Ropes Of Fate

Ropes Of Fate

Nollywood Nigerian Movie Review

Ropes Of Fate ~ 2010
Also called ROPES OF FAITH
Story/ Screenplay – Joy Onyeson
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Producer – Izuchukwu Okeke

Tonto Dikeh – Miriam
Mike Ezuruonye – Samuel
Pat Ede – Felly
Abraham Madubuko – Chief Peters
Chidimma Aneke – Chichi
Uchenna Nnanna – Juliet
Tonia Obieze – Prisca
Ruby Orjiakor – Ann
Chinyere Nwaude – Dr Cynthia

Societal Pressure
Gender Roles

My Rating – 42%

Miriam, Tonto Dikeh and her husband Chief Peters, Abraham Madubuko have two young daughters. Her husband is much older than she is and they appear incompatible. He is not at all pleased with her seeming penchant for partying in preference to staying home and carrying out her “wifely” duties. Miriam has a life away from her marital home. She spends her free time frolicking with a young man called Samuel, played by Mike Ezuruonye. Little does Miriam know that the same way she is keeping secrets from her husband, so is Samuel keeping secrets from her.


The beginning of the movie is way too slow to hold ones attention. In the first scene we see the family sitting around a table eating and then next a work meeting. It is quite drawn out, boring and your attention may easily be diverted.

Perception of what a wife should be
“How can a married woman dress like you?”

Miriam is asked by her sister Chioma as she sits on the sofa reading a book and wearing a short dress. The question is, should a woman change her mode of dressing simply because she is married?

Miriam tells her sister,

“I am comfortable and I’m at home.”

She has a valid point. She is at home and besides, is it really anyone’s business? Her husband too has an issue with her dressing at another point asking her, after she enters the house from and afternoon out shopping wearing a mini skirt,

“How can a mother of two kids dress the way that you are dressed?”

Chief’s comment made me laugh because there are 3 points to consider in his observation:

1) Did he not meet her dressed in the way that she was? Did he think she would suddenly change once he put a ring on it or impregnated her?
2) Her dress was probably one of the factors that enticed you.
3) It is not like she works so by continuously giving her money to go shopping Chief is in effect encouraging the way that she dresses.

Societal Pressure
When Sam dies his to be bride Chichi, played by Chidimma Aneke is more concerned with the fact that she didn’t have the opportunity to get married as opposed to lamenting the fact that her life partner is no more. She wails, “Why didn’t he die a week after our wedding.” Instead of grieving for the human life that is being lost she grieves over the loss of the title MRS from her name. This is a profound scenario in that the pressure from society can be so much that some women will behave and think just as Chichi did.

Nollywood Forever Says WHAT?
One thing I wondered was why after Miriam catches Chichi in the hotel rooom with Samuel and seems so devasted at the time we never see the two friends discuss the matter. The next scene we see they are seemingly at ease with each other and the situation is never brought up. I thought that this was very very strange. There was no argument, no discussion, nothing. I did not find that realistic at all.

Another thing that I found to be a little unrealistic was the change in Miriam after she turns to Christ after her husband’s death. I understand that sometimes change is sudden particularly where one has a life changing experience such as death, but for me the whole change did not ring true.

The smaller daughter was not a natural actress at all. She should have been better directed or they should have picked another kid to take her place. In one scene Miriam is talking to her daughter and the little girl is not even looking at her mother, she is staring to thin air as though she is blind.

Return of the pink dot
1 hour and 2 minutes into the movie and that dreaded pink dot that was plaguing Tchidi Chikere’s movies appears. Just when we thought it had gone for good it seems that this awful camera has been recycled.

I would not recommend this movie. It did not seem to have any clear direction and alot of it was quite boring. The message they were trying to convey (and not very well might I add) were that, with God anything is possible AND always appreciate what you have because it can be taken from you at any moment. I cannot fault the acting, Mike, Tonto and Chidimma tried to work it but the script was lacking and the storyline and execution was overwhelmingly underwhelming. The whole thing was just rather… BLEURRRGH!

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  1. Needed this, (been down).

    I definately won't see this movie,not encouraging at all.

    Plus lmao at d smaller kid looking lost/like she blind.

  2. i actually think this is an old film..i don't think it was done in 2010…i might be wrong but tonto and most of the cast looked young…tonto's face was different, and her lips were not dark. like i said…i might be wrong. nolly have u seen any of the "hyped" movies so far? ije, memories of my heart, holding hope, bursting out/loose?

    • Nope none of them! Bursting out is being premiered here in London on the 29th, so after that may not even be til Christmas til it hits the market stalls.

  3. ok just have to retrac tmy statement…i now know it's not old cuz i saw the tattoo on her neck and the one on her leg..she looks good in this movie compared to the ones i've been seeing her in…even mike looks young, and tonto's friend with the big lips…sorry don't know her name.

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