Passionate Crime

Passionate Crime 1

Father Martins sends his son Paderi on a mission to seduce a woman called Uduak, make her fall in love with him and then ruin her before his ultimate goal which is to kill her. He also entices one of her friends Aisha, with money to help his evil plan come to fruition.

My Sweet Heart

My Sweet Heart

Desmond is in love with Ufoma and will not allow her to be with his friend in peace. He spends his time interrupting his former friend’s business meetings, causing scenes in public and continually pestering Ufoma. He can not seem to get over the betrayal that he feels his friend has committed. There is a history between the friends. And this is not the first time that trust between the two has been broken.

Emergency Wedding

Emergency Wedding Film cover

Joy and Odili are a married couple with two children. Odili was laid off his job over a year ago and so his wife Joy supports the family.

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