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  Nigerian Movie Review
Ransom ~ 2005

Story – Aquila Njamah
Screenplay – Aquila Njamah, Deji Arosho
Director – Aquila Njamah
Producer – Azuka Odunukwe

Patience Ozokwor – Anne
Jerry Amilo – James
Segun Arinze – Mofe
Dakore Egbuson – Gloria
Oby Edozie – Thelma
Victor Esezobor – Henry
Mc Basket Mouth – Bank Manager

Blackmail Nigerian Movie
Kidnap Nigerian Movie
Karma in Nollywood

My Rating – 77%

Anne and James’ son Henry is kidnapped by a couple Mofe and Gloria, in return for a debt owed by James. They demand a ransom of 15 million from James but their efforts are foiled when instead of bringing the money to the kidnappers James calls the police instead. The kidnappers avoid detection by the police but are at odds as to why Anne and James would put their only son’s life in jeopardy like that over the sum of 15 million Naira, an amount that they can clearly easily afford. Some swift detective work unearths a barrage of secrets and it is clear that the original plan must be aborted and a new course of action undertaken, one involving espionage and blackmail. Nigerian Movie


I knew this was an old movie simply because it was a Ulzee production and featuring the likes of Dakore, Segun and Oby, who I have not seen in a Nigerian movie in a long while. My dealer tried her hardest to persuade me that it was definitely new. She probably thought that I believed her because I didn’t protest and I bought it. Truth is it was just one that I wanted to watch. I imagined that when it first came out it was sold in one part and would have been half the price I paid, but of course now it was split into two, nevertheless I am glad that I bought it. Nigerian Movie

Why did Mofe and Gloria concentrate their efforts on blackmailing James about his affair as opposed to simply turn the ransom demand into Anne since she was the one with all the money? Was it much more than them needing the money? I know that it was James that they wanted to get the money from but if they needed it that badly wouldn’t his wife have been fair game since any money that they did get from him would have been hers anyway? Nigerian Movies

In the part of the movie where James drugged Anne to get her to sign a cheque I didn’t understand why he went to such lengths. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to forge the signature, as if she is barely able to open her eyes how true to her normal signature will the drugged one be? Plus if she is drugged she may not remember signing the cheque the next day so even if she is called for verification she will deny signing the cheque. Nollywood

I couldn’t stop laughing when James, played by Jerry Amilo called his wife Anne, played by Patience Ozokwor, “An old chick.” Haba! It was not as if he were a spring chicken himself. Nollywood


We definitely see the repercussions of Karma with James getting Mugu’d by Thelma, played by Oby Edozie. It was good to see him get his comeuppance. The same way Anne was the old chick he was using, he became the old man that was getting used. Thelma slipped away so swiftly, but of course she had to get her comeuppance too! Nigeria

I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it. Good to see Dakore, Patience and Segun together. The story was simple, concise and well told. It was a feel good movie that ended superbly (something that is becoming so rare in Nollywood) and the cast did a good job. Nigeria

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    • This movie was very good and no it was not cheaper that it was it was more expensive because they split it into too…

  2. Ralphina says:

    I'm going to search for this movie. I've been a little skeptical about Dakore's acting skills. They're not horrible, but not fantastic either. Although, I'm always happy to see her on screen with her locks (I have them too!), I couldn't help wondering….is she a rising star in nollywood because she has a beautiful face or can she really act? The roles I've seen her in so far, have been…well, okay I guess. Her performances have been average, but then again she takes average roles in average movies.

    On another point, I'm disappointed to Dakore wearing wigs more often in her roles. The photo cover of this movie is an example. Nothing against wigs, but it is nice to see some diversity in style. I've always appreciated Dakore for her contribution in showing a different look.

    • I think the reason you may be sceptical about Dakore's skills is because she is such a natural you assume she is just playing herself. A bit like Tupac in Gridlockd and Juice. He was excellent but many wern't impressed because they said he was just being himself.

      I would be interesting to see her in more diverse roles but then we may not get the chance to as it seems as if she has bowed out of this acting thing altogether.

      As for the locks thing… I agree I don't think they should ever cover up her head with wigs because the wigs look awful and there are no other women in the industry with locks so let her represent!

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