Sasha Ghanaian Movie Review

Release Year: 2012
Story, Screenplay & Director – Afe Olumowe
Producer – Tom Oviawe

Yvonne Okoro
Artus Frank
Vivianne Achor
Vivian Bijou Amegashie

Terminal Illness

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 41%

Movie Story:

Everyone is looking for Sasha, played by Yvonne Okoro who has cancer and not long to live. She has disappeared after being knocked over in the road. Artus approaches a local don to find her whereabouts only to be held by that man who presumes that he in fact knows where she is. Sasha is recovering at her aunty’s house and devastated that her son is missing, only for the don to reunite mother and son and then request a date as a thank you from her. Soon Sasha has been recruited by the Don to go to and do Ashawo work.

I felt the placing of Yvonne in such a role did not make sense. This kind of role should have been for a naive young girl and she just didn’t fit the mould. She was clearly not a teenager, she was sophisticated, classy, well-spoken and with a child. It just didn’t make sense that she did not think that the Rome proposal was dodgy. Everyone knows that black girls get sent to Italy in general to sell puzzy, let’s be frank!

The general premise of the story didn’t make much sense to me. Sasha is dying from lung cancer. I thought that it was quite unusual for such a young woman to get it and it’s not a secondary cancer and she is not a smoke, but nevertheless these things happen right? Then we have everyone looking for her. Why? Then this whole job offer crap. Why her? What was the point of the whole side story with the yellow girl Sandra with cancer, and so? The character called Sandra was screaming and shouting way too much and the acting was horrible. Why didn’t anyone tell her it was just too much?

Sasha is a local poor girl, no job by the looks of it, her aunt is poor, and about ten of them sleep to one room. I’m sorry Yvonne seemed WAY too polished. They tried to create a love story between the drug trafficker and Sasha but it was kinda lame.

Memorable Quote:

The Don says to Sasha,

“I was thinking, if you and I could have lunch tonight?”

WTF??? LUNCH in the night? I don tire for this foolishness!


Nollywood Forever Says What?

Why would Sasha not ask what the business proposal was when it was first mentioned? Say What? And wouldn’t she ask what on earth she needed a photo shoot for?

How would your ass take half naked shots for some dude and then next minute you think that you are going to Rome to meet the pope? Say What?

As Ageist as African men are, why they gonna be spending thousands to send a 30yr old woman to Italy to sleep with her and her ass is not famous? Say What? Just one local girl? That makes no kind of sense!

This movie is messed up. We have already established this chick Sasha has lung cancer. She has already told us revealed this but then much later she is diagnosed by the doctor and appears shocked. Say What?



I would not recommend this movie. It was nicely shot, Yvonne Okoro is a great actress, very believable in any role that she plays, but this kind of useless role is beneath her. Granted the movie was very easy to watch, Ghanaian movies tend to have excellent technical quality which means you watch for longer than you would the typical shaky screen up and down sound Nigerian movie. Even with the makes no sense storyline the soundtrack was good, music appropriately places in scenes, steady sound and good clear picture with fluid shots. The rest of the acting was ok but the story was not entirely plausible for me and dragged too much. I felt that a few things needed more clarity. In the end I found a lot of it boring and struggled to make it to the end. Watch at your own peril.

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  1. Very educated movie, great actin yvonne okoro, beautiful talent u got.. all thé other actors,cast love ur talent..

  2. Lady Adwoa Adwubi says:

    I thinkt the whole movie was total waste of time. It didn’t make sense to me at all. I think Yvonne Okoro needs to be very selective with the scripts she additions for. Your analysis is on point miss Nolly, couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Lol! Awww..Naija films! We can be better! We dont need to do the same thing over and over! It doesn’t make any difference when the same category of films is told in a whole year! So many Love movies! The same Music! Ah! ah! lol! That’s so not cool! We have very few Movie director’s that are doing well. Movies like Ije, The figurine, Mirror boy. That’s what we want to see! More of such great films! A good script, a Solid soundtrack that correctly blends with the scenes would give viewers something to remember and be glad to watch again.

  3. I think Artus Frank is a huge talent! I try to watch every movie of him that I can get. I just hope the industry does not sleep on his pristine and professional delivery. He cares about himself and his appearance in which I greatly appreciate. If your job involves your appearance, you should take care of it. He is not like a lot of actors who allow themselves to stay out of shape. I appreciate that Artus!! Van Vicker is another who keeps his body tight, although his emotionless acting is off putting to me. He’s just another pretty face. You have to convince the viewers that it is real!! You can tell Artus cares about acting, and he puts his all into every role. As far as the scripts given to him, he can only do as well as he can with those. GIVE THIS MAN SOME GOOD SCRIPTS WITH GOOD DIRECTING!!! PLEASE!!!

  4. The movie was just not realistic. Anyway, do you know a movie that Yvonne was in. She was a school girl and got pregnant by Prince David Osei. It is called “Dry My Tears”.

  5. Well, Ghana movies are always sumhow when it comes to realism. Meanwhile, nolly please watch the figurine, phoneswap and make a review. You can add last flight to abuja to your list as well. Then this movie brides war (its okay too). 4play/4play reloaded too(ghana movie). I think you should enjoy those

  6. Nolly pls update your review naw,since 2012 ahan.we dey beg you pls update

  7. I really do like yvonne okoro the truth is that there some roles that one jst don’t fit in.I’v not seen the movie lately buh I know that part won’t fit her,I have one question to ask.why do ghanians like acting nude films most of their films that Iv wactched is notin to write home abt honestly speaking.

  8. alfred Lilian says:

    I lik Yvonne okoro

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