Too Much


Nollywood Movie Review: Tanya and Sonia are sisters, played by real life sisters Sana and Kizzy Kanu. Their father dies and they return to Nigeria to handle family business and attend his burial after having lived most of their lives in the United States of America. As soon as they arrive back they give their Aunt Susan with whom they are staying hell. They are rude and obnoxious and this behaviour is turned up even more when they find out that their aunt is going to be in charge of their inheritance until they turn 25.

Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow

Despite having never married Zelda believes that even at 67 she can still find love. Zelda on the other hand has given up hope. She regrets not having had children and believes that a woman of a certain age does need people around to assist with certain things. In light of this she invites her sister’s son from the village to come and stay with her.

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