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Save My Pride Nigerian Movie Review

Date Of Release: 2011
Story – Oby Udeogalanya
Screenplay – Val Emeka Ejiofor
Director – Nnorom Lambert Junior
Producer – Gabriel Okey Okonkwo

Mike Ezuruonye – Bill
Eve Esin – Nancy
Oby Udeogalanya – Fancy
Kingsley Peters – Jack

Armed Robbery

Nollywood Forever Rating – 22%


Bill played by Mike Ezuruonye is an armed robber who robs a student at gunpoint after following her to a cashpoint and entering her car. It turns out that this same girl is his girlfriend’s sister and their mother has just died. They come face to face again in a chance meeting at a restaurant. As she flees the restaurant in shock he follows her in an attempt to reconcile. She is unflinching in her refusal to accept his apology. Will she reveal to her sister that he is an armed robber?


Mike Ezuruonye was very good and his crying sob story scene was touching and would have been even moreso if the story had been more credible. Eve Esin did her part, and showed a range of emotion but the uselessness of the story in general and the bad directing just made some scenes hard to take seriously. Oby Udeogalanya wasn’t a bad actress, but not great either. She was just there. She was in ATM Masters and did a much better job in the story that she developed as well as the acting.The extras on the other hand were horrible, no stand out performances there.


The story is badly developed. The sister shows no anger towards Bill. Where does this transition come about? We don’t see their relationship develop so why is she so sympathetic towards him? We don’t even see any indication that her sister is madly in love with him and she doesn’t want to hurt her by telling her. We don’t see any indication of anything. Makes no sense at all! The movie develops too many plots and they aren’t all linked. It was a mish mash of things going on with no clear focus.


The editing in the movie is really bad. The driving and general scenery scenes with nothing going on, club scenes with loud music and dancing are basically half the movie. You will need your finger on fast-forward a lot!

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Bill runs after Nancy’s sister Fancy (Imagine what kind of stupidity Fancy and Nanacy? Eiwoooo), yet nothing is said as to why, how they know each other, why he got into her car and drove off and what there relation is. Say what? This is a vital missing link.

We never see Bill give the money back to Fancy yet he just robbed her that same day that he sees her again! Say what? If he wants the relationship with the sister to continue why wouldn’t he offer back the money immediately? Especially considering that their mother has just died.

Why are Fancy and Bill sitting around talking about “letting the cat out of the bag”? Say What? They are talking like they are friends but the last we saw Fancy had refused to accept his apology. How is it that Bill is the one begging Fancy to reveal “the secret” and she is saying “are you sure?” Nonsense

What was with that random sex scene at the end of part 1 in the hotel room with those two random people ugh! Say What?

That whole blood oath shit was stupid and then she even went to draw more blood to break the oath. Say What? Idiocy!

WTF was that staged armed robbery? Say What? How pathetic and lacklustre!!!

This movie is a joke. There is a scene where Nancy and her four friends are sitting on the porch at her house four friends and all of a sudden music is blasting and they are endlessly shaking their asses for a good ten minutes. Say What?


I would NOT recommend this movie. The acting was decent from the main characters. However most of the extras were horrible. The credits were a mess. Some last names were missing and most names appeared to be spelt wrong. Some parts of the story were so ridiculous that it kept you watching to see what would happen next, however overall the movie was the pits. There was no clear beginning, middle or and end, and there was no focus. The whole first part was centred on Bill being an armed robber but there was no point to it at all. It didn’t fit into the story at large. It felt like the whole movie was improvisation. The pace was slow, the movie dragged and the editing was horrible. Towards the end of part two I really started to lose interest. It just got really really boring. Don’t waste your time with this one Bin it!

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