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Reloaded ~ 2009
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Emem Isong, Bola Aduwo, Nse-Ikpe Etim
Directors – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, Ikechukwu Onyeka

Ramsey Noah – Femi
Desmond Elliot – Osita
Rita Dominic – Chelsea
Stephanie Okereke – Weyinmi
Ini Edo – Tayo
Van Vicker – Bube
Uche Jombo – Tracy
Nse-Ikpe Etim – Omoze
Mona Lisa Chinda – Abbey
Enyinna Nwigwe – Edwin
Mbong Amata (nee Odungide) – Nira
Temisan Isioma Etsede – Otis
Emeka Duru – Gabriel
Princess Anazodo – Bube’s Mum
Ahmed Aitity – Shola
Martha Iwoo – Ifeyinwa
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Doctor

Themes Explored:
Revenge in Nigeria
Karma Nigeria
Desperation Nigerian Movie
Betrayal In Nigerian Movies
Infidelity in Nollywood
Family Pressure in Nollywood
Societal Pressure in Nollywood
Abortion Nigerian Movies

My Rating: 93%

Bube and Weyinmi played by Van and Stephanie have been together for seven years and are living together as an unmarried couple. Weyinmi wants to get married and she thinks that Bube does too, but every time the marriage issue comes up he postpones their plans, claiming that it is not the right time. Will he ever marry her?

Femi and Omoze are married but Femi has a wandering eye and cannot seem to remain faithful. Omoze is relentless is trying to keep her man to herself. Will he ever be faithful to her?

Tayo is a battered wife. Amongst her friends she is constantly making excuses for her husband Osita. He, however seems to take great joy in humiliating and beating his wife. Can he change his ways?

Rita plays Chelsea the replacement presenter for a TV Talk Show, and in turn the narrator for the movie which is based around an episode in the talk show about different women’s relationships and the games men play in them. Her relationship appears to be the only one without issues, but is it really what it appears to be on the surface?


Tayo knows that her husband Osita is jealous and possessive. One day she dresses up in a skimpy outfit and comes to parade it for her husband. Despite seeing the look of disapproval on his face, she twirls around and asks him,

“How do I look?”

If I knew Tayo in real life I would wonder why you are twirling around with half your nyash out in front of a man that has beat the living daylight out of you for lesser offences. She knows the drill, yet every time she is abused she seems surprised. In response to her twirling he replies,

“Loose as usual. You look like a very cheap whore.”

Tayo looks shocked and upset by his words. Upset I can understand, shocked No.

We see how Tayo has ended up in her marriage as a result of family pressure. She tells her friend,

“To think when I was a single girl. All my parents could think about was marriage… Now look at me I am a punching bag.”

Her statement is candid and makes you think about the importance of not bowing down to societal/ familial pressure against your own desires. After all only we live our own lives. We see Tayo’s sorry state. She is married and unhappy. Her self esteem has been seriously knocked and her husband will not let her take on a job which means she has no financial independence.

Ini Edo does a great job as Tayo. There is a scene where she tries to break up with Osita. She conveys the emotion of a heartbroken woman who has reached breaking point well. Her tears feel real, and the scene is only slightly marred by the over the top sound effects of Osita beating her.

Ramsey Noah plays Femi a smooth Lover Boy. Not only is he smooth but his character is very funny and shameless too. After he is caught cheating, instead of being apologetic he tells his wife, Omoze,

“You go around running like a mad dog. You could win an award for being the best nag and tout… Sorry? What for?”

Omoze is busy chasing off some of the many women that he is philandering with, going as far as to kidnap one woman and to take her back to their home and beat her. Her anger seems misplaced to me. Was it the woman that vowed to be loyal to you? Or was it your roving husband? Why is she more vengeful to the woman? Why do some women do this?

After Femi loses his job because of Omoze turning up at his work and causing a ruckus, by beating up his boss, suspecting her of being a girlfriend, he threatens to leave her. Omoze refuses that as even being an option, vowing to protect her marriage with her blood.

Nse Ikpe is an intense actress. You will believe that she loves this man with every drop of her blood. She does desperate and exasperated very very well. Even during the comic scenes she does not falter.

Weyinmi is pregnant, and after being in the relationship with Bube for 7 years on announcing her pregnancy is told by Bube,

“It’s unfortunate the time is not right for me… We have to do the right thing.”

The right thing for Bube means an abortion. Weyinmi has already had 5 abortions and does not want to have another, but feeling that she has no alternative she appeases bube by going ahead with a 6th abortion. The question has to be asked, what man is going to respect want to marry a woman that can be persuaded by a man to abort 6 times against her will? This is the same kind of woman that will let her children be abused by a man or adopt out her children on a man’s say so.

