Save My Pride

Bill played by Mike Ezuruonye is an armed robber who robs a student at gunpoint after following her to a cashpoint and entering her car. It turns out that this same girl is his girlfriend’s sister and their mother has just died. They come face to face again in a chance meeting at a restaurant. As she flees the restaurant in shock he follows her in an attempt to reconcile. She is unflinching in her refusal to accept his apology. Will she reveal to her sister that he is an armed robber?

Crazy Romance

Both John and his wife Linda are having an affair with different members of their domestic staff. Linda is having cheating with the driver and John is having an affair with the housegirl. The driver is putting pressure on Linda to dump her husband but she is reluctant to divorce because of business and financial reasons. Likewise the house girl is putting pressure on John too. The games begin when husband and wife add a new dimension to their cheating ways. Roselyn and Prince are the other couple in the movie. They have a tumultuous relationship marred with bickering, physical fighting. They are both continuously complaining about each other but cannot live without each other. They too seek pleasures outside their marital home.

Tears From The Heart

Tears From The Heart

Dami played by Senanu Gbedawo works for the family business and his life is being controlled by his overbearing mother who is constantly calling him and ordering him about on her whims, so much so that his girlfriend Bimbo breaks up with him. Meanwhile him mother seems more impressed with her nephew Tunji played by Tchidi Chikere who has many many girls that he plays. She wants her son to be like this as opposed to serious with one girl. She sends Dami to do business in Abuja with his cousin TJ as a chaperone to make sure that he does not get serious with any girl. The question we must ask is why?

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