Sent From Heaven

Sent From Heaven


Nollywood – Nigerian Movie Review

Sent From Heaven ~ 2010
(Continuation – ArchAngel also called Archenemy)
Story/ Screenplay – Nonso Ekene Okonkwo
Director – Nonso Ekene Okonkwo
Producer – Peter Okonkwo

Jim Iyke – Dunga
Nonso Diobi – David
Oge Okoye – Ann
Browny Igboegwu – Michael
Mandy Eze – Tonia
Ofili Ugbo – Ibekwe
Andy Dike Samuel – Anthony
Zainab Egwuonwu – Agnes
Emeka Obi – Yoko


My Rating – 57%

Ann (Oge Okoye)  is due to get married to David (Nonso Diobi) and her whole family appear to be happy about it except her brother Mike (Browny Igboegwu) who accuses her of squandering his inheritance on a “man in the city” He says this because she sold some of her father’s property to help David set up in business. We soon learn that far from Oge’s father being happy about the marriage he has actually conspired with Michael to make sure that the happy couple are separated by any means necessary.


Why did the father agree to the marriage between Ann and David so willingly and with big smiles and then arrange something so ludicrous with his crazy criminal son? Why did he not simply voice his opposition at the time his daughter presented David to him instead of acting wacky and underhand? This was either bad scripting or the daddy was supposed to be crazy. This behaviour just screamed UNHINGED to me.

How David and Ann met and fell in love had me cockeyed and thinking about the absurdity of the situation the ENTIRE movie. I just could not get my head around how the makers of the movie could think that the meeting and subsequent falling in love made any sense at all.

Lets be real… Ewwww what man is going to start toasting a woman who shat herself and it walking around stanking? This is the FIRST impression you have of the chick and you decide you like her?

Ok let me set the scene for you all. David meets Ann in a cab where all the other passengers flee the cab because she stinks of shi*t. He decides to be Captain Save-a-Stank and follows her out of the cab after she is kicked out. He goes to get her a sachet of pure water and tissue. This alone had me rolling.

How is a SACHET of pure water going to help someone who has excrement on their clothes? Even a dumbass would know that a bit of tissue and a sachet of water is not going to do anything, and even worse was that Ann accepted it and went off to some public toilets to go and sort herself out, smiling from ear to ear like it was a good situation to be in. After this whole episode Ann calls David on the phone talking about “can we hook up sometime?” Woman! Don’t you have any shame?

The embarrassment continues. They meet up for their first date and David asks Ann, “what happened? How did you come about the faeces on your body?” *DEAD* Can you imagine someone saying that to you on your first date? She even sat there taking time to tell the whole story about how some “dirty man” left sh*t everywhere in another public toilet which she must have sat on, or something.

Come on now how do you go to a public toilet and get sh*t all over you? The girl is not blind, she can see so how does that on any planet make sense? The writers should have thought about that whole scenario surrounding the faeces on the body more carefully as it sounded really really STOOOOOPID!

Standout performance for me in this movie was Browny Igboegwu. He is growing on me more and more. He played the bumbling meathead fool excellently. He stayed stuttering and in character at all times.

I would recommend this Nollywood movie despite the stupidness of the faeces situation. Nonso Diobi and Oge Okoye have a good chemistry that is always a pleasure to watch. The ending was disappointing but overall it was an enjoyable watch.

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  1. I didn't like this movie at all. The whole of part 1&2 didn't do it for me especially Ann's death. How could you bump into a motor and die?? What was up with Jim Iyke's character and the whole kidnap of David's sister? The movie was a waste of time for me and I was very dissappointed.

    • LMAO Yeah the ending was stupid. I hate when they do that because it lacks creativity and forethought. It's like you were shooting the movie and just got bored and were like, "Ok you! you die now, just step in front in car and die." Nonsense

  2. This movie was boring. The story didn't flow. I didn't see the point of ann character in the story. Once she died the story about Ann and Nonso became irrelevant. There where two different plots and none of them tied in together.

  3. GigiChiny says:

    Hi Nolly,

    I know I am late in commenting on this review, but I just finished watching the movie.

    I have to say I am with you 100% in regards to the whole "meeting by way of faeces accident..or whatever".

    This was a movie but that pure water scene made me suffer second-hand embarrassment.

    And did you see how Nonso was just shoveling down his food with relish as he listened to her "detailed" reply of his questions “what happened? How did you come about the faeces on your body?". LMAO

    To use your words…"chimooo"

    • LMAO The WHOLE MOVIE I was shaking my head as if to say WTF? Do these people who think of scenarios really think about things properly and wonder to themselves what they would actually do in such a situation and if giving someone a sachet of pure water would really do anything?

  4. Haven't seen this movie (unlikely I would after all the accollades it just got from u) just agreein wit gigi, I was unfortunate to read the "shitty meetin" thingy over breakfast.. Enough said, to the best of my knowledge nollywood has yet to pull off a beleivable accident scene so why do the insist its the only way to kill characters who have become "excess to requirement"?

  5. Frankie, which Nollywood movies do you know have accident scenes? Name them please I want to check them out


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