Rain Drop

Rain Drop

Nigerian Movie Review
Rain Drop – 2011
Sequel – Every Woman
Story – Chinweuba Nneji
Screenplay – Ruth Kadiri
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Chiweuba Nneji

Ini Edo – Barbara
John Dumelo – Prince
Artus Frank – Lover
Ruth Kadiri – Becca
Uche Dili – Melissa
Omalicha Chuks – Derick
Benson Okonkwo – John
Collette Nkem Orji – Zara
Uchenna Nnanna – Ify
Amaka Igwebuike – Rita
Precious Kalu – queen

Childlessness and Fertility
Gender Roles

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 50%

Derrick played by Omalicha Chuks and his wife Melissa played by Uche Dili are having problems conceiving and it is the root of all their arguments with each one blaming the other. The prince too played by John Dumelo has issues concerning the same thing. He is being pressured into having children, as his wife, played by Ini Edo and he are childless after years of marriage. He is visited by the elders of his community to ask why he and his wife have not yet had a child. The Igwe is concerned that there will not be an heir.


I liked the stylistic touch at the beginning with the raindrop effects during the credits. That was nice and very appropriate considering the title.

I have said it a million times before and I will say it again: 10 minutes dancing scenes are overkill and make your viewer turn off quick. We can get the point in a fraction of the time! There were a few of those in the movie and were completely unnecessary to move the plot along.

Ini Edo
Ini Edo looks trim and skin is flawless. She looked darker than usual in this movie. Did anyone else notice that. I’m not crazy about her acting. It was too affected and predictable with the eye squinting and lip biting.

Childlessness and Fertility
Childlessness is the root of all Derrick and Melissa’s arguments. In one scene Derrick barks at Melissa,

“Do you know how many women I impregnated in school?”

Wow this is the way a man proves to his woman that he is fertile. Oh how impressive. Not. Childlessness is always blamed on the woman. It must be noted that this particular woman already has a child from a previous relationship, so it would make more sense in this instance for the fault to lay with the man, but oooh nooo not in Nollywood.

In another scene after the Prince’s mother has put pressure on him to produce a child he tells his wife,

“When a woman wants a child she does something. Do something.”

What kind of nonsense is that? Is she making the child on her own? Why doesn’t he do something?

The Role of a Woman in Marriage
We see the Princes’ mother say to Barbara the prince’s wife and her son when she sees that she has come in from day’s work at the office,

“We have more pressing issues to worry about than sticking yourself behind an office desk. Prince why did you allow it?”

Is it a tradition thing perhaps because Prince’s family are royalty? His mother does not consider the fact that Barbara is an London School of Economics graduate. She says that she can find things for her to do in the palace if she is bored.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
How does the woman have the nerve to show up at her married boyfriend’s house unannounced after she was already caught shamelessly in bed with him? Say what? Mad woman.

Why is Becca’s stepfather looking her age? Intentional or miscasting issue?

I would recommend the movie if you have nothing better doing. It was definitely watchable, the cast acted their roles well but the execution wasn’t tight enough. I found myself watching and wondering what the point of it all was. I was a little disappointed as I had expected way more. By the end of part 1 virtually nothing had happened. There needs to be better editing in Nollywood. The Part 2 too slow with too many long drawn out scenes with no dialogue and not much happening. I expect that it may pick up more in part 3 and 4.


UPDATE: Since I’ve now watched the part 3 and 4 I decided to add this on the end with my observations and an amednment of the rating from 53% to 50%:

I thought that the ages were all effed up. Lover is Becca’s father? Hmm yeah ok. She is 19. He looks about 30. How does that work out? The mama effed with him when he was about 11? We find out in the movie that Artus was 13 when he has something to do with her mother. Erm ok so how old was she? Sounds so unrealistic. I wasn’t buying it at all. They were doing too much to try and make the storyline plausible and it just wasn’t.

So after all the drama Becca wants Barbara to keep the baby? On what planet does that make sense? They do not even know when she is getting out of prison! Then after Barbara is released from jail she comes comes bowling through the compound sashaying her hips as if she is doing catwalk. Na wa ooo this is stupitity.

We never find out what the future holds for Becca and Lover. Why is Barbara’s not mentioned after the release from jail. Fine actors but the story was poorly executed. Even after watching 4 whole parts I just felt like I had wasted my life away.

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  1. Betty Boop says:

    what happened to

    watch, most definitely and all the other categories?

    • Hey betty the categories are on the right hand side but I'm trying to figure out a way to put them along the top bar. Ill see what I can do tomorrow.

      • Betty Boop says:


        btw, you just got yourself a twitter follower, me lol.

      • Well, the script was miss interpreted. Mayb cos of rush or directors fault. Well, Derick is supposed to be married to a sugar mummy who is monalisa. So the whole ideal of him looking a similar age with becca wld not have come in if the story was well intertreted.

  2. collette orji says:


  3. collette orji says:

    Hmmm, what a tour! I think you have helped us and as well helped every lover of nollywood movies. I for one, am attached to this site and its really good,yeah…I also smiled and twisted a little, noting how nollywoodforever spends quality time, watching, on and on and making sure she’s up to date on as many nollywood movies as she can…good job on the site…trust me I love starting with the BIN IT Section.

    Fly then

  4. I don't know about anyone else but this Artus Frank is one of those actors that I can't really gel with- I think it is a good thing he was not paired with Ini Edo here otherwise this movie would have been a complete disaster

  5. watch out 4 d part3 and 4 of ds movie EVERY WOMAN

  6. Every woman' waste of time and money.Nolly wat do u think?

    • I think that it was better than the first part and the story really got going. With that being said the story was all over the place and there was no clear focus.

    • ruth kadiri says:

      amaka"everywoman is a waste of time and money, nolly what do you think" jezze are you kiddind me?

      if everywoman is a waste of time and money… send me your account number ill refund you.

  7. ruth kadiri says:

    my dearest friend amaka, ill recomend you wacth, royal fighter and ladies men.hhhhh, dont panic, if its also a waste of time add it to the bill…

  8. Ruth i think evryone is entitled 2 their opinion,and if u think of Everywoman differently no big deal.as 4 d ac no. I dnt need d money tnks.

  9. Am so disapointed in dis movie,i thought ruth kadiri was an excellent scriptwriter wit movies like mad sex and sincerity.I just wasted my money.Thumbs down ruth

    • I think that she is an excellent scriptwriter. When I see her name I am happy because I am usually not disappointed, however this was not the one.

  10. GigiChiny says:

    In this movie, John Dumelo played the "cool, arrogant, somewhat aloof" prince very well. I loved him in this role.

    Performance-wise, John, Ini and Ruth stood out for me.

    Thanks, Nolly for the review. 🙂

  11. ruth kadiri says:

    what is happening to you? where you been? you go maternity leave? lol

    • Hi Ruth,

      I am touched that you missed me. I have been sunning it up on the caribbean drinking rum from sunrise and enjoying myself fabulously. However I did not forget Nollywood and the show must go on ya heard!

  12. I need all the music in the sound track of this move. …..RAIN DROP

  13. Guyz what is the name of the soundtrack of this movie plz help

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