Save Our Souls London Premiere

Nollywood actress, Oby Edozie is taking her movie, Save Our Souls to London. Shot on location in India and London, Save our Souls is to be premiered in London on the 11th of December, 2010 at Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, Walthamstow London, E17 4JF. The film Save our Souls is about the emotional and psychological trauma that comes along with cancer and its effect on victims and their families, as well as various ways people choose to deal with it.

Oby Edozieh’s Movie Premiere in Abuja

Actress Oby Edozieh is back in Nollywood and this time she is calling all the shots as the producer. I always used to marvel at the scantiness of her eyebrows but truth be told I have missed her a little bit since she has been gone. My most memorable performance of hers was with Rita Dominic and Pat Attah in IMMATERIAL. I picked up a copy in Tobago (See even when I’m away I need my fix) and I absolutely loved her in that movie. The way she was spitting lyrics in pidgen and being so razz with it, she was just on point! If you haven’t seen that movie, I reccommend that you do! So I received this Press Release and photos in my inbox,and what amazed me was the fact that they spelt her name as “Oby Edizien.” What can I say but WOW! How are you meant to be promoting someone and you can’t even get their name right? BIG BIG insult. I don’t even know the chick but I know enough to get her name right! And I’m not the one getting paid to promote her!!!



Anne and James’ son Henry is kidnapped by a couple Mofe and Gloria, in return for a debt owed by James. They demand a ransom of 15 million from James but their efforts are foiled when instead of bringing the money to the kidnappers James calls the police instead. The kidnappers avoid detection by the police but are at odds as to why Anne and James would put their only son’s life in jeopardy like that over the sum of 15 million Naira, an amount that they can clearly easily afford…


Adesuwa, Nene, Victoria and Grace are group of girls at university live in a house together and fund their studies by doing “runs.” For all those that don’t know Runs is, it is basically prostitution. These girls are patronised by Aristos. In the Nigerian context Aristo refers to rich middle aged to old men who patronise female students. All the girls are involved in runs apart from Grace…

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