Royal Tears

Royal Tears

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Nigerian Movie Review
Royal Tears – 2009

Story, Screenplay, Director – Ikenna Emma Aniekwe

Mercy Johnson – Olamma
Van Vicker – Kasie
Yul Edochie – ?
Olu Jacobs – The King
Ngozi Ezeonu – Mama Kasie
Chinwe Owoh – Sussana
Rachel Okonkwo – Tochi
Tessy Ana – Uloma
Kemi Ayo – Nkechi
Jnr Pope – Metu
Jude Iyke – Udo
Browny Igboegwu – Abuchi
Ifeanyi Azodo – Dcotor

Royalty Nigerian
Class Nigeria

My Rating 29%

Princess Olamma lives with her father the king and their many staff. Since her mother died her father is very over protective of her as she is all that he has left; added to this the fact that she is afflicted with asthma, which makes him worry about her all the more. Once day the princess goes swimming in the nearby lake against her father’s wishes and ends up having an asthma attack in the water. She is saved by a local boy called Kasie and is determined to track him down to thank him personally for saving her life.


I didn’t finish watching the film but I can pretty much predict what happens. She goes to find the pauper to thank him, then falls in love with him. Of course he will not be of the same class so the king will flip out and try and get rid of the boy by any means necessary, but in the end true love wins and they end up together. *YAWN* It is true that there is nothing new under the sun (well I believe so anyway) but there are ways in which old stories can have life breathed into them to make them interesting with original twists. I didn’t even need to watch all of this to know that it was some run of the mill *YAWN* rubbish.

Kudos to Mercy and Van for immersing themselves in that dense, murky water. All the time I was watching I was just imagining myself there choking on all that gunge. When I saw Mercy have the attacks in the water I almost switched off. I had flashbacks to BEFORE THE RAIN and the whole ridiculous asthma storyline, and it just annoyed me that in this day and age people would talk about asthma as if it were HIV or terminal cancer. So I got to the bit where the princess goes to find the poor boy to thank him. Kasie tells the princess,

“I have seen asthma kill.”

Oh here we go! He then reels of a list of all the people he has known that have died of asthma and the princess wails about how her mother died of asthma. I was through. I couldn’t take any more. Between Mercy’s crying and screaming about how much she hates asthma and Van’s lame blank expression I knew that I could not continue so I switched it off. Plus I was bothered by the fact that Van’s family were VILLAGE VILLAGE VILLAGE and then dude is sounding like he came back from Oxford University. All your family are speaking in broken English and you are speaking the Queen’s English? Uh nah… It didn’t mesh well. I didn’t see Yul. He must make an appearance in Part 2.

I actually heard that this movie was good and from someone who I believed to have good taste. If not for that recommendation I would have switched it off at 20 minutes as opposed to 55 minutes… SG This is your fault.

I would not recommend this movie. It was boring, dull and highly unoriginal. There were no glaring flaws to pick at just a crappy storyline and poor execution in general.

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  1. I really luv the way 'u're creative. the day i saw it i was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.ohhh how i wished i could also be there 2 act with 'u'.Oh my how i love acting.I pray that one day 'u' may call me 2 act with 'u'.Thanx ,I love the way 'u' act ma dear Mercy &Van.Hear from 'u' soon

  2. Nolly… what is all this about…. well you should have had more patience to watch the movie . Your assessment is all wrong boy does not get the girl…. now tehre is a spoiler for you. Have more patience it is a slow start but a good watch…

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    SG how can the whole of part 1 be a slow start? I don't have that much patience… and Van was getting on my nerves I think I need a break from his movies…

  4. I honestly and sincerely think you would like to have more patience I know you will love this movie. SO you have watched Part 1 so just complete it and Watch Part 2 before you make a final as

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    If I am bored this weekend I may reconsider, but if you can't stir up any interest by the end of the WHOOOOOOOOOLE of part 1 it is still a flop in my book… I don't mind slow burners but come on that is rideeeeeeeeeeeculous!

  6. Just adding my two cents here … I too couldn't make it through the latter parts. As a matter of fact, i fought through part 1. I thought, here is Mercy Johnson being paired with Van Vicker- movie should have some potential BUT on seeing Mercy, a princess & anti-asthma-inhaler carrier, dive into a MILO coloured reservoir my attention/eyes went str8 to my DVD pile in search of something to recover me from this crap I was witnessing . Long story short, the movie didn't end as expected, it bore a sad twist (boo hoo). However, I think that a movie should hold ones attention from part 1 and we shouldn't have to be feeding our DVD players with crap parts 2 through 4 in order to say 'the movie was good'. I think the lame asthma storyline and the excessive/unecessary cursing soured the movie …

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    Thank You monica… It shouldn't need to get to part 2 to say it was watchable… I am not a sadist! LOL

  8. fivestargeneral says:

    hey i see you havent finished part of the movie and what monica said earlier i trully agree…… asthma part wasnt worth adding and part of it wasnt even worth watching it but van dying at the end was totally unexpecting and funny thing was that i actually felt sorry at the end and when the king died i was like karma is a b*tch….. royal tears was the first movie i watch on there series along with steal the bride, and that movie when the girl was found dead in the middle of no where wearing her weeding gown….. but anywho anyone knows the name of those two songs that was made on the movie yall were talking bout???

  9. nollywoodforever says:

    5Star… I just could not finish… the whole asthma thing put me off big time…

  10. fivestargeneral says:

    i totally feel you on that

  11. This film isn't that bad, but I can understand why people couldn't watch the whole of it because there are so many parts. I think that the last two parts are better than the first ones.

  12. nollywoodforever says:

    perhaps so J.akn… I couldn't be bothered to get that far!

  13. Ithought the first part could have been a little shorter. If I am not mistaken Kasie is a graduate so he should speak proper English. Why should he speak broken english? Van Vicker is an excellent actor and I love watching his movies. He has a wide range of emotions and can take on any role.

  14. Dear Lord! So i found this movie showing on some channel. Dint finish it….there was no way i could. I was disappointed. Hugely! I mean, the storyline is a total flop. What is wrong with these pple? Some big stars but zero action (booo). This Yul and Van are kinda cute though( insert smile).

  15. It was actually okay. Mercy Johnson did very well when she disowned her father for killing her heart. Mr Olu Jacobs has never failed me and I don't he will.
    Van Vicker has no emotions…what so ever!!

  16. i think d way she disrespected her dad was soooo wrong

  17. d movie is sooo touchn but i think mercy shouldnt have disrespected her dad dat way on d weddn day

  18. i changed the channel when she went to thank kasy as i already knew tht this was going to another princess/rich girl-falling-in-love-with-a-pauper-with-parental-disapproval-because-of-not-being-in-the-same-class story.

  19. pretty lucy says:

    van is a gud actor,i love watching his movies but in dat movie,it was so boring

  20. If i want to doawnload d fime were cn i go

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