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African – Nigerian Movie review

Sincerity ~ 2009
Story – Stanley Ebonine
Screenplay – Ruth Kadiri
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna

Oge Okoye – Joanne
Yemi Blaq – Chris
Amaechi Muonagor – Chief Ezekwe
Ruth Kadiri – Adanna
Chioma Toplis – Juliet
Angela Okorie – Becky
Collin Richards – David
Nneka Okonkwo – Precious
Nwosu Diligence – Nnachi
Chigozie Atuanya – Rowland

Family Relationships
Dehumanisation of house help
“Saving Face”

My Rating – 76%

Adanna is the cherished only daughter of Chief Ezekwe. Being the only girl in the midst of three boys that are studying in the US she is the apple of her father’s eye and he will do anything for her. This all changes when she falls pregnant two months before she is supposed to go to the US herself to study at the prestigious Harvard university.

Adanna goes to have an abortion at a hospital that her father built and is refused. The news gets back to her parents and all hell breaks loose in her house. They order her to take them to the house of the one who is responsible for the pregnancy and she takes them to a guy called Chris’ house.

Chris immediately denies even knowing Adanna in front of her parents as he has just recently proposed to his girlfriend Joanne and this will obviously complicate matters. Her father is very angry and leaves her there in Chris’ compound after disowning her. She has no choice but to stay there and endure the hell that she is about to be put through by Chris and his girlfriend too when she is let in on his indiscretion.


I don’t know how Adanna didn’t figure out that her father would know she was pregnant when she was refused the abortion. She must have suspected something was up but we never see any evidence of this. When her father comes into the house angry and screaming her name she is bounding towards him joyfully like she can’t see the man is full of rage. She is portrayed as naïve but this is beyond naivety and into the realm of stupidity.

There is a huge focus in the movie on how the pregnancy affects the parents and their good name as opposed to how the pregnancy will affect Adanna, after all she is the one that has to deal with the pregnancy and the resulting baby. This is very common in Nollywood and perhaps reflective on Nigerian society in general whereas one family member’s action reflects on the whole family. On finding out Adanna is pregnant her mother exclaims, “You have killed me!” Her father wails, “You have brought me shame!”

In the scene where Adanna sees her mother on the roadside you would think she would take that time to confide in her, after all her mother tells her that she has long forgiven her. Instead she makes it out like she and Chris are a couple and that she is only looking rough because he lost his job. Was she trying to save face to show her family she can a amount to being more than a “slut” as her father called her or was she trying to protect her mother from her father’s wrath?

After Chris confesses his infidelity to Joanne they agree they agree that he will take her in as a house girl. Joaanne tells Adanna that she is welcome to stay as long as she likes providing that she undergoes a D& C. Why would Adanna agree to performing such when Joanne behaves in such a vile way towards her? However despite the abuse she does stay because she has nowhere else to go having been disowned.

Joanne plots on how to teach Adanna a lesson, rather than focusing on the guy that cheated on HER, This is common in Nollywood and among all women in general. It is preposterous to think that a person who did not know that you even existed and has no loyalty to you deserves punishment over a man that made promises to be faithful to you and broke that commitment. Nevertheless Joanne is soft on her man and hard on Adanna. Talking about Adanna to her friends she says,

“She cannot come to reap where she did not sow. I will show her.”

In another scene Chris goes beserk when he catches Adanna hugging a young man at his front gate. What kind of rubbish is that? It seemed like he and Joanne wanted to get rid of her so you would have thought that that would have been their perfect opportunity but instead they flog her. What is their business? I would have expected Joanne to get upset with his minding so much about another chick getting caught with a guy, but she seemed oblivious to the implications and joined in on the flogging. She should have delighted in such an incident taking place and encouraged Ada since she seemed so scared of Chris being snatched from her.

We see how one act namely the act of Chris and Adanna having sexual intercourse can change one’s life forever. Chris exclaims, “I planned my whole life now it has been blown apart.” There is a serious message on display here which to have safe sex with casual partners as well as the warning that one must think about the consequences of ones actions before undertaking the action.

