Royal Grace

Royal Grace Nigerian Movie Review

(Part 3 &4 to Royal Wealth)
Date of Release: 2011
Story – George Edmund
Screenplay – Emeka Amakeze
Director – Ikenna Emma Aniekwe
Producer – George Edmund

Mercy Johnson – Emem
Van Vicker – Lance
Paul Sambo – Cheta
Joyce Kalu – Jane
Esther Audu – Adaobi
Dolphin Innocent – Mario
Ed Nnasor – Akunna


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 57%


Her Royal Highness Emem played by Mercy Johnson is being blackmailed by Lance (Van Vicker), her husband Cheta’s (Paul Sambo) business associate. She not only ends up giving him large sums of money but also sleeping with him at his whim. The prince is also being defrauded by Lance in fraudulent business deals. A maid in the palace inadvertently finds out about the shenanigans in the palace and is compelled to confess to the prince. The outcome brings about a whirlwind of consequences.


I really like Paul Sambo, not only is he, attractive and well-spoken but he also interpreted the role effectively. I hope to see more of him. Mercy as usual was on point and Van Vicker was solid. He isn’t my favourite but he did an ok job. Esther Audu is one to watch out for. I have seen her in a lot of films lately and she is not bad at all. Would like to see her get away from the sex kitten roles though and show us her true range.

The Story/ Screenplay

The relationship between Lance and Adaobi did not come across as realistic at all. The bit where Lance was thinking to himself out loud and talking about how he had fallen in love with Adaobi was just FAKE FAKE FAKE. The fact that it had to be spelt out highlighted to me that a good job was not done in showing it. Show don’t tell is always a good motto to stick to when scripting. I liked the fact that it was not immediately apparent why Lance was blackmailing the princess and why she has to agree over and over again to sleep with him. This added to the build-up and tension and gripped me as a viewer to want to know more.


The sound was a bit flaky in places and not consistent. Even within the same scene you can hear one person speaking low and then one speaking high when they should be the same volume.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Can you imagine that after someone has saved your life you are saying to them “I command you to get my phone.” Say What? My friend commot!


This movie is actually the part 3 and 4 to Royal Wealth that I did not watch. I only found out at the beginning of part 2 while watching the previews. Nevertheless I was able to figure out what had happened. I would recommend this movie. It was watchable, had some good moments where tension was built up that kept me glued to my screen, but then it also had some parts that had me shaking my head with bemusement. Not bad.

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  1. D. C. Tolbert says:

    Love your movies. Van Vickers is my favorite actors. Just trying to figure out which way to purchase the movies. My first purchase was done with credit card. There was no problem. However when I try to purchase with Paypal, I had lots of problem!

  2. I jst luv everything about d movie, apart 4rum were emem ask d police to arrest cheta for paying lance to kill her, Wat abt all she as don to cheta nd cheta still luv her more dan him self?, anyway it;s just a story but well interpreted i most say, MARCY my babe always nd PAUL he ΐƨ jst too much will love to see d both of dem together again.

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