Blood On Fire

Blood On Fire

Akamas played by John Okafor is wooing Felicia played by Queen Wokoma. She appears to be the perfect woman and Akamas is even the envy of his good friend Ebuka played by Junior Pope. Seeing their relationships makes junior want his own perfect woman. He wants to get married. However felicia isn’t the angel she appears to be and that soon becomes apparent when John loses his money in a bad deal and her attitude towards him changes completely. Ikenna played by Zubby Michael has just found out that he suffers from sickle cell anaemia and blames his parents for “bringing me into this world to suffer.” He becomes rebellious and violent towards his parents making their life a living hell.



Ifeoma was living a life of bliss, engaged to be married to Okechukwu. She always got on with Benita and Somto, his brother and sister that live with him in the city. She gets on with them so well you would believe that they are her own siblings. Once Ifeoma becomes Matthews’s wife her mother’s meddling ways puts her marriage in jeopardy…

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