Shakira (Face of Deceit)

Shakira (Face of Deceit)

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Shakira (Face of Deceit) ~2009
Story – Macdavies Odikah
Screenplay – Pascal Amanfo
Director – Pascal Amanfo

Majid Michael – Richie
Mercy Johnson – Shakira
Ziggy Narteyson – Ansah
Eddie Nartey – Ben
Kofi Adjorlolo – Bobby
Biola Ige – Yvonne
Prince David Osei – Dan
Gavivina Tamakloe – Tom
Luckie E Lawson – Racheal
Micheal Odikah – Karim
Edmond Quarshie – Kwame
Martha Ankomah – Amanda
Dominic Demordzi – Mike
Wendy Mensah – Receptionist


My Rating – 40%

Richie thought that his fiancée Yvonne was the love of his life that is until he discovered that she was having an affair with his boss. Unable to face reality he flees to his brother’s home and spends his nights drinking himself into a stupor at various bars. It is on the way home from a bar that he meets Shakira. It is a dark night and she throws herself in front of his car and orders him to drive. His involvement with Shakira turns into something much more dramatic than he could have ever imagined.


This film is in 3 parts. The only reason I can surmise is greed. They did not need three parts to this at all. Much of the movie is watching Richie drinking himself into a stupor at home and in various bars. These scenes were much too long. We do not need to see all of this to deduce that Richie is distraught about his fiancée’s infidelity and using alcohol as an emotional crutch.

The film was really getting a bit boring until Shakira’s appearance. She really woke the film up when she stood up in front of Richie’s jeep in that micro dress, got in the vehicle and screamed, “DRIVE!” Be warned part one is more or less a waste of time and could have been edited down to 15 minutes.

Much has been written/ said about the titillating sexy scenes in this movie. I found it all a bit over staged and fake. At one point we see Shakira supposedly going down on Richie. Now tell me how can you be going down on a man and your head is positioned just below his neck, but yet he is writhing like you are doing something? Nonsense! I didn’t know that men’s genitalia were now growing from their chest areas. And to top it off all you would see is Mercy Johnson’s matted moving wig. NOT SEXY at all!

So after we have the never ending Richie boozing scenes we now have to contend with Richie “thinking.” It was enough to send me to sleep. I’d nod off and dude would still be “thinking.”

From being cheated on by Yvonne Richie goes on to get involved with Shakira a married woman. I was amazed with the ease in which he got involved with a married woman. Does this show us the power of Shakira’s seduction skills? Or was Richie simply taking heed of his boss’ warning that “All women cheat,” and getting with the program?

Shakira tells Richie that her husband is a rapist. He falls for it but he should have realised that perhaps she was not telling the truth when he gets the opportunity to see/ hear them together. If I were Richie I would be thinking, “Wow he seems quite caring for a rapist.” Every time Richie was at the house their relationship seemed nothing but loving and caring. There was no evidence of maltreatment from him or resentment or fright from her.

One character that was grating on my nerves was Robby’s sister. She was atrocious. Her voice was like listening to someone scratching on a blackboard. She was screeching and shouting the whole time with the bird’s nest weave only adding to the atrocity of the whole situation. The character was a drug addict and the sniffing was waaaaaaaaaaay over the top. WE GET IT… She is a coke head!

I cannot recommend this film because it was way too slow for my liking. The slow music, the never ending boozing and thinking were making me feel sleepy. I felt insulted that they made the movie into three parts when a lot of it was just unnecessary filler. It did pick up tremendously in part 3. That’s when the drama really started, however it was too little too late.

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  1. You are right. I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I can't even believe that they agree to do such movie and Mercy made herself so cheap (acting or no acting) I lost what little respect I had for her. She should value herself more, maybe her day is proud of that role (how said).

  2. How sad – I know her dad is embrassed and she is not the talk of town. Your comments are always right about the films. I am glad I didn't buy this movie but borrowed it from a friend. Man, I am short of words.