The result of that singular action is that Ada has been disowned. She is pregnant with no support from her family and being abused by the man that got her pregnant and his girlfriend. Chris has to support two women and is at risk of jeopardising the relationship with his fiancée, and also his son in the future if he continues to maltreat Adanna. Joanne has to deal with another woman and child in what would have been her marital home. The effects are devastating and wide reaching.

I am loving Ruth Kadiri. The only other time I saw her was in Wild and Dirty which incidentally she also did the screenplay for as well as starring in. She played the inoocent, naive girl very well which was greatly helped because she does have an innocent look about her.

Amaechi Muonagor was on point. He was excellent as the strict father. My favourite scene of his was when he dumps Adanna in Chris’ compound. The dialogue, his expressions… The whole scene was very realistic.

The character development in the case of Chris was done very well. His character was complex in that is he is not an all bad person but a person that does bad things due to circumstance, and trying to keep Joanne happy. We see him gradually begin to ponder upon his actions and revaluate his behaviour.

One major boo boo for me was a scene in part 2 when Chris is mulling over and regretting his actions towards Adanna and they have someone else doing the voice over…. Ohhh noooooo! BOOO BOO! The voice is not even similar. The accent is thick and the guy stumbles over half his words. Why couldn’t they just get Yemi to do the voiceover? Chimoooo!

Another weird thing that happened was when Oge is arguing with Chris and calls out BASTARD. The word was bleeped out Jerry Springer style. I’ve never seen that happen before and I’ve heard the word bastard in other movies. Are the censors getting strict or what?

There was a good use of music to set mood and build dramatic tension without being overbearing. We see this effective use of music to build tension in the scene where Chris finds the heavily pregnant Ada passed out after being poisoned by Joanne.

I would recommend this movie. It was highly enjoyable and after all the trash I have been watching it was like a breath of fresh air. The picture and sound were good and even though the story wasn’t original it was executed well. I thought the cast did a great job and there were no weak links. By the end of part 2 the movie does not end and no sign of Chigozie Atuanya either so no doubt there will be a continuation. Not really a big fan of dragging out movies into so many parts, but I’ll definitely be looking out for it as this was one of the better movies of this year for me. THUMBS UP! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota


I finally got to watch parts 3 & 4. I really liked this movie and they really ended it off nicely, no open questions. Ruth Kadiri was excellent as Adanna she is definitely one to watch out for. One thing that did bug me though was when Adanna throws her boyfriend out of the house, where was that? It didn’t look like the same living room in Chris’ house and that was where she was living.

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  1. gud job nolly…i'm off 2 watch dis as soon as i lay my hands on it…will let u knw wat i think afterwards. hav a great thanksgiving!!!

  2. well d movie sounds intrestin bt wil lyk 2 watch it before makin further comment.dnt really ve access 2 watchin films for kip up d gud job

  3. It was a great movie, Oge okoye was just unstoppable in that movie, she was muah……from the looks to the acting, there is one hot girl there too. Wow she looks like a model, she is Angela Okorie AKA Becky. I rate the movie 85% overall. It was a great movie

  4. "SINCERITY" is a beautiful movie!

    What can I say Yemi Blaq was pheunominal!!

    Ruth Kadiri (Adannah) played really well and I must say I really enjoyed this movie.

    7.5 out of 10!!! Nice movie!!

  5. ruth kadiri says:

    would like to know why you said the story isnt original. i think nollywood forever is doing a good job.not easy sitting down to review movies. tumb up and send me a reply.

    • Hi Ruth… Thank you for coming by. I say the story is not original because the general outline is one that is very common in Nollywood, that is to say the girl that falls pregnant by a guy doesn't want her and getting disowned by her family. On the flipside there were elements of originality and it was on the whole very well executed. I thought you were great in it… Kudos!

