Church Business

Church Business

Nollywood Movies Review: When Jimmy played by Ramsey Noah loses his job through no fault of his own his family is plunged into poverty not even sure if they can any longer keep a roof over their heads. After endless job searching he becomes desperate. Seeing that his friend Mike is doing well as a Pastor he asks him if he can join his ministry. His wife Chioma played by Genevieve Nnaji is not happy about this telling him that is is not right for him to join the ministry considering the fact that he does not have the calling. Despite her worries he joins his friend Mike in the church business and then with the help of an old friend branches out and works towards the growth of his own ministry.

Passionate Crime

Passionate Crime 1

Father Martins sends his son Paderi on a mission to seduce a woman called Uduak, make her fall in love with him and then ruin her before his ultimate goal which is to kill her. He also entices one of her friends Aisha, with money to help his evil plan come to fruition.

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