Sinking Sands

sinking sands

Sinking Sands African Movie Review

Year of Release: 2011
Story/Screenplay – Leila Djansi
Director – Leila Djansi
Producers – Leila Djansi, Tonita Perry, Theodore Baidoo

Ama K Abrese – Pabi
Jimmy Jean Louis – Jimah Samson
Yemi Blaq – Dr Zach Matthews
Chris Attoh – Mensah
Grace Nortey – Grandma
Doris sackitey – Mrs Dodou
Akosua Agyepong – Mama May

Domestic Violence
Physical Disfigurement

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 91%


Tragedy strikes for happily married newlyweds Pabi and Jimah when a domestic accident involving hot oil leaves his face horrifically disfigured with second degree burns. Jimah struggles to accept that he is irrevocably scarred and the devoted loving husband that she once knew is emerges angry and abusive monster, seemingly intent on driving her away.


This is the first time I am seeing Ama K Abrese in a movie and I have to give her a round of applause. She conveyed emotion perfectly. Her character was a very unassuming woman so it would be interesting to see her in another role. I can’t wait to see her in Ties That Bind. Jimmy Jean Louis was fantastic, as was Yemi Blaq as the doctor.

Picture & Soundtrack

Beautifully shot, great music that brilliantly emphasised the emotion being conveyed inthe scene. Was particularly effective in the burning scene along side the haunting screams. Wow powerful! It was wonderful to watch the relationship between Pabi and Jimah develop and made the fall out all the more heartbreaking to witness. The scar was very well done. You can tell that alot of work was put into making it look realistic. Kudos.

African Pride

The love scenes were wonderful. Alaba market producers take note! This is how a love scene should look look. Leila Djansi can show more skin than a typical nollywood movie and it still doesnt look smutty and cringeworthy, no grunting and the likes of Jim Iyke calling some poor sod a bitch, no brazillian hair stuck to a pancaked sweaty face, no ashy skin close ups, just glistening skin and two people showing love. PThe love scenes were perfectly shot. There was even a simulated oral sex scene and again very tastefully done.

I loved that true african beauty was showcased. Flawless deep dark brown skin and hair untouched by creamy crack and brazilian disaster. It truly was a sight to behold. NO bleach. Omg was like a complete Nollywood rarity. Ghana was showcased marvelouslly too with the flag flown high, ankara proudly worn and  cultural references throughout.


Domestic Violence

The first time jimah puts his hands on Pabi it is als almighty slap and he apologises straight away, smothering her in kisses. This seems to be a pretty much common behaviour for women batterers.

Did some of his anger stem from the feelings on inadequacy he always felt as a result of his father never showing that he was proud of him? I felt that although he appeared the loving and devoted boyfriend the violence did not come out of nowhere. He had the anger and frustration within him and I saw it at the dinner date that they had when she tells him about the teaching fellowhip program. And he asks her “why wouldn’t I be happy?”

I found the violence in this movie way more realistic than that of Damage. I dont think they necessarily showed more but the screams were more effective as was the acting. The look of terror on Ama Abrese’s face was highly effective in conveying the volatility of the situation without actually needing to show the fist connect with the face.

Physical Disfigurement

It was horrible the way in which people stared at jimah, even those that know him. He is also discriminated against and refused his job as a teller on account of the bank not wanting to make customers uncomfortable. He is offered a job in a mail room which angers him even more. All attempts from his wife to appease him end up in him lashing out.

Rape in Marriage

Can a husband rape a wife? So many Africans think no but hell yes he can. What we saw in the movie was rape. It was only a short scene but very emotional. Ama Abrese is excellent at making the viewer feel her pain.

Memorable Quote:

“Pabi you are the straw in my cocunut.”

Chei see love ehn!

Isnt this wondiaful! I have NO SAY WHAT’s!


A wonderful movie that I would recommend in a heartbeat. This shows to all those narrow-minded people that believe that you need glitz, glamour and brazilian weave to make a good movie that you DO NOT. The rawness in the movie was breathtaking and to be applauded. The acting was on point as was the cinematography. Grab ya copy! NOW

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  1. I found this movie very boring. And I do not think the girl could act. Her voice was very flat and was not in anyway modulated. The cinematograpghy might have been good but really, movies are supposed to entertain abeg. I found the character’s foolishness in the movie very silly. All of them refused to grow. In the end, what was the point of the movie. I watched it at the cinema and I felt like a waste of my money.

  2. Best movie ever! I love, ilove, love it, just simply love it! Damn!! I don’t even know where to begin, the setting, continuity,casts,scenes,picture quality, the African touch, et al…. I just Loooooovvvvveeeeeee!!!! Thums up! Kudos!!

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