Solid Affection

Solid Affection

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Directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka

Story by Oluma Okonkwo

Screenplay by Tai-Emaka Obasi






Ramsey Noah – Stanley

Oge Okoye – Sandra

Uche Jombo – Patricia

Livinus Nnochiri – Igwe

John Paul Nwadike – Paul

Muma Gee – Jane

Hakeem Rahman – DPO

Vitalis Ndubuisi – Jona

Cassandra Odita – Christy

Florence Onuma – Florence





Themes explored in the film






 My Rating 52%




Stanley has recently graduated from college and is unemployed. His father is constantly on his case about him finding a job. He does find a job with good pay as assistant to a company CEO. The future looks bright; however all that glitters is not gold.


Sandra and her older sister are at loggerheads. Sandra is a born again Christian and is determined to expose her sister as receiving funds through dishonourable means to their parents.


Here are two separate families that are brought together in more than one way.


If you have not watched this film, you may want to stop reading here.



Stanley and Sandra both find themselves employed at Nepa Surulere where senior bosses are defrauding money. They find out and then collect evidence to present to the EFCC in Abuja. However their plan is found out and everybody who has something to gain from the fraud is trying to put a stop to them getting to the EFCC office in Abuja.


Stanley and Sandra are the two main characters and both born again Christians. The Christianity agenda was pushed at every given opportunity and grew to be quite tiresome. Although the aims were to paint Christians in a good light, I just didn’t buy it. It made Christians look like sheep who are unable to think or have any opinion (in my opinion) It didn’t paint Christians in a good light to me.


Stanley‘s boss is trying to embark on a sexual affair with him. When he refuses her advances he gives his reason as,


“I can’t I’m a Christian.”


Why couldn’t he say,


“No I don’t want to. I don’t even know you and I don’t believe in casual sex.”


Just saying that you are a Christian does not give a proper answer. It as if you have no brain and have been dictated to… speaking of the verb “dictate”


In one scene Stanley’s boss asks him to be a gentleman and put her jacket on for her. Why did the fool Ramsey look like he’s just been asked to shoot a new born baby? He just stares dumbfounded and doesn’t move. His boss Jane then says,


“Do I dictate hesitation?”


Huh DICTATE? How the hell do you dictate hesitation, if your name ain’t Fidel or Gadaffi? I had to rewind the make sure I heard correctly… Who wrote this script? Oh yeah it was IKECHUKWU ONYEKA. They must have told her to say detect (I would hope anyway.)



So mixed in with all the Christianity stuff was the lesbian storyline. This is getting really common in Nollywood now. Funny, a film about a man to man sexual relationship cannot make it past the censors but all this lesbian stuff is being churned out week in week out.


Ramsey loses his job pretty quickly for not wanting to sleep with his boss. She does refer him onto another company though. I didn’t see what the point of that was as the whole point for sacking him was to punish him for not paying ball, by giving him a job at another company and letting him keep the car and house that he was given, where is the punishment?


Stanley‘s new job is as an account manager. His secretary is played by Oge. On her first day Stanley asks,


“Why are you late?”


She then says something about traffic. He then says,


“Are you a Christian?”


Surely there had to be a better way to let the viewer know that they are both born again?


The Christian agenda is pushed all the way through the film. We see one of the police Sergeants that had been instructed to kill Stanley let him go. Stanley asks him why he was freeing him and he replies,


“I am a practising Christian.”


The whole thing is like an advertisement for the church.


A big two hour plus advert.


After the Sergeant frees Stanley, he and Sandra take refuge in a church. They have escaped death and have been given food by the church’s pastor. The good Christians that they are (as has been shoved down the viewer’s throats the whooooole film) they get straight to gobbling and don’t even say grace! SHOCKER! Then to top it off Sandra AKA Virgin Mary (As her sister Patricia refers to her) talks of wanting to see the fraudsters at their workplace “hanged.” Such nice Godly talk? NONSENSE.


I preferred part 2 to Part 1. Part 1 was a little slow. Part 2 is where the tension picks up. We see Stanley and Sandra on the run with the Pastors nephew trying to get to Abuja by any means necessary. Every time it looks like they just might make it something happens to deter them. The pace towards the ending was good, but at the same time the events highly unrealistic.


After making it to EFCC in Abuja they receive 10million each for being “patriots” The EFCC agents come back to Lagos to come and give Stanley’s dad 20 million compensation for reporting fraud in his company 20 years previously and being sacked for it. They also tell Stanley and Sandra they can have any job at any government office. YEAH RIGHT? How would all that happen? There was nothing about being honest or fighting criminals, they just kept bandying the word “patriot” around. It was really used incorrectly in this film.


It was a fairytale ending somewhat, but we never did see what happened with the Lesbian lovers, so that was disappointing considering they played a major role in the film. We never did find out exactly what Pat did for Jane was she just her toy girl? Who knows? Maybe there is a part 3-4. If there is I know I won’t be watching it!

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