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    I dont mind a bit of sexiness… but it wasnt even sexy. Why will her dad even take time to watch this nonsense LOL

  4. Nolly 46% is really generous. I rate the movie 10% for the fact it got to dvd, Errant nonsense.

  5. Anyway, good job nolly. Love your reviews, i'll be coming here often to check for reviews.

    There are still some movies you haven't seen i would love your opinion on e.g. love my way, empty coffin, the king is mine etc.

  6. nollywoodforever says:

    46 percent is for the last part… LOL
    Love my way is here just put it in the search box… the king is mine I have but still havent watched, and empty coffin… hmm we shall see LOL

  7. Nice concept…
    By the way please can you update the name of my blog in your blog roll. It has kind of moved on since

  8. i still consider dis movie a rip off…it waz in 3 whole parts, n 2 think i neva got further dan d 2nd part…kinda glad i didn't continue…nolly ur reviews r indepth, really 9ce…keep doin wat u do best…cheers!!!

  9. nollywoodforever says:

    Thank you Aegoli! This movie was the pitts, and two think two people I consider greats even thought it worth their time amazes me!

  10. I was so anxious to watch the movie,but as I did I was so shocked to see the display of My dear mercy,showing off her waist like that and doing the unimaginable.I think the director should have cut it short and not showing every bit of it,it was immoral.I dont like the movie a bit.Please my dear mercy dont accept such movies again it will tell on the love we have for u as fans,just an advice.Lots of love a fan from sierra leone.

    • nollywoodforever says:

      LMAO Aishatou… Movies are supposed to be a reflection on reality. Do these things not happen in reality? And if so why shouldn't it be protrayed. Did Genevieve not play a prostitute in The Chosen One? does that make her imoral?

  11. Wao! the choosen one should never be compared to shakira, cause it was well acted by parts shown out………..she acted professionally and i give cto her,i love that movie. Jayke Aearnan well directed that movie,he is one Director to look out for.

  12. nollywoodforever says:

    I agree in terms of film quality it is no comparison, but I personally would not find anything in what she wore or the way she acted to call her as a person immoral. After all it is only acting.

  13. Beatrice Onyelueuno says:

    I have a problem with the censors board of both Ghana and Nigeria for allowing this movie hit the stands. It is one of those movies that have no African context and I wonder why they paased it for distribution. I watched the promo in Accra couple of months ago and I made a decision then. We may not value Van Vicker much but he surely cannot act that kind of crap. It is well.

  14. Whyte Valentine says:

    well Mercy i really didn't see any sense in what you did in that movie, Well you working for your money and you where trying to be real but all the same you didn't make sense in that movie i have always loved you and the part in which you are but you really fucked up there although you still good but have to deviate from such parts tell them money is not everything and remember A GOOD NAME IS BETTER THAN RICHES.Well i don't know why you have chosen to take that part but next time you just be more matured in there.


  15. It is nowhere near as bad as is being made out! She did not do anything that she should be ashamed of apart from star in the shitty film in the first place!

  16. nollywoodforever. wow
    is it me u don't like? u never have anythin nice to say about anything i do. lol..
    i guess u doing ur job. Good Luck.

    • ELL I don't even know who you are so I'm sure that whoever you are you know that it is nothing personal… I am simply saying what most watching are thinking but don't have the forum to express! Good luck to you too 🙂

  17. sharry islandgirl says:

    this movie is the hottest for both stars since they started acting ,the location and story line was great will there be a part 2 ,hi why not only maybe reloaded can top this sex movie

  18. NICE ONE!!!!!

  19. David Alex says:

    The film called shakira will always be an interesting film to watch, and i commend mercy for being bold enough to act that part, but what i don't like is why Naija girls can no longer act with our Naija boy,i luv d film but i don't like the boy she acted with…

    • Hmm I must disagree I didn't think it was very interesting at all! Does it matter who Mercy was cast alongside? She does not make the choice about who she will be acting with, and besides that she is the majority of the time paired up with Nigerian actors anyway.

    • The film is sure a masterpiece. Very real and authentic, i wonder why Nigerians can't get to appreciate their stuff. The film was wonderful to say the least

      • Geli I can only say that your taste sucks or you are just bigging up the movie in order to show support for your fellow countrymen.

  20. I love you Shakira! Excellent..

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