Spirit Of Twins

Spirit Of Twins

Nigerian Movie Review
Spirit Of Twins ~ 2010
Story/ Screenplay – Ken Hadley Bestman
Director – Chibuzor Emelu
Producer – Ken Hadley Bestman

Actors & Actresses Starring:
Ngozi Ezeonu – Lady Victoria
Victor Osuagwu – Nduka
Sam Loco Efe – Tunde
Desmond Elliot – Chris
Emma Ayalogu – Pius
Uche Ogbodo – Angela
Uche Nwakuche O – Tonia
Godwin Edet – Peter
Ruby Orjiakor – Miriam
Ugom Ihedimbu – Chief Balogun

Themes Explored:
Sibling Rivalry
Family business

My Rating 30%

Twins Peter and Paul have been separated. Paul the tall confident twin stays with his mother in Nigeria to help her run the family business while Peter, the short, shy, insecure twin is sent to university in America to further his business knowledge. It was Lady Victoria’s wish that Peter return to Nigeria and take full reign of the business, however these plans are thrown into disarray when the unexpected happens and the brothers close bond torn apart.


The Character of Pius
Why is Pius such a bully? He featured in the movie quite a lot but his presence did not make sense to me. I can only assume that in the continuation his presence may start to make sense. The maid tells him, “Remember you were just an ordinary gardener.” It sounds like he was once upon a time on the same sort of level as the maids and was then given a position of authority. The whole thing reminded me of the Stanford Prison Experiment, where people put in a position of power instead of being empathetic to those that they are ruling over, in fact became the opposite; total tyrants. That would be the word I would use to describe Pius, tyrant.

Funny Scene
Paul tries to hook up Peter the shy brother with a chick. He does not know how to act around women and starts fidgeting nervously when put in front of Angela played by Uche Ogbodo. He cannot even look at her and instead looks to the sky, saying, “Look how burriful the sky is.” He then starts tapping his foot and when she asks him what he is doing he says that he is dancing to “internal music.” Too funny!

Portrayal of Being Drugged in Nollywood
Miriam drugs Chief Balogun in order to steal his money. She puts the drug in his drink and please tell me why the guys eyelids start drooping as soon as the liquid touched his lips. To me that is not realistic at all. The guy has not even swallowed let alone had enough time for the drug to hit the bloodstream. This is very common in Nollywood and it needs to change. As I have said before RESEARCH IS KEY.

Say What?
We see Angela standing at the side of the road in tight ass skinny jeans and a bright yellow spaghetti strap vest. Peter gives her a lift and she tells him that she is on her way to an interview. What? Who goes to an interview dressed like that? Unless it is for a prostitute or fashion model?

I must add that Uche Ogbodo has lost a bit of weight and looks absolutely fantastic. The last time I saw her I believe was in the film Family Romance and she was looking over sloppy, now she is looking like a hottie. She even toned down the make up. Of course it was still in ya face but it wasn’t clownish like it normally is. Kudos to her.

Desmond Elliot is barely in this movie. The most he possibly features is about 5 minutes. He was put on the cover as a marketing ploy and it worked because that is why I bought it. *throwing rocks at those devious marketers*

I would not recommend the movie. It does not have any clear direction and different parts of the movie don’t even tie into other parts. At the end of part 2 the movie does not finish so no doubt there is a continuation to follow. Although the movie was kind of strange and pointless it was somewhat watchable with your finger on the fast forward button and funny in parts.

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  1. I remember twin is the name of a movie. i do not see it but it is my list.

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