  6. First of I wanna say I totally LOVE your blog. I am also a sucker for nollywood movies (and now even gollywood movies) which has resulted in a lot of mocery from my friends, cause they believe life is too short to watch nollywood movies :-D!However your reviews are always to the point and so many times I just think to myself "A sister speaking right from my heart indeed"!So,back to the point I wanted to make with this comment…when you wrote the part about how you didn't understand why they used this deep, heavy-accent layered voice that seemed to be tumbling over its own words for yemi blaq's thoughts I just had to burst into laughter, cause I totally thought the same thing when I watched the movie and even initially thought it was a mistake and they would change it back to his real voice later…but unfortunately, nollywood wouldn't be nollywood, right?! I actually have seen the other parts 3 & 4 and I really thought the movie had great potential, but then obviously the curse of "too many parts spoil a movie that started off great"-syndrome caught up with the storyline and got a little confusing and unrealistic in the end. However I totally agree with your review and it was still a movie worth the watch. THANKS for your great blog that always keeps me laughing and interested in new movies coming out. keep it up! great work!

    • Thanks Chii for coming by and I really appreciate your support! how can life be too short to watch Nollywood… A beg… tell your friends that they should mind themselves.

      That voiceover Yemi Blaq's thoughts was just the weirdest thing ever! I would really like to hear how that came about.

  7. i am a sucker for nigerian movies, i am just missing the good actors who is now behind the scene
    whats up with that?

    • Sunshine says:

      I completely agree. I too am a Caribbean woman who find that the standards and actors skills are getting worse and the bad scripts don't help either. I find that some of the actors are more into being seen, their clothing, hairstyles and who they can get married to than giving a good performance plus what's up with all the European names and the constant rice dishes….. C'mon stick with the African culture….we appreciate it very much in the West.

  8. nollywood is losing their touch and their audiences
    here in the usa and carribbean islands.

  9. Nice recommendation NF. I totally enjoyed this movie. I also got your take about Rukky playing her long suffering part to the hilt. Hope to see her in more movies.

    Overall, I would agree with you but just felt that way too much power and authority was given to the dad (especially in this modern age).

    Also, there something a bit worrying that the only time he will forgive his daughter is when calamity befell her. That just felt hypocritcal considering the vehement opposition previously.

    Another thing that I found disturbing is the fact that the mother will obey her husband to the point of basically being devoid of maternal solicitude. C'mon, your only daughter for chrissakes and you are satisfied with just seeing her once along the way in so many years. Scondly, I felt like slapping the dad when he said he was secretly visiting the granddaughter. I just thought, this has to be the height of selfishness. Not allowing your wife to enjoy her grandkid but you having fun on the down low.

    One last thing, Is it me or something? Ithought Rukky was meant to go back to school just after she had the baby, how come she was still in school when the child was shown to be about 8 years old. Did they get the timing wrong or something?
    Otherwise, a lovely movie bar the distracting tackinness of the producer putting his phone number in the opening and closing credits 🙂

    • Rukky, Do you mean Ruth???

      Yes I know what you mean about the character of the father. the end bit was weird when he said that he had been visititng the child at the school. How would the child have never mentioned it to her parents?

      I didn't notice the school discrepancy… Hmm that is true!

  10. Yep. My bad. I meant Ruth not Rukky

  11. morenikeji adekunle says:

    what is the continuation of sincerity title

  12. ok nolly am on my way 2 watch dis!!tnx babes hbope i get the 1-4 tho!!!

  13. Ohh nolly!!spot on ma lof!!loved it havnt finishd it sha bt am liking it

  14. Hello Nolly,

    saw this movie yesterday and really enjoyed. I liked this new girl Ruth Kadiri and Oge Okoye is bringing her A game too. Nothing like actors who can actually speak decent English and have good diction without the useless affected accent prevalent in Nollywood.

    There were a few downers for me first of which is Adanna's Mother's attitude, i dont know how a mother can just comply to her husbands wishes when the life and future of her daughter is at stake. a lot of women would risk the wrath of the husbands for the child.

    Didnt understand Nonso and Chika Ike's part in the movie, i felt they were side plots that shd have been left well alone as it was more a distraction than anything else.

    I like ruth's friend, dont remember her name, but she played a really good side kick and is pretty too.

    • Adanna's mother more or less forsaking her child for a husband is sad and disappointing, but this ish really does happen! I didn't think it was far fetched when relating it to real life situations that people have endured.

  15. i love this film but i have a problem with it, it made me fall in love with ruth and yemi blaq.

  16. really love this movie but can’t get part 3 and 4 to watch.

  17. pls what role did Angela okorie play aka becky

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