Sexy Game

Sexy Game

African Movie Review
Sexy Game ~ 2010
Repackaged – Mind Game and After My Wedding
Story – Darlene Benson Cobham
Screenplay – Darlene Benson Cobham & Margie Ikem
Director – John Uche
Producer – John Uche

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde – Betty
Van Vicker – Richie
Reginald Lubin – Patrick
Carlin Joseph – Linda
Henry Nwosu – Charlie

Born Again Christianity Rating – 28%


Betty played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde meets Richie played by Van Vicker in church and they begin dating and not long after are married. Although the relationship was blissful before marriage after marriage things fall apart. On their wedding night Richie falls asleep instead of making love to his new bride who comes to the bedroom adorned in sexy new lingerie. To the outside world they appear to have a perfect loving relationship however the Richie turning his back on sex with Betty becomes a pattern, so much so that Betty begins to wonder why he married her in the first place.

Nollywood USA
Set in America most of the characters had American or pseudo American accents which I personally found quite irritating. One picks up a Nollywood movie to see an African setting. If we wanted to watch a black American film we know where to find them. I didn’t know this was one of these Nollywood USA productions or I would not have picked it up. Linda in particular played by Carlin Joseph I found most annoying. She sounded Haitian but was laying on the American accent thick, added to that she sounded like she was reading straight from the script. The lady who played Van’s mother Charmaine Turpin had a Caribbean American accent and then you have Van with a Ghanaian British accent. How does that work? Let me tell you something. It doesn’t! MESS MESS MESS. After looking it up I found out that it was a Nollywood – USA – Haitian Collaboration. It didn’t work for me.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
Omotola looked absolutely gorgeous. Great job on the hair and make up tip, but absolutely appalling choice for a movie considering she has been of the scene for a little while. Let’s just hope Ije will wipe away the unpleasant memory of this movie.

We get a hint of what is to come when Betty goes over to her aunt’s house. As she is watching TV she exclaims to the niece who was previously watching TV, “oh no two male loves … You shouldn’t be watching this.” I cringed at this line. It was so unnatural and so clearly thrown in to give some hint as to what was going to happen next. Subtlety isn’t always a Nollywood strong point. Is it necessary to treat the viewer like a complete imbecile?

I was wondering why Richie didn’t come up with a story about erectile dysfunction to Betty to explain the reason why he didn’t want to have sex with her instead of keep telling her to wait and not giving her a reason. The homosexual theme seems to be popular in Nollywood lately. First we had Hideous Affair, 4play, Men In Love, this movie and coming up I have seen the preview for a movie called Dirty Secret starring Muna Obiekwe in a green leopard thong and Artus Frank. These homosexual storylines that are never even handled properly are gonna get real tired just like the lesbianism and twin stories did.

Richie tells his wife that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her but then he still wants to sleep with a man and not with her. More like he didn’t want to lose the show of normality that being married afforded him. After Betty finds out about him sleeping with a man she asks him why he married her and he replies, “Because I love you.” Dude what you are talking about? You just admitted to being gay now you are telling the woman you married for cover that you love her?

We see Betty trying to convince Richie that he can be straight. He tells her, “Its just the way I was born.” To which he replies, “That’s a lie from the pit of hell.” I was muttering to myself, KEEP DECIEVING YASELF LOVE. She goes on to tell him, “You don’t belong to that group anymore. You are a new creature now.” Richie tries to convince her even more by telling her that he has been fasting and praying over his homosexuality since he became born again and now realises it is just the way it is. Like Maya Angelou said, “The first time someone shows you, who they are, believe them.” I truly believe that.

Homosexuals in Africa will never be able to be who they are as long as there are people who keep trying to convince them that they are not who they are, or that they are possessed with evil spirits. Because of this homosexuals will continue to marry women and sleep with men because they are not allowed to be who they are. After Richie’s mother goes off on a rant about abomination he tells his wife and mother, “Now you see why I kept it a secret.” Hmm I don’t blame him.

Born Again Christianity
This whole movie felt like one big advert for the church. Betty’s first and foremost requirement for a mate was that he be born again, but then bingo he was gay. I guess it was because they were born again she kept on praying and fasting even though he was still getting texts from his gay lover who was excited at the fact that they had to hide this secret from Betty. I guess it was because of the born again storyline that the whole movie had to be a dream.

The Dream
The movie ends with Betty waking up to find the whole thing was a dream. HOW ANNOYING. They only did this because they didn’t want a man who was a born again Christian to be gay. WHAT A COP OUT!!! USELESS MOVIE!


I would not recommend this movie at all. No wonder they have 3 freaking titles for ONE movie. That is the only way to recoup their money for this useless movie by repackaging and CONNING people. There were lots of fast forwardable scenes. It seems to have got a lot of hype online and the trailer was decent. I am more than disappointed and I could have done without watching this. The whole thing was dry and boring the characters were not well developed and chemistry between the so called married couple was non existent. I couldn’t have cared less about any of the characters. The movie moved at a snail’s pace and then they threw in this dramatic music that doesn’t fit all over the place which only adds to the annoyance. BIN IT!

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  1. This moving was dry and boring beyond belief. I was so pissed it didn't live up to the hype! I am so thru with Van Vicker and his dry ass acting. I will pay him to quit! And no more Nolly USA movies either. They r too sterile

  2. OMG……..Nollly, I was super pissed after watching this movie. You know how much I dislike Van Vicker's movies but I gave it the benefit of the doubt because of Omotola and I must say i was beyond dissappointed.

    The gay nonsense turned me off and to find out later it was a dream just killed it for me. Who goes into their potential mother-in-laws house for the very first time and sleep for that long????? Absuletly RUBBISH!!!!!!!!

