Sister’s Blood

Sister's Blood

African Nigerian Movie Review
Sister’s Blood – 2010
Story/ Screenplay – Chinwe Eboh
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – George Edmund

Mike Ezuruonye – Oscar
Oge Okoye – Stella
Clarion Chukwurah – Angelina
Fabian Adibe – Fabian
Mary Uranta – Jane
Victor Ogugua – James Dudu
Somtoo Ekeocha – Junior
Saraphina Amaechi – Chioma

Responsibility to Family
Village Life
Juju Rating – 83%

Angelina played by Clarion Chukwurah lives in poverty in the village and is determined that none of her 5 daughters suffer the same fate. She is determined that all her daughters should marry rich men and rejects any suitors that come that she deems unworthy. Her daughter Stella, played by Oge Okoye brings home two different suitors which she rejects and it is only when she brings home Oscar, played by Mike Ezuruonye who has the appearance of wealth that she accepts him as her daughter’s future husband. It is when Oscar loses his wealth that Angelina starts causing big wahala.


Stella’s mother Angelina is despicable. She is all smiles when the money is there but when the couple have financial difficulties instead of providing unconditional support as a mother should her greed causes her to abuse her daughter and husband Oscar. On finding out that they are having financial difficulties she packs the gifts back that she brought for them,

“When things change for you people and there is money again you can inform me”

What a heartless woman! She doesn’t even seem to care that there is a child involved, her grandchild and when things do improve then she will want to chop from the same plate again. Nonsense. Angelina is way is too greedy she does not even want to acknowledge her own grandson unless there is money involved.

We see the difference in attitude between the way Angelina treats the man that has been to “obodo oyibo” (the white man’s land) compared to the man with the battered car. The man with the battered car is not even afforded respect as a human being. She does not even attempt to greet him until she runs outside of the compound to see what the car looks like to see if he is worthy of talking to. How razz is that? The man that arrives in the big car with bags of gifts is immediately welcomes and praises rained upon him. She doesn’t even know what the man is about or his intentions. He could be a 419 scammer for all she knows. Because someone has money does not make them respectable.

Angelina to her sister when she comes to confront her about throwing Stella’s prospective suitor out for driving a battered car,

“If you choose to live and die in poverty is that my business. As far as I am concerned none of my daughters will marry a wretched man.”

Angelina is so stubborn and will not budge on the fact that her daughters should marry rich men no matter how many times she is confronted, and despite the fact that she herself did not marry a rich man. The girl’s father. Angelina’s husband Fabian adds some balance to his wife’s outrageous look on marriage. His view on whom his daughters choose to marry is very contrary to their mother’s. He tells them,

“Anybody you choose to be your life’s partner all I have to do is give my blessing. All I want you to do is be happy.”

To which Angelina replies,

“I beg can there be happiness without money?”

She is so consumed with money that she does not allow herself to live her life and be happy.

When Stella brings Oscar home her sister Jane is hit with jealousy that her sister has brought home a man that looks to be more wealthy that hers and so will increase favour in their mother’s eyes. Siblings are pitted against each other based on whose significant other can provide the most money for a greedy and useless mother.

Responsibility To Family
It is like no matter what Stella does her mother will not be satisfied. She had men that she wanted to marry but was prevented from doing so because her mother deemed them unfit enough to cater for their entire extended family. When Stella does marry a rich man still her mother finds things to pick at. The fact that Stella even has a house girl infuriates her mother. She exclaims,

“House Help? Stella don’t tell me that you employed this girl, a house girl when you have sisters back in the village?”

Despite the fact that she sends her mother money for her sister’s school fees in the village is not enough,

“Stella is it only their school fees you are going to pay? Don’t you know that your sisters also need all this township exposure”

How far is too far? Especially if a couple have children of their own. How much of the burden should Stella be expected to carry. It is as if her mother feels that they should be catered to even more than Oscars own family. She claims that he should not even be supporting any of his sisters because they too should go and find their own rich men.

Not only is Angelina hella greedy but she is a hypocrite to. You are not rich and you married a poor man but you will not allow your daughters do the same. When Stella’s husband Oscar falls on hard times financially. She tries to lambast Stella into leaving him. I was so glad when Stella confronted her mother’s hypocrisy head on,

“Why didn’t you leave your husband when he got blind?”

“Because he’s my husband and I love him”

“Ooooh… Because you love him. That same reason is making me stick to my husband because I love him.”

Stella did well in standing up to her mother and she was right. Stella’s sister Chioma also stands up to her mother when she makes food for everyone but Stella saying that Stella won’t eat because she doesn’t contribute. Chioma tells her mother,

“Sister Stella normally brings food for us when she had money… Mama you forget things easily”

Mama has to accept responsibility for the fact that Stella and her husband resorted to rituals. If you place such a heavy weight on greed and materialism in your children you cannot act surprised when they behave true to form. It served her right.

I would highly recommend the movie. It is worth watching. Love love love Clarion Chukwurah. I need to see her more, she excels in every role I see her in. Mike Ezuruonye and Oge Okoye did well too. They were wholly believable as a couple. I enjoyed the movie. It did a very good job in highlighting the negative aspects associated with greed and what the bitter end can be when your life is consumed by it. Thumbs UP!

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  1. Hey Nolly,

    Where do you usually get these movies… I would love to buy the really nice ones but I live in Canada and it's realy hard to come by… Do they have them online?


  2. Kemi Penelope says:


    could you do your U.S readers a favor (Plzzzzzzzz)…whenever known, could you also include the repackaged name…because sometimes I could be looking for a movie to buy online, only to find that it was staring me in the face…

    Thank you very much

  3. Thought this movie ended as a dream something like Emerald or perhaps it was another one.

  4. *the *chatterbox* says:

    thanks for the review…i watched on tv this week and i enjoyed. i had issues with the lighting and sound (esp when clarion was ranting/shouting)…and the ending could have been better. Overall a good movie with lessons to be learnt.

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