Sinking Heart

Sinking Heart

Sinking Heart – 2011
Story, Screenplay and Director – Kensteve Anuka
Producer- Desmond Uchenna Ndiribe

Nikki Samonas – Anas
John Dumelo – Eric
Artus Frank – Chris
Too Sweet – Sagoe
Martha Ankomah – Jessie
Salma Mumin – Amanda
Laquita Lawson – Landlady

Internet Romance

NollywoodForever.Com rating – 65%


Anas played by Nikki Samonas has a boyfriend called Clem who has been studying abroad. When he decides to stay an additional year to complete his Masters Degree she decides that she can no longer put her life on hold waiting for him. She meets a guy called Eric played by John Dumelo at the club and begins to date him. Sagoe played by TooSweet (Which kind foolish name be this?) is a guy that Anas has been chatting to online. One day he finds himself at her front door without her even giving him the directions and they too begin dating. Chris is new to Accra and bumps into Anas when he crashes his bicycle into her friend’s stationary car. She takes him into her home and bandages up his wounded leg for him. She has her reservations about letting him get to know her due to his downtrodden economic status, but they soon become close. Soon Anas has a three way vie for her affections from all three men. Who will be the one to win her heart?


Performances by the Cast

The chemistry between Nikki and Artus was fantastic. The relationship build up was slow and believable. They both seems so giddy and in love after breaking her virginity. It was nice to see a pure love, one not tainted with materialism and parents wishes etc. Salma Mumin who played Amanda the cousin can’t act to save her life. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. She is pretty dreadful and watching her squeeze those few lines out was painful. Who is this TooSweet guy? Does anyone know his real name? He is hot!


The story was a good one but the timelines with regards to Chris and Amanda meeting and the wedding etc just didn’t add up. Amanda talks about having sex with him just two weeks ago but then on the other hand she has just come into the country and they met 4 months ago and then in another instance it is mentioned that they met 2 years previously. It just didn’t add up at all. Then there was the ridiculousness of Anas now being a detective and investigating Chris for drugs. LAWDHAMMERCY this whole bit was comedic to say the least.

The Twist

I did not see the twist coming at all. I wouldn’t ever have thought that what would happen happened. The question is why? And to go to that extent was just crazy. I did like the twist but at the same time I did find it a little far fetched and the way in which it was portrayed unrealistic.


Anas’ best friend Jessie played by Martha Ankomah is horrified that her best friend is giving a “pauper” the time of day,

“Anas are you insane? You gave your number to a bicycle rider?”

“You know I don’t usually make friends with lowlifes but he looks pretty cool.”

“Anas if I see you hanging out with that riff raff I mean the bicycle rider we are over.

“Are you a lesbian?”

This scene made me laugh. Jessie was like a best friend who acts like a controlling husband. If her friend wants to go out with a broke ass, what is it really her business anyway?

Nollywood Forever Says What?

What chick is going to see a guy she has been chatting to online appear at her door without a moments notice and then welcome him in the house with open arms and not immediately question how he found the address? Say What? And to top off the stupidity she tells him that she is home alone and that everyone is abroad? In what lifetime? Pure stupidness and he still doesn’t tell her exactly how he found her. What a stupid girl.

What on earth was up with doing the flashbacks in an old film style? Say What? That didn’t make sense to me. It didn’t add anything to the viewing experience in fact it positively detracted from it.


I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it. The acting on the whole was good, the story was engaging and the twist I didn’t see coming, on the downside it wasn’t wholly original and the timelines were all skewiff. Nevertheless thumbs up.

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  1. For once we have the same rating for a movie, well… not exactly the same but a close one I gave it a 6.75 out of 10 which is a 68% I guess.

    I couldn't wrap my head around the timing either, I think they lost track of what they were saying in the movie.

  2. @NollywdREinvntd Yes indeed it all started going a bit pear shaped at the end when the time lines kept contradicting themselves every other sentence! Was still an enjoyable watch though!

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