Sweet Pain

Sweet Pain

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Sweet Pain ~ 2008
Repackaged as END OF THE GAME
Story/ Screenplay – Darlene Benson Cobham and Emem Isong
Director – Osita Okoli

Chidi Mokeme – Jake
Stephanie Okereke – Josephine
Justus Esiri – Josephine’s Father
Uche Jombo – Lillian
Enyinna Nwigwe – Philip
Esther Ifyibio – Paula
Ohaira Mcwizu – Isioma
Umoh Weeks – Ben
Ihuoma Nnadi – Mary
Lukeman Adewuyi – Policeman
Sylvester Coker – Doc

Themes Explored:
Unrequited Love

My Rating – 68%

Josephine is the apple of her widower father’s eye but the relationship between the two becomes strained when her father gets engaged to Lillian, her best friend. This development also sparks a rift between the best friends. Josephine believes that her friend is digging for gold and her friend maintains that she has always preferred older men and has found true love.

Josephine is angry on two accounts, the first that her best friend has been “stolen” away from her and the second, the embarrassment that her father is after a woman young enough to be his daughter.

Josephine takes her career very seriously and especially her role as CEO of her father’s company, so much so that her boyfriend barely gets time to see her and her employees are miserable and fed up of being maltreated by her. Lillian makes attempts to make peace with Josephine with no success, and at the same time she breaks up with her boyfriend for questioning her nasty attitude.

The more Josephine’s personal life falls into disarray the more she takes out on her anger and frustrations on employees at work. She fires a girl for calling in missing a day due to crippling period pains. When another employee’s (Jake’s) father dies she is highly unsympathetic and refuses to give him the requested 14 days to bury his father.

No one at work likes her, she has just dumped her boyfriend and is on bad terms with both her best friend and father when she is kidnapped. The question is WHO DUN IT?


Love Emem bad but hated the drawn out singing scene at the beginning of the movie. It seemed pointless like she was just trying to do Darlene a favour by showcasing her *yawn* singing. We see Darlene at a garden party singing, but yet there is a full backing track with ad libs, so the whole scene is not even based in reality and resembles a music video. I felt that if Emem and Darlene (since she also was involved in the script) wanted to promote Darlene’s music, then the beginning of the movie was not the place to do it. If it absolutely HAD to be in the movie they should have saved it for the end credits where we can all just switch off if we choose to.

The whole singing thing was kinda reminiscent of the drawn out Stella singing in a nightclub scenes in Behind Closed Doors (Oh yeah where on earth is Part 3?) except that was more appropriate because she was a main character and she was playing a club singer.

The sound in this movie is horrible… The soundtrack is much louder than the dialogue which means that your finger has to be constantly on the volume button if you don’t want your neighbours to come and smash your windows in revenge for noise pollution.

The dramatic and gripping scenes between Stephanie and Chidi made up for most of the movies flaws, and when they were locked in the room together we didn’t have to hear any overbearing brash soundtrack music. It was a very passionate convincing performance by Stephanie and an above average performance by Chidi.

The character development was good. We see a slow change in attitude from both Jake and Josephnie and exactly how it comes about. Jospehine is being broken down by Jake and even though she shows a vulnerable side she still has that tough attitude that does not completely leave her. At the same time we see Jake softening towards her when he sees her vulnerable side. Very often in Nollywood we see a character go from one extreme to another and no idea how it happened, so kudos to Emem and Darlene for the characterisation.

We see Jake try and break down Jospehine’s defences and expose her human side, through a series of “lessons.” When she gives him attitude we see him slap her across the face and tell her that she “needs to be greatful to god for [your] wealth and comfortable life.” This was funny to me… a kidnapper and woman beater telling someone about god. Na wa o!


Where does Josephine urinate when she is in that room for days and days? Jake is pumping her full of water and still no weeing, no bucket or even a mention of it.

Why does Jake carry out the kidnapping with the girl he had the one night stand with? He was supposed to be distancing himself from her. He knew that she wanted more with him and it could only turn out badly in the end.

At the end we see Daddy and Lillian together on an opposite sofa where Jake and Josphine are sitting. What Nigerian girl in Nigeria would be French kissing her man like that in front of her daddy? Not a peck full tongues? Eiwoooo!

I would recommend the film. The characterisation was good and there was a good build up of tension and suspense particularly in the scene where Jospehine first runs away from captivity. On the downside the film was kind of predictable that from the very beginning it was obvious that Jake and Josephine were going to be drawn together somehow some way. There were also too many fast forward moments, scenes in restaurants with music playing and no dialogue were common place and unnecessary.

**419 WARNING**

My film was sold as two parts when in fact on closer inspection it was a one part film split up and (Disc 1 and Disc 2) sold in separate packaging. Don’t fall prey to these tactics like I did. You have been warned!

Has anyone seen this film before? I would love to know. The back cover said 2008 but it didn’t feel like a new film to me. I have a feeling it is an old film that has being repackaged and sold under a different title. If anyone can confirm this please do!

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  1. Sgorgeous says:

    Nolly- You know I have seen this film…. You know your girl is on a roll. What are your questions? Let me go read and come back.

  2. Sgorgeous says:

    OK NF, I am back… I don't know whta year it came out. All I know it was after Stephanie's accident.

    As for her using the restroom- He would let her out to go use the restroom. Don't forget at one point she was running away and he caught her.

    The best friend- I don't know what she was thinking because she had already told her about the experiences she has had.

    Finally, I don't know where u are going to buy your DVD's. My own was all in one on one disc.

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    Stephanies accident was a while ago which means that this film is not 2008 like stated. Wasn't her accident 2006 or early 2007? Na wa! How long ago did u watch it and did it have the same title?

    How do you know she got let out to go to the restroom? I never saw that. She ran away when he entered the room to bring her water. She stood behind the door and then ran.

    The best friend? What experiences?

    I don't get DVD's. Here they sell VCD's and each part is separate. I was conned because there wasn't actually two parts, so both discs should have been in the same casing. It actually said disc 2. Only the Ghanaian shops sell DVD's.

    The best

  4. Sgorgeous says:

    Ummm… I don't know when she had her accident. Don't forget he let her use the bathroom before then. AS for the title now you will have to make me go look in my boxes and tell you. NF- na work you dey put me thru today….

    I buy all mine from Ghanians. They are the one who sell them pretty much around here.

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    Ah u see the ghanaians always have DVD… well the ones here do but its more than double the price so let me just stick to my vcd… I will await u digging through boxes! LOL

  6. Sgorgeous says:

    (LOL) That is why u are ending up with fake names and missing sections…

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    It is not missing sections its just u buy it on part 1 and 2 whereas the dvd they put it all in one… This how they come from Naija… I didnt see any dvds when i was ther only vcds!

  8. 1. I like this blog.
    2. Watch out for Cinemarketplace.com. It will soon be a good source for getting your films.

  9. This movie is nice……….

  10. nollywoodforever says:

    It was different… I liked it but it could have been much better than it was…

  11. The movie was also released as End of the Game

  12. Never heard of it but I will surely find out!

  13. Its an old movie Darling

  14. I loved and enjoyed the movie, Chidi & Stephanie makes a good combination and there is chemistry between the 2


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