Scent Of Passion

Scent of Passion

African Nigerian Movie Review
Scent of Passion ~ 2010

Story – Sylvester Madu
Screenplay – Sylvester Madu, Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu
Director – Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu
Producer – Obinna Okeke

Van Vicker – Tony
Mercy Johnson – Sophia
Sylvester Madu – Fred
Oge Okoye – Juliet
Ebele Okaro – Mama Tony
Uche Ebere – Sophia’s Mum
Eve Esin – Ify
Obi Dike – Ken
Kennedy Okeke – Didi
Racheal Okonkwo – Jane
Chigozie Okolie – Onyento

Family Pressure Rating – 63%


It is Sophia’s (Mercy Johnson) wedding day and her mother in law to be, played by Ebele Okaro approaches her as she is leaving the house with her bridal party and accuses her of using her “cursed pregnancy” to trap her son. She then attacks Sophia by violently pulling down the top of her dress and knocking the hat of her mother’s head. Sophia flees and gets into an accident whereby she loses the baby and in turn becomes infertile. Sophia and Tony are determined to get married despite it all but Mama Tony too us determined that Sophia not marry her son. Will they ever get married?


It was funny how Mama went to go and find a tattooed up girl Juliet, played by Oge Okoye to come and wed her son after complaining that Sophia was a prostitute and with no good reason. Why on earth would she think that Juliet would be a better choice for him than Sophia. I wonder why she was so dead set against Sophia? There seemed to be no feasible reason that I could deduce.

The phrase “be careful what you wish for comes to mind.” When Tony finally has a change of heart and decides to go along with what his mother wants she becomes scared and uncomfortable. She forced Juliet unnecessarily into her son’s life and when he finally succumbs to her wishes she begins to complain. She clearly did not choose Juliet wisely because she is ordered out of the house by Juliet and her behaviour becomes so atrocious that Mama begins to bitterly regret her actions and wish that her only problem in life was Sophia being Tony’s wife.

Mama Tony is crazy. I would say a very good job by Ebele Okaro. She has a good acting range in that she can play a meek and mild woman just as well as she can play a crazy lunatic Mama G type. If Mama was acting that way on the wedding day its self you can only imagine how she was actually behaving on the run up to the wedding. Tony’s mother and sister put up a great mother and daughter crazy act.

Oge Okoye had me transfixed when the bad girl came out of her. It was an excellent performance on her part. I loved it when she turned against Tony’s mother and told her,

“You have met your match… Madam Bagasi – Try me!”

For once can we have a Nollywood movie whereby an abortion or car crash doesn’t end up with a woman being infertile? That whole story line was so predictable. I guess there is such a premium and importance placed upon fertility in African societies, that they try and get it into the storyline by any means necessary. Your fertility defines your femininity. We see that in this movie. When Tony’s mother find’s out that Sophia is infertile. She states,

“What he has as a wife is a man.”


I would recommend the movie. The story was alright and there were some good to excellent performances. Part 1 is a little slow, but the movie picks up a lot on Part 2. I was however disappointed by the Infertility by way of car crash and again Juju being used to explain why a man is sleeping around, and again at the hands of an “evil woman.” This same formula is getting very tired, nevertheless it is worth watching.

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  1. I am not a fan of Van Vicker but I enjoyed the movie. I love Ebele Okaro and Mercy Johnson and they never disappoint me. It was a great movie. I strongly agree with you 100%…..thanks for your rating.

    • Yeah u are right, the outstanding people in the movie are OGE OKOYE of course Ebere Okaro and Mercy,Oge was too good as usual, with her gorgeous face and dressing, she is hot. Yeah it was a good movie, Oge killed it, so i give it 80%

    • Thanks Adwoa. I know what you mean about Van. Once the novelty of his good looks wear off watching him is kind of *bleurgh* LOL

  2. I was happy with the way Tony and Sophia planned their wedding secretly, covering every loophole to prevent Tony's mom and sister from attending the wedding. I think the writers did a good job on this part. I was on the edge of my seat, thinking mom and sister were going to spoil the wedding, and I cheared for them when the process was complete.I thought the story was going on that direction, but then it took a different turn when mama Tony brought Julliet. Overall, I think it was a good movie to watch.

    • I thought the sister was pretty funny. I didn't see enough of her to truly assess but I wouldn't mind seeing her again.

  3. I love Mama Ebele and for her alone I will hunt down this movie

  4. Is it just me, or does van vicker look a lot different now than he did in his earlier movies?

  5. Beyonceh says:

    Hihihi, very funny,,,,,, will look out for this movie.

    Is Bursting Out & Ije yet out?

  6. Hi,

    I have been on this site for days and I love what you are doing.

    Can we collaborate? Check out my site and let me know if you will like me to feature some of your reviews on my portal.

    You can be one of our Guest Writers if you wish.


  7. TheChuckylee says:

    Hi nolly,when will a new review since it's been quite some time now or are u kinda busy?I will u patiently waiting 4 it.Thx

    • My dear I am not busy (well not so much) I am more fed up at the crap release after crap release… Too many things I'm watching and I have NOTHING good to say! LOL so I figured I'd stay quiet for a little bit.

  8. is van vicker any good in this or should i nt jus bother to buy it…

  9. I liked this movie,i just watched it today actually,van vicker is so much of a better actor than he was in "mummy's daughter",that IS for sure Lol,so proud of my husband LOL(in tears)! I think in the movie OGE OKOLE is actually a witch cus at the end when the pastor prayed she became a tree instead of just repenting and going back too her senses,mercy johnson is such a great aactress i wont stop saying it oohh, if only she has as a good lifestyle and dresses as decent as she does in this movie in real life she could have been the new "Genevieve nnaji" and could have represented nolywood for real,what a shame!

    What dyou mean when you say"juju being used to explain why a man is sleeping around and again by an evil woman"dyou mean when OGE OKELE uses whatever in her room to bewitched van vicker?

  10. nicholas says:

    Hi guys,

    Whats the name of the song that was playing on toni's phone in this movie?

  11. The movie is good but what is the name of the final part?

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