Pretty Liars

Pretty Liars

Nigerian Movie Review
Pretty Liars – 2010
Story/ Screenplay – Tissy Nnachi
Director – Nonso Emekaekwue
Producer – Tissy Nnachi

Oge Okoye – Gina
Nonso Diobi – Charles
Chika Ike – Cleo
Halima Abubakar – Lisa
Tissy Nnachi – Paul
Roseline Okodute – Chioma


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 74%


Charles’ girlfriend Lisa played by Halima Abubakar believes that he works for Chevron but in reality he is a pauper who is deceiving her. He even has her believing that the friend that he squats with is his houseboy. In reality it is his friend’s uncle’s house and he is broke. Charles played by Nonso Diobi is a compulsive liar and his lies extend to other girls who also become his girlfriends. He even finds himself in a clothes shop and telling a girl that he is Ray Martin a well known stylist to the stars as well as that he owns the shop. In actuality the shop also belongs to his friend’s uncle.

Gina played by Oge Okoye is a banker who arranges girls for clients to make sure that they choose her bank to do business with. Everybody is on the hustle trying to be on the come up by using someone else, and of course it is only fitting that they all get their comeuppance. None

The outfits in this movie were absolutely horrendous and way too matchy matchy. In one scene Halima Abubakar is wearing a beige dress with a red belt, red necklace and red bangle and then to make it all the more horrendous blue claws with green eye shadow and orange hair. It was just atrocious.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
What was Charles thinking of by not wanting to give his friend a cut of the money he got? Telling the boy, “I owe u nothing absolutely nothing” after treating the boy like a houseboy for how long and using his car as if it was his own how did he think the boy was not going to mess him up? Arrant nonsense that was a classic case of someone forgetting where they have come from.

Funny Scene
Cleo played by Chika Ike is really worked up and irate. She is ready to go and do some damage to Charles but before she goes she just has to put on her yellow bangles that match her yellow earrings and her gaudy gold link belt. Na wa ooo. All I could think was millions have been stolen from your account and you are there arranging your outfit!


I would recommend this movie. The movie ended well all it all it was a thoroughly enjoyable, funny, satisfying watch that was well performed by all. The story made sense and was very well executed. I guess the moral of the story is greedy people never prosper. Charles got greedy and then even double crossed the friend that has always been there for him ending up with him having nothing. Angela Okorie is credited as Tasha but I didn’t catch sight of her at all, perhaps there was a mix up unless there is some sort of continuation.

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  1. d begining of ds film pretty liars,is GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD.pretty liars is d continuatn.,dat is why u didn't get 2 see angela.

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