Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle

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Nigerian Movie Review
Queen of the Jungle ~ 2009

(Also called THE QUEEN)
Story – Onyeka Afube
Screenplay – Ruth Kadiri
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Onyeka Afube

Olu Jacobs – Sir B
Ini Edo – Diana
Mike Ezuruonye – Onus
Ali Nuhu – Fist
John Dumelo – Brush
Kevin Uvo – Dave
Fred Ebere – Diamond
David Ihesie – Baba Okuta
Nazareth Jessey – Gloria
Eve Esin – Angela

My Rating – 63%

Onus, played by Mike Ezuruonye is part of an armed robbery gang. One day he is kidnapped while walking through some dense forest land. His kidnapper is a vagrant woman, Diana played by Ini Edo who lives there in isolation and has made the forest her home. She is menacing and has a tough and steely exterior, Onus however is able to break through her defences and seduce her. In seducing her he gains his freedom and she willingly releases him. Onus relays the story back to the rest of the gang and impressed with Diana’s bravado they elect to crown her first lady. They believe that her fearlessness and propensity for violence will make her a good fit for the team. Little do they know that her bloodthirsty ways will exceed all their expectations! Nigerian Movie

All this five minute love sef is working my nerves. Believable love stories are few and far between in Nollywood. Even if it is just lust, let us see the build up, let us see how it gets to the point where one is declaring undying love for another. In the Forest Onus seduces Diana. We do not see the seduction but we can deduce what has happened by what is said afterwards. I don’t expect to see any graphicness just how she went from trying to slash him with the knife to sexing him in a hut. How? I still don’t know. Nollywood

Onus’ wife Angela is about to give birth and has no idea that her husband is an armed robber na wa o! He lives in a house with the other gang members and explains his long absences as “business trips.” Eve Esin acted out the stabbing scene brilliantly. I thought that she was very realistic but please tell me why she got stabbed just beneth her breast and then blood started trickling from the corners of her mouth. I found that slightly odd, but then I have never seen someone get stabbed to know what actually happens. Nollywood

Another movie with Ali Nuhu as a badman, from Be Not Afraid, to Bitter Generation to 24th July to this movie all I see is miscasting issues, anyway it does not make a big impact on the movie so you can watch without fear. I would love to see Ali Nuhu playing one sweet boy in the village, that would be so much more believable to me. Nigeria

Ini Edo was great at the tough chick and she really became Diana in her entirety, from the sneers and the snarls, to the mannish walk, to the lowered slow voice and the fidgety, but sometimes extremely laid back demeanour. I totally applaud her for really embodying the character in this role. One thing I did find strange about Diana’s character was the tight tight clothes and short shorts she would wear. This was a woman that almost attacked Onus when he called her a woman in the forest. She goes from not wanting to acknowledge that she is a woman to parading around in clothes a strongly accentuate all her curves. If she really lived in a hut in the bush why was she looking so clean and fashionable? Her eyebrows were plucked and make up did. The character would have been more believable if her clothes were Tomboyish too and she didn’t wear make up.

I would recommend this movie. The storyline was fresh and the cast did a good job with it. The part 1 was a little slow, particularly the first 15 minutes failed to hold my interest, but as it progressed it got much much better. There were however a lot of unnecessary scenes that I feel they could have simply cut out all together. Before Angela gets stabbed there is a long period of nothing going on. We do not need to see someone walking for ten minutes. There is also Onus crying over his wife’s body for what seems like eternity and the party scene that that was never ending. This is all unnecessary. CUT CUT CUT! I am really impressed with Ruth Kadiri. Most of the movies she is involved in I enjoy so I’ll be on the hunt for her work in the future. I was disappointed when the movie finished as it did not really end and it was at a part where the story was getting really good. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next part to come out! Nigerian

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  1. This really made me laugh, and I quote

    "Eve Esin acted out the stabbing scene brilliantly. I thought that she was very realistic but please tell me why she got stabbed just beneath her breast and then blood started trickling from the corners of her mouth."

    Oh, even if I did not watch the movie, I can visualize this whole scene.

    Oh I'm so laughing sooo sooo much…….. oh, Nigerian movie directors, or is it the producer?

    • LOL Let us place the blame on them all because it does not matter whose idea it was… For you to not object means that you were an accomplice to NONSENSE! In saying that let whomever has seen a stabbing come and correct us if we are wrong… Maybe this is what happens? LOL

  2. It is realistic (stabbing scene). When the Iranian girl (Neda) was shot in the street, she was shot in her abdomen (i think) and then blood spilled out from every orifice in her body as she died – it's on yuotube, scarily enough.

    I've read that it happens too – you don't just bleed out of the place where a fatal wound is caused. you bleed out everywhere. So the stabbing scene is realistic.

