Anchor Baby

Anchor Baby

Pregnant Joyce Unanga played by Omoni Oboli and her husband Paul Unaga played by Sam Sarpong are illegal immigrants in the United States. Their visas have expired and their time in the USA is up. They were offered voluntary deportation 3 months previously but refused to take it Joyce has 4 months until she gives birth and has agreed with her husband that they will lay under the radar hiding from immigration until the baby is born. This anchor baby will act as a device for the family to gain legal foothold into the United States;. Joyce isn’t so keen on the idea but her husband Paul is desperate for their child to be born in the United States and have an American passport so that he/she can be afforded the same opportunities as American born kids.

Anchor Baby Wins Awards


The movie Anchor Baby was shot in Brampton and Hamilton, Ontario Canada. It’s producer Lonzo Nzekwe had previously been chosen by the Reel World Film Festival as one of 20 emerging film makers in Canada and now his movie Anchor Baby has taken home two awards from the Harlem International Film Festival in New York City. Omoni Oboli bagged the award for best actress for her role in Anchor Baby and Anchor Baby won the award for Best Film.

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