although it could be the scripts and the way that she is being directed. I found that in this movie and some others before this that she was overacting and tripping over her words. It’s becoming predictable and a little annoying.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Why do people keep confronting the murderer knowing full well what he is capable of and not even with police back up? Say what? Why would you start shouting and threatening a psycho? Are you stupid?

Please tell me why in one scene are Ini’s false lashes hanging off her eyelid? Say What? and no one thought to reshoot? Eiwooo!


In a nutshell I would not recommend this movie. Whilst watching it I was reminded of the movie Pretty liars. There was a similar scenario in the sense that there were 3 friends getting mixed up with the same guy, and it was the same person that wrote and directed both movies Nonso Emekaekwue. Pretty Liars was definitely the better movie. In this one the sound, picture, music and acting were not up to the same level, it dragged on and the story was so stupid that it bordered on comical. All in all its one to watch only if you are bored.

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  1. BEYONCEH says:

    I watched this and now I ka=inda hate Yuo,,,,, serial killer,,,,

  2. Betty Boop says:

    Mebbe I'll just brozelily from now on, lol.

    I haven't seen this movie, but tonto dike.

    this girl has potential, but she is wasting it by always screaming left right and center. That is what she calls emoting. ever movie i have seen here in, she is moving her hands about left right and center, and screaming, or opening her mouth wide, or doing fake slangs.

    it is a pity because she is rather fun to watch when she is not doing any of the above things.

    and instead of acting in idiot movies and yab on about her craft, she shd be a bit selective and also work on the skills needed for acting. then she willbe right up there with OmoT and Genny and all the bigwigs. She has it in her. (or mebbe I just like her, so i think she has potential, lol).

    As for Ini – to me, she seems to be getting worse. Her best acting was in the earlier days. now? the least said the better.

    • Hey Betty, what is brozelily? A beg please tell LOL. Tonto has shown moments of brilliance in previous films. I don't know what is going on these days but I'm not as keen on her as I used to be. Hmmm as for Ini please let me not sit here and write an essay.

  3. D film was great,full of suspense,but didnt end well,d end of johnson d killer was nt shown,d end of Tonto dike's baby was nt shown,d person bhind d theft was nt shown………,dt makes d film incomplete

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