    • Thank you anon for the clarification. I am going to go and check out the video you mentioned. Have you seen this movie?

      • No. I try to steer clear of abdul mumuni and his people. But since you say it's good, I'll make sure to check it out.

        • This one isn't Abdul and his people, or were you talking about Chelsea?

          • Ah yes, forgive me – I meant chelsea. But I'll give both this one and chelsea a try, why not.

          • Yes try them and see what you think.

          • Hey Nolly! I found this movie interesting and some scenes extremely funny. I still go back to watch some of the funny scenes.

            Ali Nuhu as a thug???? That didn't go down well with me and like you said Ini Edo really embraced the Diana character perfectly to me.

            But sincerely if you haven't seen the last part of this movie, that would be the part 4 or there about, my candid advice would be "don't bother about it". I think it would be a total waste of money and time.

            The last part of this movie just told us how Diana ended up in that forest hut with her mum. Diana happened to be the result of a rape incident. And guess who raped Diana's mum…Diana's grand-dad(her mum's dad). So her mum ran away to the forest to leave. I mean that wasn't realistic..what about Diana's grand-mum(her mother's mum), no siblings???. So even if Diana's mum ran away from the house because she was raped by her father so the best she could do for herself was settle down in a forest and beg daily?? come-on that didn't make sense. But anyways at the end of the day the gang was traced by the police and killed…only Diana escaped though she was still caught and prosecuted…

            This is what the producers where trying to make us understand then they thought making a part 4 would make sense. I mean the whole of part 4 could be wrapped under 10mins at most thereby would have been chipped into part 3 rather than more than 50mins of irrelevant scenes.

          • Nora I have seen the last bit of this movie and I agree it was a bit of a let down considering the hopes I had for it. However it was funny in parts, particularly the rivalry that diana cause between the boys and the character of Sneeze.

            As for the part about Diana's mum running away to the forest being unrealistic. I don't think so. Perhaps she felt so disgusted she wanted to hide herself away. Lots of times in child abuse cases the victims don't tell anyone. They are scared of not being believed which does happen at times.

  3. cannot wait to watch this one hi hi new excited movies at last

  4. I finally watch this movie but ini 's character sucks,she over did it that she mess it up and Mike had no backbone in the movie GOOD MOVIE AND CHARACTER GONE BAD

  5. The movie was very slow and annoying at first, but like you said, it became much better as it progressed…

    I don't know if it's just me but i found the movie to be quite funny too like the dude that was always saying "The lord is good" and then they'd tell him to shut up…

    Or how Ali nuhu was always fighting with that other guy who would always say "Una life dey my hand" and so on…LMAO!!! I just found some scenes hilarious!!

    Over all, flaws and all, i loved the movie and ur review once again, is on point mi dear…

    Later luv!!


  6. dalea 3 says:

    i liked this movie but found the language a little offensive and i am not a prude

  7. I’ve been reading your blogs each after I watched an Africa movie to see what you have to say. But I must say your rating for this movie is way off. This movie does not deserve the rating you gave it. This is one of the stupidest movies I’ve ever watched despite some great actress/actors in it. Actually, I did not even finish watching Part I. If you can hold audience attention in part one what makes them think people will be watching the continuation? I am sorry, my rating for this movie is 5%

    • I actually enjoyed it… I can see where you are coming from but alot of it was too funny and I love to laugh. Wow 5% I cannot agree with you there.

  8. nwanyiOwerri says:

    Watching movies requires as they say "a suspension of disbelief". This movie required me to suspend on my higher level brain functions. A jungle girl with a tight perm? wearing clean modern clothes? Ali Nuhu as a thug? Ok that last one killed it for me. I must confess I did not get past the first 40 minutes.

  9. Movie was okay. It was hard to get into. Finger was on the fast forward button. Then the movie became rushed. In part 3 it got really exciting and intense then in four I felt like it ran out of script. The ending was bad. It was horrible, she turn herself into the police the end no more queen of the jungle. What? Through out movie there were too many parts that were drawn out like you said. And a lot of the conversation with the gang member were were inaudible I couldn't understand it. The movie was just okay, yes it was unoriginal but lacked quality and was not well developed. Time should have been spent with character development and conflicts, not gang members running in the forest and getting killed.

    • I see the flaws in it but I liked it because it had a great script… in terms of the dialogue and it had some really funny parts. I liked Diana's character but certain things did not make sense for real… The plucked eyebrows the permed hair, the clothes.

  10. Did not like it.

  11. Wait u guyz 4got 2 mention d fact dat d jungle gal can speak queens english although she attended jst pri schl nd reads book…..d movie is jst hillarious…..i hate d fact dat dey all wnt down @ d end

  12. pliz could you help me with the theme song I like that background song

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