Save My Pride

Eve Esin and Mike

Bill played by Mike Ezuruonye is an armed robber who robs a student at gunpoint after following her to a cashpoint and entering her car. It turns out that this same girl is his girlfriend’s sister and their mother has just died. They come face to face again in a chance meeting at a restaurant. As she flees the restaurant in shock he follows her in an attempt to reconcile. She is unflinching in her refusal to accept his apology. Will she reveal to her sister that he is an armed robber?

ATM Masters

ATM Masters

Tony played by Artus Frank is a recent graduate and his family in the village are very proud especially when he returns from the city looking like he is living large. The reality of the matter is that he goes to live in the city with his friend Harry played by Junior Pope, but despite applying for many jobs he cannot find anyone to hire him. It would appear that his credentials are so impressive that employers believe him to be overqualified. After much disappointment in his job search Tony gets involved in 419 and strikes it lucky. He comes back shortly afterwards to take his brother Chibuzor (Victor Okonkwo) and sister Ifeoma (Oby Udeogalanya) to join him.

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