Everybody has different breaking points and Weyinmi reaches hers when Bube gets another woman pregnant and plans on marrying her. It is at the end of part one when she finds the hidden wedding invited in their room that she crumbles and realises that her whole life with Bube has been a lie.

Family pressure comes into yet another situation in that Bube’s mother tells Omoze that he must marry this girl as he cannot jeopardise their long standing family relationship with the girl’s parents.

We also see that a man will stay with the “wrong” woman indefinitely without the commitment of marriage. He will string her along, but at the same time will marry the “right” woman on a whim. Bube is ready to accept the other girl’s pregnancy but threatened Omoze that if she kept the baby he would have nothing to do with them both. Uselessness.

In the end the women get revenge for all the games their men have played with them. Weyinmi orchestrates the kidnapping of Bube on the day of his wedding to the other woman. She takes him to a warehouse, taunts him and threatens to cut off his manhood. Femi loses not only his job but his house too when Omoze somehow transfers the deeds to the house into solely her name effectively making him homeless.

The way that Tayo’s story ends has the best twist in the entire movie. I did not see it coming at all… completely unpredictable. Osita begins an affair with a pretty young thang. His behaviour towards his wife becomes even more disgisting as he flaunts his mistress in public, not caring whether his wife is around or not. The PYT seduces him in his office, stripping him and then leaving him in the bathroom, telling him that she is going to fetch condoms.

His bosses find him in the buff and he is disgraced in front of the whole committee. He is sacked and goes home from worked distressed and angered. His anger is only to be exacerbated when he finds out that the PYT called Nira is in fact his wife’s cousin. This is my most favourite scene in the movie. Tayo regains her power and when Osita makes the move to attack her; for once she fights back. Tayo and Nira give him a good beating. It is a triumphant moment.

Chelsea’s relationship with Edwin has been consistent throughout the movie. He is heralded as the perfect man. He is handsome, romantic, thoughtful, caring and the couple appear to be happy. In the end we see Rita catching him in bed with Steven (the white guy from Osita’s office). When caught by Chelsea tells her, “This isn’t what it seems.” But seriously what else can it be? Dude is having homosexual relationships. It just goes to show that you never know what lies beneath the façade of perfection. The guy that appeared to be the most virtuous gave us the biggest shock in terms of behaviour.

I love this movie… However there must always be criticisms (well most times anyway). I feel that putting in the random white guy, Steven was a mistake. He cannot act to save his life, so why was he there? He was very wooden and unconvincing, and made me cringe. I also felt that the movie would have benefitted from perhaps erasing the narrator. The whole talk show storyline was not needed. Uche was unnecessary and didn’t fit the role of a talk show host. Mona Lisa’s two second appearance as the original talk show host approving the new talk show host was pointless too. Maybe she didn’t want to be in the film but just wanted her face on screen momentarily, or perhaps she was originally involved more but those scenes were done away with. Who knows?

The end scenes based in the TV studios were a disappointment and anticlimax. Although the individual stories were wrapped up neatly in terms of letting the viewer know how each woman was doing after the break ups, the execution was messy. We had all the women come onto the TV show and give their story. This was a bit boring and slow. The same stories could have been told in a fraction of the time.

Overall it was a stellar effort from all those involved (bar the Steve character). It was paced well, gripping and on the whole wonderfully executed. The scenes flow well and it ends satisfactorily, in terms of there are no gaping holes and unanswered questions as is so often the case. You feel satisfied as the viewer, and even though the dancing at the end was kind of weird and didn’t necessarily fit in, you feel so good after watching this movie that you want to go and find a pink suit and join in the dancing too!

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  1. Excellent movie i only had a problem with monalisa's 5 second appearance.I loved everyone in this movie but THe best for me was Ramseh GOD he was simply amazing usually i have critique for him no matter how good but not this time he was flawless. My best part was the bit where he tries to hide the girl from Nse it was hilarious and flawlessly executed. I also think the screen play was well done very smart and witty really loved it.

  2. Emem Isong says:

    Nice review and quite objective. Errors are all noted. We will strive to better next time.

  3. i loved d movie…but games men play will alwaz knock me off my feet…i'm curious though if nse acts movies or just into production…she was my fav…keep up d gud work!!!

  4. nollywoodforever says:

    Nse was acting in this movie so she is an actress too…
    Thanks for coming by Emem.

