Power Of Trust

Power Of Trust

African Nigerian Movie Review
Power Of Trust ~ 2004
Story/ Screenplay – Sylvester Madu
Director – Henry Czar Ejeta
Producer – Elochukwu Anigbogu

Desmond Elliot – Richard
Ashley Nwosu – Chief Odugwu
Florence Onuma – Mrs Odugwu
Vitalis Ndubuisi – Doctor Amadi
Sylvester Madu – Smart
Ebube Nwagbo – Eva
Ejiro Okurame – Doctor
Ernest Asuzu – Tony
Remmy Ohajianya – Chief Udensi
Emilia Azuh – Eva’s mama
Vanessa Ekpo – Isabella

Themes Explored:
Marriage to solidify relationship between families
Saving Face

NollywoodForever.com Rating – 53%

Chief Odugwu played by Ashley Nwosu wants his son Richard played by Desmond Elliot to marry Rita to solidify the relationship that he has with Rita’s father. Richard protests to his parents letting them know that he has already made his own choice in Eva, played by Ebube Nwagbo but such protests are to no avail. The engagement party is planned and it is there in front of the two families that Richard collapses, all an act to put off the impending engagement. This is not enough for Richard’s family to back off, instead they continue to put pressure on this to marry Rita.


Eva’s story reminds me of Chimamandas “single story” speech. Click HERE to watch it if you do not know what I am talking about. Yes Eva was a prostitute but it doesn’t define her whole being. One may cast her aside as immoral because of those actions without actually knowing the story behind why she felt that prostitution was her only choice. Would they know that it was a one off borne out off desperation and the love of a mother. In the movie Tony said it best when he said,

“That girl is not a whore. She’s just a victim of circumstance.”

Portrayal of Drug Abuse
Oh no! See Tony with his nose in a bowl of cocaine. He just rubs his nose about a few times in the bowl and all of a sudden is so high that he falls back onto the bed writhing in pleasure. Lawdhammercy! I’ll forgive the poor portrayal because this is an old movie from 2004. It isn’t good enough but if they couldn’t get it right in 2008 they we must know that this portrayal of drug abuse is definitely going to be JACKED UP.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
How did Richie not see her child the whole time when Eva was spending so much time with him? Why did Eva not mention it, she had already told him everything else so what difference would it have made?

Why does Tony give Eva 30,000 after he already gave her the money for her body already. The whole interaction is as though he didn’t already give her the money upfront before she even got in the car. Attention to detail is vital.

I would only recommend this movie if you have depleted your stash
and have nothing left to watch. About half way through I started to get a bit fidgety because the story just wasn’t keeping me gripped to the screen. It is watchable but it’s not going to blow your mind. There was too much killing and the story felt a bit

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