Sense Of Touch

Sense Of Touch

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Nigerian Movie Review
Sense of Touch ~ 2009

Story, Screenplay & Direction – Tchidi Chikere

Tonto Dikeh – Annabel
Van Vicker – Jim
Tchidi Chikere – Sam
Livinus Nnochiri – Dr Maurice
Tony Alor – Rufus
Jr Pope Odonwodo – Andrew
Prince Eke – Phillip
Kennedy Kalu – Obi
Mark Nwafor – Chike
Godwin Uyanwanne – Okon
Francis Onia – Obodo
Gospel Orji – DPO
Chinonso Ogbaka – Nurse
Johnson Durueke – Neighbour
David Aginwa – Cellmate

City Life Nigeria
Rebellion Nollywood
Love Nollywood

My Rating 50%

Annabel is labelled a “city gallivanting and unfocused daughter” by her father who has become perturbed by her late nights and scanty dress. Her father is so concerned that he goes as far as to confiscate her car keys and then hire thugs to harass her every time that she leaves the house to make her want to retreat to the sanctity of the house as opposed to the streets.

After Annabel finds out that it is her father that has hired the thugs that have been harassing her, after seeing them fraternising with one of the house staff at the front gate, father and daughter have a serious talk about Annabel’s future. She tells her father that rather than to become an economist as he had wanted for her, she in fact has a passion for singing and desires to become a worldwide singing phenomenon.

Annabel’s father is willing to do anything to make her happy and agrees to do everything within his power to help her realise her dream. Enter Jim played Van Vicker who is enlisted as a vocal couch to help Annabel become a singer before her 21st birthday. 


 The whole premise of this movie is stupid stupid stupid. Annabel’s father pays 2 million to one random boy (Jim) that  he meets outside a hospital to turn his daughter into a “singer.” Does he mean singer in that she can hold a tune? Or singer as in that she becomes a success? Why would you pay him that much?

There are plenty of people that sing amazingly in their showers and have never sold an album in their lives, and vice versa many that sound appalling that have sold many many records. The terms of the agreement should have been better laid out. If he did mean a success did he check Jim’s credentials? Since when has only vocals been the makings of a superstar. What about marketing and promotion? Artist development? Contacts? Dedication? Hard work?

The other thing to mention is that when Annabel’s dad met Jim, he was singing outside the hospital and actually sounded pretty atrocious. It would be unthinkable to me that someone would hear him and think to themselves, “Wow he sounds so amazing I’d like him to teach me/my daughter/ my aunt…” Nothing about his performance outside the hospital would make you think VOCAL TRAINER! He didn’t sound to bad back at the house, but then why would you pay someone with below average talent to develop your daughter into a singing superstar? It makes no sense!


It turns out that Annabel didn’t really want to learn how to sing, it was just a ploy to get freedom from her dad. Van is not too happy to learn that she is not interested in singing and is dragged around town by her as a 3rd wheel while she frolics with her boyfriend of the moment.

Tonto soon wants Van to become her boyfriend and tells him she will dump all her other guys. When he explains to her that he does not have feeling for her. She laughs and says,

“Who gives a flip about feelings… We will just do a pretence game?”

This did not make sense to me at all. Pretend to whom? She definitely couldn’t let her father know that she was trying to seduce the vocal coach. So for what or for whom was the pretence supposed to be in aid of? Is it a sex thing? And if so then why does she use the term boyfriend?


From not wanting anything to do anything with Annabel, Jim soon becomes her boyfriend, and when their relationship is discovered by her father the drama really starts as Jim’s money is put into jeopardy. When Jim realises that Annabel has made him lose the money he beats her up. It only looks like a few slaps and a kick and she is in hospital on a drip. What is she on a drip for?  Why is he beating her up over the money? Before he met Annabel’s father he was managing so why wouldn’t he manage now that he is no longer employed as the vocal trainer?

After Annabel is released from hospital she runs away when her father tries to send her to Saudi Arabia. Her father goes to Jim’s house to look for her. Why would she be there? Didn’t the man just hospitalise her? Then to add to my confusion Jim calls Annabel to warn her that her father is looking for her. Since when were they on speaking terms? He just beat her! Plus he had just been put in jail for beating her.  He then goes to meet her but doesn’t want to listen to what she has to say. Why on earth does he go to meet her then? Sooooo many things don’t make sense!

Van’s character needs more development. In the beginning he couldn’t say boo to a ghost and the next minute he is having violent rages. He appears to be honest and found being deceitful to Annabel’s dad very hard and then the next minute he is the willing participant in a blackmailing scam. Tonto’s character too needed development; she seems intent in claiming money form her father despite the fact that neither she nor Jim really need it. It all seems rather pointless.


I would not recommend this movie. Although it was watchable and there were some good scenes on the whole it was a poor story that was poorly executed. The two main characters were inadequately developed and too many loose ends were left open. Oh! and I must give a shout out to the pink dot. It is standing strong ready to ruin your viewing pleasure, however things are looking up as I saw a recent Tchidi movie and it was gone, nevertheless if you don’t wanna see the pink dot then you don’t wanna see this movie!

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    I was rather suprised Tchidi made this crap. He's way betta than this. It was ok

  2. Nolly…. Van has been geeting a lot of these violent roles recently. And I love Tonto to death, but I would like to see a "fresh" face in Tchidi's movies.

    The movie was also for me quite confusing….I could have done without watching it.

  3. Charlse immunity says:

    Tchidi please u can do bettr than this

  4. The movie was nice anyways,i love to see Van and Tonto acting together they are complete match.
    But Tchidi pls erase that red or pink dot in all your movies y or what is that? It irritates me.I love your movies and hope you'll bring us beter ones.A fan from sierra leone.

  5. Van Vicker wasn't doing it for me at all.
    I love Tchihi Chekere's movies but this one did not go well for me at all.

  6. This publish is amazing. Do you write for any other web site

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