  5. Nse(Ramsey's wife) was soo cool in this film. I totally adore her.
    The film was nicely directed n a lovely theme as well
    one thing I didnt enjoy was that every lady got divorced.

    I dont want to ever be divorced in ma life even though its a common thing

  6. i am really impressed by the strides taken by Nigerians in the local movies. i is really impressive and i am happy. please go on with what is right.

  7. Nolly I wonder why you failed to mention Stephanie's stellar performance. I think she did a phenomenal job in the movie.

  8. nollywoodforever says:

    Yeah she did give a great performance, but so did practically everybody!

  9. artsville says:

    Nice review. Perhaps the best I have read and this movie has sure received many. Maybe because you share most of my sentiments. I really thought the movie would have worked better without the narration bit or think the narration didn't work because Rita didnt do a good job. If you have seen Games men play, Kate was fantastic as narrator. And yes, that white guy,hmmmmm…….

    Keep up doing this Sista!

  10. I have heard good things about this movie o but it i so scarce in Abuja, it's like someone bought up all the copies, methinks they need to work on their distribution.

  11. Nolly,
    I must commend you for very good reviews. I also love the way Emem took the review, she promised to make it better next time. All the stars did an excellent job in the movie. In a nut shell I love this movie and It dealt with the facts of life.

  12. nollywoodforever says:

    Thanks Jumoke! I try…

  13. Thumbs up to the writer… I enjoyed this movie greatly. Lol!! I am still rolling on the floor laughing when Tayo kicked the living day out of her stupid husband. She said
    " Hey! Osita did u did say hey! betta closed that big mouth of yours before a big flie fly into it… Mr romantic!!! " Lol. That girl Nse can act, very talented. I thought she was an up n coming artist until I read an interview of her that she's just been off screen for years now. And now that she's back she is one of my favorites. I can't wait to watch 'Guilty Pleasure'. Quick Nollywood give us some spoilers on this movie too, I found the preview very interesting. Majid-Nse hmm, another strong combo.

  14. Also I read that they're going to do another script called "Another game men play". I don't know who wrote this script on that one, but what kind of Stupid title is this.

  15. nollywoodforever says:

    Linda sorry ooo I dont have any spoilers for Guilty Pleasures… I'm waiting for it to come out too!

    As for this "Another of games men play" you are right, what stoooopid ass title… If it sounds like an illiterate named it what hope can there really be for it? I think I'ma leave that one alone til I hear some feedback from someone who has watched it.

  16. Do you have an idea when guilty pleasures will be released? I had thought when I saw the trailer, that the release date would be advertised as well but alas no. Just one more area producers need to work on I reckon.

  17. nollywoodforever says:

    I'm sure it will be out soon but I don't know when!

  18. I have to agree with SG, Steph had the toughest role. She had to switch emotion where it was needed. Kudos to her she pulled it off brillantly. When she kidnapped Van, torturned him and poured her hurt out to him, you couldn't help but feel for her. I loved the movie, i hope they all keep getting better.
    My first time of seeing Nse, and God did she make me love her instantanteously, she was phenomenal. Her acting is so natural and spot-on. I'm watching out for her in bursting out. Ramsey role wasn't anything new, nothing really was sensational about him so moving on….
    Ini what can i say, she hasn't change much in her mannerism, her approach and character depiction; she's yet to wow me.
    Van, the acting classes is desperately needed
    Rita, she really wasn't in this movie because the others totally out-played her
    Dessy, he was ok
    Uche narrating the story terrible. I think Rita and Uche should have changed roles. Loved Uche in GMP as the virtues wife, now that she did very well.
    Overall, the movie is a keeper, one you can always go back to when you feel bored and needing something to excite you.
    80% rating is nice.

  19. I watch that movie just for less than 24 minutes …i want to get the copy of it to watch it and enjoy it …but i can notice that in south africa there is no copy at all of new realese of nigerian movie…but I can just say that you got great talent and i appreciate your review…vas y ma cherie(go on girl)

  20. I loved reloaded and Nse was the stand out performance for me. Ramsey was also excellent…he's actually grown a lot as an artiste. I wish they edited outh the narrator scenes and talk show scenes….u're so right about the white dude-can't act at all!!!
    Emem, keep up the good work-my apologies, I re edited my copy and took out lot of unnecessary scenes, so my copy is tight, short and very interesting….lol. I have a lot of friends come over to watch it but Inever lend it out.
    BTW, I do the redeiting thing with a lot of Naija movies cos that's the only way its rewatchable for me. The only movies I never redited are Cindy's notes, Keeping Faith and Letters to a stranger.

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