Single Six

Single Six

Single Six African Movie Review

Year of Release: 2011
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay, Director – Pascal Amanfo
Producer – Abdul Salami Mumuni

Yvonne Okoro – Titania
Ebi Bright – Yolanda
Beverly Afaglo – Kendra
Prince David Osei – Quincy
John Dumelo – Brad
Zynell Lydia Zuh – Zila
Ciara Zita Galega – Kristine
Eunice Ohene – Bibi
MzBel – Serena
Eddie Watson – Tony
Adjetey Anang – Hanks
Timothy Bentum – Wayne

Marriage Rating – 72%


In the bustling city of Accra this movie follows the lives of six single working ladies climbing the career ladder but all feeling unfulfilled. Titania is a grocery store owner played by Yvonne Okoro. She is 31 and desperate to get married. Yolanda played by Ebi Bright too is 31 and super rich. Kendra Williams (Beverly Afaglo) is a fearless unit commander of the police’s anti crime division. Zila (Zynell Lydia Zuh) has been planning weddings for the better part of six years, as a wedding planner and events consultant yet she yearns to plan her own. Kristine Adams (Ciara Zita Galega) is a consultant oncologist is a hospital. Serena Rowlands Mills (Mzbel) is a top actress. All these women are friends and they have 2 things common. They are all single women looking for the man of their dreams.

It is not long before most of them become involved with men. Hanks played by Adjetey Annang sweeps Yolanda of her feet after meeting at a jewellery auction, real estate millionaire Quincy begins dating Kristine, Kendra meets detective Brad Anderson on the job, Serena dances into the arms of a producer/director, while Zila falls in love with her neighbour who has a girlfriend. Will there be a happily ever after?


The beginning of the movie makes a bold statement. It states:

“No nudity… No sex… Thanks enjoy”

I guess Abdul got fed up of all the abuse people were hurling at him for his new role as a porn producer. That was pretty funny. I guess if Venus Productions is pulling out as porn producers supreme then that must mean a beginning to the end of nudity in Ghanaian movies. Let us watch this space.

There was a narrator in this movie and I liked the touch it added. Sometimes narration doesn’t work or it adds no value. Here it worked. The picture quality and editing were faultless. One thing you have to give Abdul is that the picture quality is always top notch. The move between scenes is seamless and the editing always adds value of the general enjoyment of the movie even when the script or other elements in the movie are bad.




Titania gets her dream guy who is a famous footballer. It is her dream romance. Titania’s friends behave like haters. One asks her why the guy would be in love with her,

“He’s a celebrated world class footballer… And you are what? A middle class grocery store owner… That doesn’t exactly sound like a dream romance to you.”

Heeeell no woman! What a hater. We here at would have told that hater to keep her observations to herself.

Titania is very diplomatic simply saying,

“You know what they say. It takes finding love to believe in it.”

It is almost as if she understands her friend’s pessimistic attitude and accepts this kind of “hateration” as part and parcel of the friendship.


Titania’s friends disagree with her keeping secrets to get her man down the aisle. She has an outburst, screaming at them,

“I am 31 going on 32 and I am fucking desperate. I need a man. I need a man to be with. A man who will love me a man I can call my own. A man I can build a home with… And no matter who you wake up with until you find that man your life will be incomplete”

Do you agree with her? She is so desperate that she is even willing to deny her child.


Titania has a huge secret that she has not told her soon to be husband. Uh oh! Do you think that on finding out the secret he would be within his rights to break up with her? When is the right time to tell someone that you have a child particularly if they do not live with you? Uh oh she calls her own daughter ” A relative” Titania seems to despise her daughter but why does she think Tony’s love will disappear if she has a child. After all she is 31 it’s not totally inconceivable that she could have a child. She says to Bibi in one scene,

“I would be happy if you just didn’t exist.”

How can a mother say that to her child? I really felt her pain. Eunice Ohene really brung it as Bibi. Good Job. Yvonne Okoro is a natural actress. Whenever she plays a role is always believable. Her smile lights up the screen. However I wasn’t feeling the dark side of Titania. The character wasn’t well developed enough for me to believe that her character was so black and white and no inbetween.


Titania’s proposal from Hank and following outburst showing her friends her vulnerability and desperation has the knock on effect of making the women think about their own relationships and taking them to the next level. Zila actually goes and introduces herself to the neighbour that she has been lusting over and the other women begin to talk to their men about marriage and where their relationships are heading.

Memorable Scene

When I saw Zila’s neigbour arriving at lunch with a “guest” I screamed at the TV aaaw hell no! It was distraught for her and could feel her pain but at the same time the scene was hilarious! I loved her eventual outburst and what gave me the most joke was how the fiancée just kept gobbling her food through most of it!

“What kind of man in his sane mind gets invited to a lunch by a young unattached single woman who is sex starved and shows up at the door with his loud mouth can’t cook a meal fiancée who for all the diamonds in the world can’t just shut up!”

Nollywood Forever Says What?

How are you going to tell a dude that you are preggers whilst smoking a fag? Say What?

How is that your man is choking and you are screaming for your daughter/ slave to come and bring him water instead of getting it yourself when its right next to you? Say What?

How can a woman allow her daughter to stay with a father that she knows rapes her and not do anything about It. Say What? I was surprised that Titania got rid of the dude considering everything else she let slide.


I liked the movie and would recommend it. It was a feel good chick flick something like an Ghanaian Sex In The City; very predictable but definitely entertaining to watch. The ending reminded me of Reloaded and was to a certain extent predictable. For instance I knew that Yolanda was going to get conned. It was so obvious. Ladies be careful how you let a man win you over with money. He might just be using that first carrot to lure you in and then do you over. Always look into one’s character first. That is’s warning. Don’t let the bling bling turn you stupid.

I loved the shot close to the end of the movie with all six girls on top of the hill. No words were even needed to convey the meaning. I did feel however that there should have only been 3 or 4 girls featured and not 6 so that the more interesting stories could have been explored in more depth and the less so ones just discarded. Half of the time I couldn’t remember Kristines storyline or who she was. It was a nice feel good ending and although not all the woman got what they wanted there was still a ray of hope for all the women who are still single that there are decent men out there. Thumbs Up.

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  1. This was an interesting movie…In my opinion I think Ghana is really doing well with their acting. I still love Nigerian movies but I think they need to really dump SOME of their actors and actresses.

  2. It was an OK movie, predic
    table but still entertaining.pray tel
    l why must African movies use English names.what happened to all the beautiful African names out there

  3. Nancy Achapa says:

    Such a nice movie.Abdul Salaam no go carry last ooh!

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