Strange Act

Strange Act

Nollywood – Nigerian Movie Review
Strange Act ~2010


Story – Andrew Odiase
Screenplay – Ejike Chinedu Obim
Director – Ejike Chinedu Obim
Producer Andrew Odiase
Tumuchmony Productions

Actors & Actresses Starring:
Nonso Diobi – Ben
Yemi Blaq – Jason
Chika Ike – Anita
Ruth Kadiri – Tonia
Ikem Chude – Douglas
Adaku Ufereson – Angel
Tissy Nnachi – Tony
Patience Oseni – Agnes
Stanley Ebonine – Vincent

Themes Explored:
Haunted House
Domestic Violence

My Rating – 12%

Ben and Anita, played by Nonso Diobi and Chike Ike respectively, are exes who are reunited one day by a chance meeting in a restaurant. Ben is back from a long stay in the US, while in the meantime Anita has been married and widowed. Her husband died a mysterious death and she was blamed for it by his family. She however believes that the house that she lived in with her former husband, nicknamed House of Love was to blame as ever since then no one has lived there for more than two months before a death happening under mysterious circumstances. Ben was unaware of the house’s history and puts a down payment to rent the place.


The first sign that the house is haunted was when we see Tonia played by Ruth Kadiri stabbing herself in the stomach appearing to be in some weird sort of trance. So we find out that the house IS haunted, I couldn’t help but to think. SO WHAT? The movie is so pointless and uninspiring it will provoke this kind of reaction.

The production company name sounds like it fronts a bunch of money grabbing illiterates, especially when you consider the atrocity that is the movie Strange Act. Clearly they have no interest in making anything good, they just want to make anything put known names on the front and con people out of money. Why we even had to see Yemi and Adaku rolling around in bed was beyond me. It was totally unnecessary. They even put that nasty picture on the front cover to sell the movie, maybe they are trying to do “a Ghana” #epicfail

Domestic Violence
Even thought Jason didn’t kill his wife I was glad that he got arrested. If the house hadn’t have been haunted he probably would have killed her the way he was battering her about all the time. I wasn’t impressed with Tonia’s brother apologising so profusely to Jason. My friend! If you didn’t get him locked up he would have probably killed her so what are you apologising for?

This movie is a mess, so of course I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT! The first 10/15 minutes were actually ok. I wasn’t thinking it was top notch of course, but it appeared mediocre, watchable at least. Trust me it is not. The storyline with Nonso Diobi and Chika Ike kind of just gets forgotten about and then we see all these different couples that move into this haunted house and the fate that befalls them.

There seems to be no structure, as if the story was made up on the day and the rest was just improvised. The music was oftentimes way overdramatic and didn’t suit the scene. It would also be drowning out people as they were talking. There was a long ass party scene that had nothing to do with anything. It felt like they were just trying to pad the movie out the different stories doen’t gel. It all seems slapdash and patchwork. THUMBS DOWN

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  1. eww @ the movie poster…definitely not watching this…nonso diobi's movies just gimme a headache. and then CHIKA IKE…wow..this is one to watch out for…as in not to watch…

  2. lmao!


  3. why yemi blaq n nonso i understand chika she wants to be in anything bt come on man even the cover looks tacky!!! deffo nt gonna look at this one twice

  4. Run away from this movie.

  5. you guys wont believe this.

    this exact movie is called never cry!

    i started watching it and the storyline seemed to be similar./ came back here to confirm, lo and behold the rogues are selling this foolish movie under two different names!

    • Tammy didn't you see underneath the title I put the warning about the repackaging? chimooo you did not read well the first time!

      • my dear i was so grossed out by the poster i didnt even look properly.its just annoying.the movie is indeed a huge failure. another good point for "101 reasons to never see chika ike on my screen".i gave up about 30 minutes into it. the zombies at the start were so ridiculous they were funny, that was probably the most interesting part of the movie. Avoid!!!

        • I was just amazed that people had the nerve to actually ake this film, sit down and watch it and then actually RELEASE it and put their names to it, and then to add insult to injury they named it twice… Like it was New York… so not funny.


  1. […] Strange Act is a movie about spirits and a haunted house. You wouldn’t think that from the cover would you? I feel sorry for Yemi and the actress that is posing for this cover with him because I’m sure they would not want their images used in this way. What is the point of this cover? It has nothing at all to do with the story. This image comes from a part at the beginning of the movie where Yemi is caught in bed with another woman by his wife. This is by no means a focal point of the story. […]

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