    Uselessssssssss movie!!!

    • And can you believe I have heard people say it is good. What are they watching?

      The dream part made me wanna give up on life. How frustrating to watch all that garbage to find out it isn’t real. It just made the whole thing just even more unbearable than it already was!

  3. i’m anti-nollywood USA collabo, my reason is that most of these movies loose their themes. The producer is more concerned with showing us that he/she can afford 2 shoot a movie overseas that they end up loosing the theme of the movie. In my opinion, i feel they just patch up any storyline, n are more concerned with d location versus the actual movie itself.

  4. Thank you nolly. I only watch the movies you have "Most Definitely" rate. I think I have watched almost all of the movies in that rating. Would you add more to that list? I am almost almost giving up on the new nolly movies. So may be you can go back to the old ones and review them. It seems now Nollywood is less about story and more about the skimpy outfits, the nonsensical sex scenes and the stupid themes (I am not in any way homophobic, but aren't there much more important issues such as poverty, inequality, HIV and as such that they can deal with. By the way, every time I see a story line about homosexuality I say "hasta nunca" and just turn it off)

    • Thank you Menbi,

      It is very hard to add new ones to that list as they are just not coming. I have actually started watching old ones again because I can't cope with the influx of trash, because the way things are going this year the BIN IT list is gonna be out of control!

  5. Was actually looking forward to a 5% rating just for the hype. And I know to each his own but it's shocking to see people give thumbs up to ridiculously stupid movie because of A-list actors. Why attempt gay movies if you're not willing to go the distance and stay true to your characters on such an important subject? Tell the story and quite with the hypocrisy of dreams, witchcraft etc. Nolly, have you seen "My Brother My Keeper"? It's an old movie with Desmond & Monalisa, written by Nse and directed by Jetta. Gay theme, simple but well told. It is what it is. Africans are living the life style so tell or leave it.

    • I was shocked that this movie was so drab. they all seem to be jumping on the gay bandwagon without wanting to do research or portray it properly. Its getting boring.

      I was actually going to mention My Brother's Keeper! Yes I have seen it! I didn't know it was written by Nse. I saw it a couple of years ago. See that is the way gay stories used to be told (I say used to be told but truth be told that is the only one I saw back then that was tacking the issue of male homosexuality)

  6. Before even reading the review, what is this fake picture of Omotola on the cover? What is this awful photoshop work?

    She has a beautiful body already, why this nonsense?

    • *round of applause* for mentioning that. I was wondering why they stuck Omotola's head on a different body? The head is even too small and in the wrong position. It doesn't fit. In fact I think my next post is going to be about these awful movie covers that are supposed to be sexy. Cruz, Fulton Mansion, My Soul Mate. What a freaking mess.

  7. uhmmm so yeah i bought it… so i had to watch it a waste of my time.been watching nigerian films for abt 9 yrs now and it seems like instead of getting better its gettting worse but i can't give up on them i'm holding faith that they will definitely break through 1 day! 🙂

    • I guess we know now when a girl is holding her crotch on the cover of a movie or the title has sexy anything or if the giurls on the cover are even trying a bit too hard to be sexy then we must GIVE IT A MISS!


  9. this gay thing is getting tirig now, i mean come on! and Muna Obiekwe in a leotard? OMG!I have md love for him, im still tryn to get over men in love and now this. sad, he is prob goin to be stereotyped as a gay man 🙁

    van vicker is a horrible actor and i always try to avoid movies he is in. i def will avoid this movie, sounds drab!

    and i dont understand why on earth omotolas head is fixed on some woman's body. and im mad at this whole repackaging rubbish, to deceive still seething over being decieved a few weeks ago.

    btw,im watching a really boring movie called cruz!

    • Cruz is HOT TRASH! Poor you. Eucharia running after young boys and Jim Iyke thinking he sexy tryna pull married women in restaurant toilets. there were so many long scenes of just random dancing for no good reason at all. Hot mess!

      • nolly, it was traumatic watching that movie. i wonder if the story about Eucharia been broke is real, because i dotn understand why on earth she took that role. it was painful.i wanted to give up but i was hoping some miracle might happen and something might happen, alas it never did.

  10. Why did have they used PHOTOSHOP to put OMOTs head on someone young tenderoni's body. Omotola and her stretchmarked stomach does not look like what is on the box. They not fooling me.I guess they thank god for technologies like Photoshop.

    They just cut omotolas head and just place it on the body on the movie jacket

  11. Oh and NO miss tilli did not watch this movie and will not watch it.

    Nolly why do you make they bamboozle u every time. The fact alone that Van Vicker is on thebox should telll u the movie aint gone be ISH. 😆 c'mon you have longevitity now in watching movies dont let them get u everytime like this 😆

    • I am actually glad she reviewed it. I would have been fooled by the presence of OmoT. I think it is time van stopped acting. He is a very beautiful man he will be very successful as a model.

    • I had to watch it. Omo T hasn't been out in a while. I am really surprised that some people were saying it was good though. I wonder if me and them were even watching the same movie.

  12. OmoT lookiing like Poltergiest.

  13. angary princess says:

    just appreciate guys


  1. […] Mind Game repackaged as Sexy Game tried to get in on the whole sex thing by renaming the movie Sexy Game. What for now? Were there any sexy games in the movie? Which kind nonsense be this? Your husband is cheating on you with a man. Oooooh how sexy! Look at Omotola on the cover of the movie. There is not one part of the movie where she wore daisy dukes or exposed her midriff like so. So why put it on the cover like that? That plus calling the movie Sexy Game is blatantly fraudulent. Look closely and you will even see that Omotola’s head has even been photoshopped onto another body. Shocking! […]

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