Royal Lust

Royal Lust

Royal Lust African Movie Review

(Continuation to Royal Crisis)
Story – Chiejina Ephraim
Screenplay – Nkem Alu
Director – Chiejina Ephraim
Producer – Chiejina Ephraim, Susan Ezeuzo

Livinus Nnochiri – Igwe
Mike Ezuruonye – Onochi
Nuella Njubigbo – Omali
Patience Ozokwor – Mazalu
John Paul Nwadike – Efuru
Susan Ezeuzo – Chioma
Vivian Reinl – Sonia


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 59%


In Royal Lust we see Prince Onochi, played by Mike Ezuruonye return to the Palace from the UK with his British fiancée Sonia (Vivian Reinl). Chioma (Susan Ezeuzo) is his sister’s friend and the girl that he left behind, promising to wed on his return. She is devastated that she has been jilted and is determined to win him back. His sister Omali and father too are totally against this new relationship, finding Sonia to be ill mannered, it remains to be seen if their relationship can survive the odds.

Royal Crisis (Part 1 and 2)

I got the feeling that what I watched was part 3 and 4 to something else. There are flashbacks to when the Queen was alive and talk of her arranging a kidnapping. At the end of part 1 I find out that indeed there was a part 1 and 2 called Royal Crisis. It would definitely have been worth watching even with Vivian Reinl’s over the top, rubbish accent and bad acting. The preview looked interesting enough.


Susan Ezeuzo is a useless actress. Watching her fake cry was pitiful and painful. No doubt she had a stake in the film since she was co-producer and demanded she be in the movie. She is not someone I would care to see on my screen again. Nuella Njubigbo and Mike Ezuruonye were on top form. Vivan Reinl playing a British girl and being so obviously Naija was a HOTASS MESS, but at the same time very comical. She was dipping from a fake American accent to an over the top Eliza Doolittle English accent. You have to hear it to believe how bad it was. She is a very pretty girl but her weave too was dreadful. She had tracks just stuck on the head with no hair over them to cover. The scriptwriters were also responsible for messing up her character as her speech as a supposed British girl was sooo Nigerian. British girls don’t speak the way she did. There were far too many Nigerianisms.

Believability Factor

Why when a Prince (or even just a regular guy for that matter) brings back a chick from abroad is she always so razz? Nigerians act like foreign girls have no sense of decorum, or sense full stop! Who in the hell would go to someone’s parent’s house, let alone a freaking palace and be chewing chewing gum like a wild animal? This was the character of Sonia. It was bizarre because the rest of the time she would be acting pretty normally then randomly they have her walking around the palace with the king and casually throwing “shit” and “gotdamn” into her sentences. This didn’t go with her character, but then again her character was very one dimensional.

The whole scenario was not realistic especially her looking surprised that the king asked her not to use such foul language. Why would she be surprised? Who even talks to their parents like that let alone somebody else’s parents? In reality even someone like Kelly Osbourne, who is known for swearing around her parents would be on her best behaviour if going to meet her Prince boyfriend’s parents. It would have made more sense if words like “shit” casually slipped out when she was talking to her boyfriend and the king just happened to be within earshot, but not to be talking about a serious subject like the development of Africa with a king and using that language was just unbelievable.


Memorable Lines

Chioma says to Omali when she invites her to the palace to hang around,

“Save me the preaching. I’m too expensive to plead for your brother’s love.”

Hahaha how expensive were you when you were begging him on the phone late at night when he was in bed with another woman?

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Chioma is a damn fool. The dude called you from abroad told you that it’s over and he comes back with a girlfriend and you are still begging and whining. Say What? Get a life!

Chioma says to Omali about the Prince, “he’s gotten himself a white woman.” Erm this so called white woman is the same colour as the Prince. Say What? So is he white too? Nonsense.


Despite some of the stupidity I would say that the movie is worth watching. The acting was good minus Susan and Vivian and the pace the movie moved at kept me engaged. It was definitely entertaining but the end was beyond ridiculous! THUMBS SIDEWAYS!!!

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